Thursday, 29 December 2016

Human Beings May Re-incarnate as Animals if focused on Helplessness

Human beings are meant to be co-creators and not helpless victims of circumstances as animals are. Human beings can create peace, harmony and happiness by a choice of focus on positive thinking by using imagination – a quality of mind which animals do not have. Animals cannot imagine or co-create and hence are always a victim of circumstances but human beings can imagine a better quality of feeling happy by imagining and co-creating a happier future.

 Human beings can meditate to shift from a a negative state to a neutral state of mind and then shift to a positive state of mind by imagining happiness and thus co-create good health and happiness in the future by creating positive vibrations in the soul .

“”Every incarnating spirit encounters negative energy of different frequencies like rejection, impatience, helplessness etc., overcoming which entails a struggle of physical survival in non- thinking animal/ less advanced realms and a struggle for emotional happiness in advanced, human realms.”” -------- excerpt from the book “ EMOTIONAL MANAGEMENT “

All human souls are co-creators of reality and need not choose to feel  helpless against circumstances as animal souls are.

Though animal spirits are also part of the same light of God which human spirts are made of; albeit, the light exists in higher frequency in human bodies than in animal bodies. Animal bodies are like bulbs of low watts while human souls are like bulbs of high voltage of life force. Therefore, human souls have an ability to co-create which animal spirits do not have.

When human spirits become extremely competitive or negative over lifetimes, their fragments split and reincarnate as animal souls to repay karmic debt and relearn simplified soul lessons of survival . 

Just as a ray of light splits into when passed through a wooden chair, a human spirit splits as a ray of life force and enters more than one body. Another analogy would be of a glass of water and a bottle of water. One bottle of water can fill fur glasses of water. Similarly, the energy of one human spirit can create four animal spirits or two weak human spirits. This analysis is not exact but an approximation of numerical statistics of sport science.
The soul splits in adverse circumstances and when it finds it too difficult to stay in one body or it is always in conflict within itself as one part is dark and the other part is aligned to God’s light.

The soul also splits at the time of re-birth.

Human souls who live like animals and are focused by choice, on struggle for survival, food and sex have to reincarnate as animal spirits who are naturally focused on struggle for survival, food and sex.

People who are rapists and murderers and refuse to be punished or repent also incarnate as animal souls and live through punishment in the animal body, as the animal is always a victim of circumstances. Souls who are very arrogant incarnate as dogs and suffer humiliation and death by other human beings to repay karma. Souls who have been soldiers and have killed several in battle reincarnate as chicken and are killed again and again to repent for their karma.

There is no sin which goes without punishment. Nobody is excused or forgiven. If a soul gets salvation, it is only when he exhibits good behavior and peacefulness in being and does not die feeling negative. Just as a criminal gets presidential pardon on exemplifying good behavior, a soul which has been a criminal gets pardon from God if he starts working for peacefulness and contributes towards spreading the consciousness of peace and wisdom by being peaceful within self.