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To Find Happiness, Match the Energies of Intention, Desire, Action & Outcome

Simplified Practical Exercise to increase positive energy :
Visualize or think of  something you desire and imagine that you are feeling satisfied after receiving your desired toy or bag or book or clothes or acknowledgement. Wait for an hour/day.
Test Yourself- Increasing feelings of satisfaction in all other areas of life would indicate that you have focused on the energy of satisfaction in one area of life . Energies travel from one sphere to another

Satisfaction in one area of life increases satisfaction in other areas of life ; whereas feeling deprived in one area of life reduces energy of positivity /happiness in all other areas of life .

 This is an excerpt from my upcoming book on how to teach positive thinking and spirituality to children through the educational route.

As explained below : 
The Law of Creation states that you will create every feeling in your life which you focus upon by default.
By default means that your experiences will verify your internal dominant feelings whether your focus is intentional or non-intentional. An intentional focus is where the person has an awareness of the impact of his thinking on his future. An awareness of inner focus is created by observation of the feelings one chooses to focus upon and a positive future is created by focusing on positive feelings which can be visualized in imagination.

The Law of Creation gives unpredictable outcomes if the feelings/ desires being focused upon are different from the intentions being focused upon.
 For example, if you desire a new friend or lover, your intention needs to be clear. If you desire respect, you need to find someone who would give you respect and not just coffee. If you accept less as the final outcome, there will be boredom and detachment with what you have manifested and craving will continue till you receive the respect which you sought originally. 

Every desire which you believe would get you happiness may not get you the contentment you have envisaged if your desire is a mirage. People in adult lives keep working to become financially successful while ignoring their inner needs for relaxation and freedom; but the money they earn fails to bring them the contentment they desire. Similarly, wars were fought in history for getting justice to the masses, but the victories did not lead to increase in mass welfare of the common people. People still suffer from the same traumas of injustice as they did hundreds of years back as money from the victories was not spent on developing emotional welfare but was wasted on opulence or establishing religious supremacy.

The same logic which applies to complex phenomenon applies to Base experience. You would feel dissatisfied with an outcome if your intended feeling desired- intention desires - action planned - expected outcome are not in alignment with the originally desired positive frequency .

For example, you may be consistently desiring a new car/marriage./ house/ clothes etc. and feeling deprived that you do not have what you crave for. You may believe that you will be happy after you get the car. However, when the new desire comes in , you may not feel the satisfaction you expected . You keep craving for more and remain dis-satisfied .  This mis-match in desire and outcome happens because your dominant focus was on the feeling of being deprived of the desiire; hence, the dominant focus of dis-satisfaction/deprivation continues after  some time. The euphoria des and the same routine of negative thinking sets in even when you have the marriage/ car etc., as an external reality is not  perceived by the soul . The subconscious mind would not record the positive shift in your external reality unless you feel the gratitude in your inner self when you have the car/ love and continue to focus on feeling content,  internally .

To manifest happiness with success, and get the desired feeling of satisfaction, you should have focused directly on the feeling of satisfaction and not on the dominant feeling of deprivation of not having. If you love yourself already or of you believe you are rich already before beg married or before buying a car, you would continue feeling the same in a multiplied energy forum after the desire manifests. But, if your primal energy cycle is negative your circumstances will mould so that the negative thinking continues even after the desire manifests.

From the perspective of mobilizing vibrations – “I have/ I want to have … “is a higher positive vibration than “I don’t have and I want … ” If you focus on wanting without feeling negative, your dominant focus would move from neutral to positive automatically .

A direct focus on the feeling of satisfaction with the new car/ marriage/ love/ child etc. would lead you sooner to receive the desire . Also, you will receive the desire which makes you feel happy and satisfied as you have earlier visualized that specific feeling and not any desire which may not get you satisfaction even if it appears nice on the surface.  

Very often, people buy things or enter relationships based on surface glitter which do not lead to internal satisfaction later because the focus is on  external display and not on the spirit of satisfaction. However, by focusing on inner satisfaction than on the external glitter, you would be intuitively led to choose a product which gets you satisfaction. Even if you do not have any hope of receiving a new car or getting married, a focus on the feeling that you have the desired  satisfaction , would automatically mobilize your circumstances such that the desire and satisfaction manifest.

Practical exercise 6 (PE 6.3) – Activation Of Negative Feelings
Visualize something that you desire and feel deprived that you do not have it . Feel the tension . Wait for an hour/day . Observe the energy spreading.

Test yourself- Feelings of tension and unease in other areas of your life would indicate that you have focused on negative feelings in one area of life.

  Practical Exercise 7 ( PE 6.4)- Activation Of Positive  Feelings
Before focusing, deliberately connect Intention with Thought & Action.Mentally imagine a sequence of Intended Feeling - Action - Outcome – Satisfied Feeling.

Visualize something you desire and imagine that you are feeling satisfied after receiving your desired toy or bag or book or clothes or acknowledgement. Wait for an hour/day.

Test Yourself- Increasing feelings of satisfaction in all other areas of life would indicate that you have focused on the energy of satisfaction in one area of life . Energies travel from one sphere to another

Satisfaction in one area of life increases satisfaction in other areas of life ; whereas feeling deprived in one area of life reduces energy of positivity/happiness in all other areas of life .

Note – Desires are often short-cuts which do not lead to the happiness you seek. To get happiness, you need to be clear on the feeling you desire before taking action. If you plan to be happy and not just successful from the beginning of your effort-making, your  desire to succeed will come true only if it would lead to the happy, satisfied feeling you have envisaged; otherwise, the desire will change overtime to facilitate the satisfaction/ happiness imagined.

The problem of endless craving can only be resolved by matching the energies of feeling desired - Intention desired - action- outcome before the desire manifests, in imagination.  The more you visualize / energize/ fuel feelings of contentment, the more your manifestation, work performance and choices would raise contentment in your life with the choices which you make impulsively.

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Divorce & Past Life Disputes - 9 CASE HISTORIES

Past Life Case History – 9 lives in one session

Year- 2016
Name- Rekha Shekhar
Age – 46 years
Profession- Social Work NGO
Relationship - Married with  Adult Children, seeking Divorce
Time taken – 3 hours
Venue- Delhi, India
( Therapist Dr. Swati R Shiv )

Emotional Problem - Husband refusing to let go after years of emotional separation
Energy Problem - The soul feels subconscious fear and has a feeling of being chained in shackles
Earth/ Physical Problem – Husband not agreeing for legal mutual consent Divorce; threatening to prolong case for twenty years.

Rekha saw Nine Previous lives in this one session
Rekha had come for healing in 2006, and had found significant relief from her past life therapy. Her life had taken a course similar to the predictions which her mind had shown during her healing. She had been having a bad time with her husband as he was alcoholic and irresponsible. Though, he displayed richness, he did not take care of the family. Rekha had been working all along to support her family but he had been abusive to her through-out.   He was lowering her confidence constantly with his abuses and glorification of self. He was an active political leader and financially well inherited.
Her healing had shown that she had had past lives with him where he had tried to marry her but had been ruthless and she had run away from him to stay with a hermit. She also saw some other lives with him where he had been trying to possess her but had never cared to understand her soul evolution. Due to some mis-understandings and conflicts, she had felt karmic debt towards him which was to get over in the next ten years.
The karmic debt was over now and she wanted a divorce. They had separated three years back. Rekha was in love with another man who was helpful and understanding towards her. However, her estranged husband was refusing to let go of his label on her identity and was refusing divorce. All the children were attached to her as the father had not been caring or helpful to them in their growing up years. However, he constantly complained about her to the kids who were now all adults, and said cheap things about her and her boy-friend. He also told the kids that she was instigating them against him and repeated the same complaints over and over again, as a cycle of repetitive negative thinking stuck at a point of negative arrogance.

Rekha came in for a session to find out if there was anything holding her vibrations to this man and how to break the vibrational cord completely.

Induction techniques used:
1.       Aura Cleansing
2.       Stress Release
3.       Tunnel Deepening
4.       Progressive Relaxation
5.       Muscle tension Release
6.       Deep Sleep trigger
7.       Eye Catalypsy
8.       Arm Cataypsy
9.       Shamanic Earth Healing
10.   Theta Healing
11.   Color therapy

Therapies Used:
1.       Reiki
2.       Past Life therapy
3.       Inner Child Healing
4.       Emotional Chord Cutting
5.       Soul fragment Integration
6.       Remote Healing of daughter’s spirit
7.       Learning of Life lessons
8.       Electric Violet Flame
9.       Spirit Release
10.   Psychic Surgery

We started the session with Shamanic Earth Healing. Rekha connected her spine to Earth and took the strengths of her power animal with her. There was a tiger and a lion.
Then she was taken into theta healing space where she saw colors of different clouds giving her the energies she needed for progress in her life, as she desired. She received Red for strength, yellow for self-love, green for abundance and for spiritual awakening.
The session was programmed to be for her highest and best good.

She was then guided to the garden of heaven. (This visualization of the garden of heaven also helps at the point of death as the soul is made aware of where it has to go when it leaves the body and forms a vibrational connection to the frequency of celestial space. Not everyone is guided into the garden of heaven. Several people are not ready to detach and move to these higher frequencies and they choose healing by transit at Earth realms by moving from one spirit body to another, within the same pain frequency, without taking off to the healing space of heaven. )

Rekha called the angels in the garden of heaven. I was intuitively guided to take her to the Inner Child Healing dormitory where she would find soul fragments which were attached to her or her own parts stuck at different moments of time. She saw 13 doors open, indicating that there were thirteen soul fragments which needed healing work. 
The first door had a child who was not her. It was a boy who was feeling lost. It was separated from its parents. The Parents were called and he was released. He was told that he had found his way and he went out with a smile. This child indicated a feeling that Rekha has that she was lost, which would improve now.
In the next door, she saw a kid who wanted her support in finishing his homework. This was a relative who she used to help when he was small. She helped him finish his homework and sent him back to his adult body. The cords were cut and her soul was integrated back in her.
 Then, she came upon a door where she saw a little girl who said she was her friend from a  past life .

1st past life in this session:
 Upon moving backwards to that past life, she saw that the girl had died upon falling from a cliff while they had been playing together. It was a village. The girls were around thirteen to fifteen. Rekha had been busy playing herself and had not heard the girl when she fell off the cliff. The girl’s spirit was healed and released. Upon asking the soul lesson for Rekha, it was revealed that she had to learn patience .

Upon rescripting the life with patience and compassion, Rekha saw that she could hear the girl’s cries of help. Then she called her father from the village who had similar energy to her ex -husband. The girl was rescued. Her father had blamed Rekha earlier subconsciously for the death of his daughter. Now, that the life was rescripted, he would blame her less in the present life which was the energy of blame carried over from a past life. The energy was disintegrated. Her cords were cut with the father of her friend and he was sent into light along with his animals. There was a big rat.
Rekha’s energies were integrated along with choosing to imbibe the lesson of patience.

2nd and 3rd past lives:
After healing, Rekha again went to the Inner Child Healing dormitory. She then saw another door open where she saw an old lady sitting. The old lady said that she wanted to harm her. She came from a past life. Upon moving backwards, Rekha saw a past life which she had seen earlier where she was a princess living in a manor house. She is a zamindar’s daughter who carries out her father’s responsibility. This old lady was working in her kitchen and she was angry with Rekha as she prevented her from doing things her way. There was some land she had for which she wanted special favors from Rekha’s brother. The brother was her son in the present life. Rekha prevented her from cheating. It was seen that she went to a tantric and took some herbs which she mixed in the food of the mistress that gave her body pains and indigestion problems. This old lady was the sister of Rekha’s ex -husband who had always supported him against her. She had also done some pooja to help her brother in the present life which was not clearly indicated in the session. It was shown that she used to take help from the Tantric in her past life against Rekha and the tantric was the husband of this lady in the present life. The old died alone and sick with revengeful feelings in her mind.
During the spirit release, we tried to break the loop which tied the old lady to a cycle of revenge and anger. The loop came from another past life. It was seen that Rekha had killed this person on a battle field. He saw that both of them had been men and soldiers of neighborhood clans. There was a feud and this man was sent to settle or the feud but before he could speak, the warrior who Rekha was, had killed him with a sword. The sword had hit his heart space and solar plexus. The spirit was released and the dagger removed with psychic surgery from the heart of the messenger and also the heart of the warrior. The negative energies were dissolved. Also, the heart was healed with light.
Upon asking if there were any soul lessons attached, it was told that Rekha had to apply patience. Upon applying patience, she saw that the warrior heard the messenger and the battel was postponed. It was, however, fought at a later date. The feud of land continued up to the present life where her husband’s family were not willing to give her any share in his property but wanted a share in the house she had bought for herself and her children. She has not claimed any share for herself in the present life and only wants the kids to get their share while she gets the legal divorce.
However, the rescripting helped to break the cycle of revenge which the old woman was suffering from .The warrior apologized to the messenger and there was calm established. Subsequently, the old woman felt relieved and let go of the desire for revenge. The spirit was released into light and a cat was released from her. Her cords were broken with the tantric and he was sent to light. Ants and mice were released from him.

Rekha’s soul fragment was integrated in her and her aura was directed to become bigger.

4th past life:
After healing and integrating, Rekha again went to the Inner Child dormitory and saw another door open which had the spirit of a girl. The girl was from her past life. Upon interrogating, she saw that the girl and she had been good friends in a past life where she was a princess. This girl was the ex -wife of her present life lover. She and the princess liked the same guy. The friend is not in love with him but wants his attention, favours and a life in the palace. The princes is in love with him and the friend is jealous.  He was a prince from another land. He loved Rekha as the princess and they had been married. However, the friend remained jealous of her.
In another of her inner child doors, she saw a circle with a yellow flame in it. This was her soul fragment stuck in the same loop for eternity. This apparently was an indication of a curse of black magic done to entrap the soul in the same circle of vibrational frequency.
Rekha broke this loop and released the flame from its circular energy vibration stuck at of being bound at the same axis. The spirit of her friend was released but also seen in another session. Mice came out of it during spirit release.

5th, 6th and 7th past lives:
In another open door, she saw the spirt of her ex -husband. The ex-husband wanted her to love him and was unwilling to let go.
Upon seeing the past life which was binding her, Rekha visited a life which she had seen earlier. It was a village clan. He wanted to marry her but she wanted to escape from him. It appeared that he had kept her tied up in a place. There were shackles on her feet. There were also some dark spirits around her who were putting fear in her. There were four dark forms which she saw, as if sent by black magic.
He had subsequently married her sister who was the daughter in present life.  He had made her miserable. Her spirt was released and cord were cut. However, effects of black magic remain over life times till the spirit raises its soul frequency or it is deliberately extinguished with awareness.
The black magic fire was dissolved by putting water to extinguish the flames beings sent out. The spirits were freed from the tantric and commanded to go back to light. Electric violet healing was used to send the spirits to light.

She still had fear. Upon asking the root cause of fear, she saw a life where she had been a rabbit and the ex-husband has been a bigger animal as a wolf /jackal. The animal was trying to lift the rabbit as it liked the rabbit. The rabbit rescued itself and ran away in fear. Then it fell in a hole and died.
The rabbit was released from the hole and made to see itself brighter than the wolf/jackal so that the fear went away. Then the spirits were released into light.

Then she saw the shackles being removed and cut by the angels.
Next, she herself running from that place as she had seen earlier. She went to the house of a hermit where she stayed till she died.
Upon asking if there was anything in the hermit’s house which bound her, she saw that there was a girl.
This was the same girl who she had seen in her past life. She was eyeing her with jealousy as she was more respected in the hermit. People depended on Rekha for work and not on that girl.
Their cords were cut. During her spirit release, several small dogs and cats were released from her spirit which were the spirts of little animals who she used to beat in that life. In the present life also, this girl was violent. It appeared that she had done some Pooja in the present life to separate her from her lover who was her ex-husband.
The effects of the Pooja were dissolved in water and the spirits were united by collapsing the wall between them.
While releasing Rekha’s spirit, there was a dog which came out. The dog represented loyalty.
In her younger days in that life, there was a brief period when she had been in awe the abusive man and wanted his approval.
Her need for this approval came from another past life where she sees him as a guru. The man was spiritual in his present life also but he preached rituals and religion more than follow it himself. He had affairs with other women and had no guilt in cheating his wife himself. The marriage was more of a possession for him than a sacred ceremony of pure spirit union. He expected his wife to do the Pooja without getting up early to do the rituals himself . It was almost as if he wanted to benefit from the good karma of his wife, by using the marriage as a bond to show the Gods.
However, this kind of hypocracy is not accepted at the spirt realms as the labels exist only for the mind. The mind is stuck at a moment pf time and attached to the label but the spirt has vibrational connections and gets good karma if it is vibrationally positive itself.
The guru who she followed as a young tribal girl had a few followers who followed him up the mountains. He once had sex with her and then left her. However, due to the sex, there were vibrational imprints on her chakras through which he could control her spirit. The vibrational rings were removed and the spirit was freed of his energy. Then the energy cords were cut with the guru. He was sent to light.
The girl’s spirit was freed and released into light.
Then, she came back to the life event where she was with the hermit. She had died of sickness. Her sickness was healed and her spirit was released into light.

After this, she came back to the dormitory where her ex -husband’s spirit was standing. He was refusing to let go earlier. Now, he agreed to let go. He went away reluctantly.

Then she saw herself sitting as a flower with a toad in the next door in the dormitory. The toad represented her boy-friend. They were released and sat happily in natural surroundings.
 There was a door which represented nothingness. It was empty. This soul was filled with light and the vacuum removed. The vacuum would have come in her life when she felt empty with her ex-husband.
In the next door, she saw the light of spiritual evolution which was released and integrated by her. The course of her life would ascend her soul into evolution further.

Remote Healing:
9 the past life:
In one of the doors, she saw her daughter. Upon taking her spirit to the light, she saw bats  next to her head . The bats roamed around a skull. The skull represented a spirit who had been there from her past life. The skull was of her boy -friend who had been a spirit and followed her from her past life.
On moving backwards to the past life, she sees that the girl is working in fields and a spirit is watching her from the tree. The spirit is in love with the girl. He followed her from a previous life where he had drowned in a river when she was around. She is unaware of the spirit. She gets married to a human but the spirit stays around her. The spirit enters the man and sucks out his energy. He puts his energy on the tree outside the house where he stays. The man becomes weak and dies. The spirit then helps the girl and her child. The child is his as the spirit enters the man when he is with his wife. They become prosperous.
She dies of old age. She and the spirit are released. Her cord is cut with her husband but remains with the spirit. In this life, he is her boyfriend.

1.       It is recommended that the Shekhar surname is dropped as it symbolizes SHACKLES to the subconscious mind. In your own vibration, remove the shackles.
2.       Meditation is advised. Ten minutes of complete silence while feeling violet/golden flame around , breathing in light, exhaling smoke . Send light and positive healing energy to earth in your vision.
3.       Grounding – If dizzy, take your spine deep into Erath and be rooted like a tree.
4.       Remove any recurrence of fear with electric violet flame like bursting balloons.
5.       Keep cutting cords with ex -husband and family. Take your soul fragments back. Give their energy back.
6.       See yourself double the size of him and anyone who threatens including the ex -wife and society.
7.       See yourself united with lover in spirit free of any black magic which surrounds or walls in between. .
8.       If you see any skulls, see its spirit going to light and power animals sent to jungles/ black hole. Cut cords with the skull.
9.       Roll your eyes up and smile every hour to release deliberate positive hormones.
10.   Tell yourself “I like myself and I love myself and am free from negative influences”. See a shield of light around you and a white flame inside you like a mirror reflecting back negative energies.

Read the book – A Course in Emotional Management – (kindle/paperback )

Health and Happiness Are Created By Similar Feelings

Happiness and health are vibrational outcomes of focusing on positive feelings. Disease and unhappiness are outcomes of focusing on sadness & worries. Worries and sadness release negative hormones in the body which cause bbad health and stress in mind. 

Happiness and good health are created by release of positive hormones in the body. Positive hormones are created by focusing on positive feelings, which release positive electric impulses in the body.

You cannot be happy if you are not healthy and mentally content / peaceful.  Happiness is not a product of being rich and successful; as the rich and famous are not happy. They may have a big house and cars but their vibrational focus remains anxious, tense and competitive, they have several aches & pains and their money goes in trying to remain in good health; but they have access to fatty food, alcohol and drugs of expensive varieties which spoil their health more. The rich often feel helpless, weak and powerless in a competitive world.

Poor people are not unhappier compared to the rich albeit they have problems of different kinds. They have starvation, weakness and malnutrition, less money for good medical care and poor education facilities. However, at a vibrational level, they remain as content or dis-satisfied as the rich as the poor also feel helpless, weak and powerless .

Depressions are more of a disease of the rich than poor as the poor are too busy coping up with body needs to think about higher level needs of emotional satisfaction. Whether poor or rich, good health has to be focused upon as a priority over alcohol, drugs and escapism into games.

Hence, happiness does not come just with having money or aping the rich as monkeys imitating those with more bananas. Just eating good food in fancy restaurants is not happiness but can be harmful to good health as it creates indigestion problems. . Happiness comes when you can make efforts to be wise, in good health, mentally peaceful and optimistic, along with feeling successful as a soul which has a purpose.