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Your Reality - Your Creation

Co-creation of reality is done by our own soul as  a part of the co-creator. How our reality is created is destined by our life plan which takes into account our life purpose, general purpose of evolution, ambitions carried over from past lifetimes and childhood, energies of parents & family chosen and the future realisations which the soul seeks to achieve by undergoing a specific difficult experience. each game of life is like working through a school with soul lessons,  rewards and failures. 

You choose your set of difficulties and the feelings which would help you learn how to evolve to understand yourself more. Accidents can happen in your plan and on your path which sway you away from the life -purpose but a persistent focus on rising up to being positive again will bring you back on the road which leads to the desired feelings that you want to experience given your lifetime.

Your grade of co-creation is good if your peacefulness and happiness rise and poor if your negativity , anger and frustration rise.


"The LAW OF CREATION operates automatically and governs all experiences of life.

For example, your LIKES and DISLIKES are governed by the LAW OF CREATION. You keep adding up your likes and your dislikes if you are left to be .Your preferences change  usually,  when you are externally motivated or forced to change . The externally imposed desire to change manifests a physically possible change in your personal preferences only when your internal focus changes to desire another vibration.

Hence, if you desire to change your eating habits, you can change your likes or dislikes only by changing your internal vibrational frequency. To change your eating habits, you may use motivational speech, external aids like medicines/ hormone stimulants , a strong willed deliberate choice or change automatically by developing new awareness or by shock. For example, you may love eating meat till you develop severe indigestion and have to start disliking your choice. The shock of being sick may motivate you to change your internal vibrational frequency about meat from positive to negative.  However, if you do not deliberately change your choice, indigestion would become a part of your life.

In absence of a strong motivational desire to be happier, detach from present choices and adopt different choices of thinking and being, your circumstances keep adjusting in alignment with your present dominant choice of internal feelings.

If you do not want to change to be happier, the same thinking patterns continue to rule your life even while external circumstances keep changing. You may become big from small, rich from poor , educated from uneducated or successful from struggling; but the same feelings of sadness continue to rule your energies if you have no inner desire to uplift your energies and focus on positive feelings.

Often, the choice to be happier from an unhappy state of being requires detachment from a craving which gives temporary satisfaction but creates emptiness subsequently. For example, a frequent  choice you have to make maybe  between over-eating in greed and good health ; which reflects your priorities between consumerism/ excitement/ materialism vs. spirituality, calmness and peace of mind.

If you choose good health over greed, you would make efforts and invest time on detaching from something you liked but which harmed you more than helped as an after effect, e.g. fatty  food, alcohol etc.

 Overtime, as your choice changes, your circumstances would change to facilitate your new desire. For instance, if you get indigestion by eating fattening food and choose to stay in good health instead of choosing for taste, you may shift to lighter food and deliberately focus on feeling happy while eating; overtime, your body tastes would evolve such that you automatically enjoy eating lighter, easy to digest food.

Similarly, your vibrational preferences decide your routine.  For example, if you feel that you like dancing, you would co-create opportunities to dance.  You may watch television programs on dance, get good dance teachers, have friends who like dance, dance in functions and parties etc.  However, if you focus on the feeling that you do not like dancing, you will opt out of dancing programs in school, prefer watching other programs on television and stay away from people who like dancing.

Similarly, if you think that you like studying, you would take interest in academics, invest time on studying, feel happy with getting new knowledge etc. However, if you dislike studying, you would avoid investing your time and effort on academics .The more you choose to dislike academics, the more your circumstances would automatically get designed such that you can comfortably dislike studying more as you grow up. You may get a non-conducive, non-academic home environment, a non –understanding school curriculum and/or you may have friends who dislike studies.

In effect, every feeling which you voluntarily and automatically dwell upon will co-create the reality of your life, by your own subconscious choice, irrespective of the actions you do on the basis of the preaching of others, your own self-talk, ambitions or desires.

 The feeling which you think about the most is called the point of INTERNAL DOMINANT FOCUS. This feeling sends out the maximum energy of manifestation. For example, you may tell yourself that you want to be slim and content, but keep focusing on feelings of discontent/ deprivation in your life. Feelings of discontentment will motivate you to find short-term contentment, which would motivate you eat more and become fat.

Similarly, you may focus upon the feeling that you want to do well in academics but also, keep focusing on the feeling that you find studies meaningless to your current circumstances. That will prevent you from studying as your feelings will take you towards activities which you find more meaningful to your current situation.

Likewise, you may keep telling yourself that you want to perform well in sports but keep feeling that you do not like running meaninglessly for applause. Again, as long as you do not like the feeling involved, you would not play well in sports, however much you believe that you should.

There can be several reasons for not performing as ambitions dictate. Though,  as a child, you may get scolded for not performing well and as an adult , you may reproach yourself, you will not be able to control your inner self until your beliefs and values change. However hard you try, your soul/ subconscious mind would only create the feelings which align with your inner beliefs. Your subconscious energies will move along with your predominating feelings/ electric impulses and will not motivate your body to move along with your self-enforced desires based on general thinking or mass consciousness beliefs. The default feelings which you focus involuntarily upon will manifest whether your conscious, rational mind agrees or not. If you compromise too much, you would develop diseases and anxieties which would lower the happiness aimed at, automatically so that the energy of your inner beliefs wins again.

The laws of vibration ensure that you manifest  feelings which you like to think about repeatedly, whether negative or positive, and not your words or thoughts or desires, unless they make an impact in your subconscious which is so deep that it makes you change your  inner focus of dominant feelings and hence, vibrationary energy cycles."

...................excerpt from Chapter , Spirituality in Education

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