Saturday, 4 February 2017

Understanding Addictions To Achieve Thoughtlessness

You are addicted to  alcohol/ overeating/smoking/lust etc. which is junk diet and often blame yourself after indulging in the escape as it has negative side effects, but you may not realize that you enjoy the state of thoughtlessness which munching aimlessly or smoking or alcohol or lust offers
That same state of thoughtlessness can be more easily achieved through mind control, meditation or visualisation but you are afraid to be caught sitting idle by society norms which are addicted to the rat race. External addictions are a result of not wanting to confront anyone which can happen if you are caught sitting idle. The more actively engaged you stay in munching your junk, the lesser you think about resolving conflicts in the superstructure
For you, avoiding thinking and just enjoying that state of bliss is more important than listening to warnings about bad health. You think it is necessary for you to eat or smoke to relax in the present moment than worry about long-term health effects... 
Addictions get created in the process of escaping confrontations with society norms, inner conscience and arrogant authorities but confrontations help in soul evolution. Arguments and conflicts lead to awareness that problems exist which can subsequently be resolved peacefully by evolving to a higher consciousness with mutual agreement or rejected with open disagreement.
Using addictions to escape means that you want to avoid hurting others. Escaping disagreements in thinking leads to hurting the self if you use addictions than meditation for escape. All addictions release negative, poisonous hormones in the body.
It may help to heal the need for addictions by being aware that protecting others from hurt is meaningless as over protection can harm in their realization of truth and delay their soul evolution just as protecting yourself from emotional pain by not confronting anybody can make you more negative by continuing to tolerate  a suppressive atmosphere.

Given that training in Emotional Management is necessary to confront deeper truth in a sensible manner, the immediate need of the subconscious mind is to stay positive by escaping from worries till they can be resolved. However, even if you ignore the need for deeper truths which confrontation brings along, you can escape from conflicts by just relaxing without needing an external addiction.

However, till you deliberately make it a habit to relax your sense organs by being thoughtless and idle, you will not be able to escape an addiction which allows you to relax, sit idle and be thoughtless, because the body needs to be switched off at intervals like a computer.

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