Thursday, 30 June 2016

Negative Thinking leads to Corruption, Drug abuse

Sweeping dirt from the surface does not help prevent the virus in the roots of thinking which again rises to consume humanity till the roots of education are cleared with teaching positive thinking, contentment, peacefulness and self respect as a part of the educational curriculum and family upbringing

Negative thinking spreads from a suffering individual to mass consciousness, from micro to macro levels, and multiplies suffering for all .A negative focus of thinking, leads to inherent corruption,   dis-satisfaction as the dominating internal focus , criticism of optimism, impatience, fear of losing fame or surface reputation,  complaining attitudes, and mass aggression in the form of  terrorism and wars. As the inner disharmony surfaces up, individual bodies face diseases/abuse. alcoholism, drug addictions and the planet Earth throws up suppressed negative energy to restore its inner positive balance  in the form of floods, epidemics or violence .

Once the dirt shows up on the surface , the authorities desperately seek to erase the dismal picture without looking into the cause, which arises from the roots of the educational system . .

A sustained focus on the need to improve physical accomplishments at the cost of sacrifice of inner  understanding, which begins in childhood as a side-effect of the general focus on ‘what is missing ‘, leads to development of greed overruling need, in adulthood as the mind-set that seeks continuous improvements moves to a cycle of greed which redefines  ‘need’ as an endless, disproportionate craving for more. Greed leads to restlessness, obesity, alcoholism and corruption which lead to rising frustrations and anger in mass consciousness.

Instead of correcting flaws in the educational structure, there is a search for Who to blame when conflicts escalade. Subsequently, the visible flaws of government policies, terrorists and criminals are blamed almost as arbitrarily, as famines are blamed for lack of water supply.

Metaphorically, just as the primitive man passed responsibility of every problem on the rains, in the modern day, the government policies of the day are conveniently blamed for all unrest in society while individuals escape responsibility . However, the government as a macro unit, reflects the problems faced by individuals as micro units.

Once the individual mind’s dominant vibrational point  is set on an energy cycle of being negative & restless, governments cannot control violence by sweeping dirt from the surface. Peacefulness is eroded by focusing on negative aspects of life and complaining about injustice,  without understanding that there is virus in the roots of behavior.

Children learn more by imitation of adult behavior than preaching . Since domestic violence, bullying, abuse or threats, continue as tools for teaching children , violence in adulthood or bullying is an accepted norm when these children grow up to be leaders. Economic dominance is used to threaten other nationalities because it is traditionally assumed that competition is necessary as Earth is a  scarcely resourced planet, wherein bullying & monopolization help to survive.

Logical methods of reasoning are ignored as violence and competition offer faster methods of achieving an outcome, even though it does not change inner mind-sets to positive. Criminals and terrorists are created because there is an inherent belief that competitive violence helps in instilling obedience. Wars are planned for by competing armies, being maintained at the cost of sacrifice of emotional/ human development.

Even entertainment in the modern world revolves around competitive sports, competitive dance programs and the  paradigm of defeating the weak. People waste hours to relax  by watching cricket and soccer matches because the hormonal ups and downs created by competitive situations, work as addictions . There can be far greater relaxation created if the same amount of time and energy was invested on meditation , sleeping or just being in a peaceful or positive state of  neutral detachment . Relaxing the sense organs helps in improving health and happiness while watching sports or eating junk foods have negative effects on being peaceful or healthy. Yet, the war games are created and cultivated by adults enjoying the virtual emotional killing as happens in video games  .

The same war mind-set spreads to real life from the sports field, and creates religious fights, terrorism and crime thrills.   The more criminals and terrorists are killed, the more they get created further as the focus of individual thinking remains on enjoying competition.

 The abusers who exert negative power to win success ,feel most anxious, bitter and unhealthy themselves . However, abuse continues to rule as competitive success is glorified – be it negatively exerted or positively responsible. Just as children get away by obtaining good marks through cheating, adults get away by obtaining power by side-lining ethics and betraying mass welfare .

There is no distinction made between negative power and positive power as minds are conditioned during childhood by the educational structure which does not teach a distinction between positive power ( success with understanding , satisfaction and happiness ) and negative power (success without contentment which reduces peacefulness or happiness).

A balanced mind would aim at addressing both spiritual and material needs so that happiness and health improve in self and others; but a  competitive mind aims at success even if the pursuit deteriorates health and peace of mind for self and everyone involved. .

However,  due to lack of training in schools, the spiritual aspect of life is ignored as irrelevant. The mind which is trained on the basis of competitive success fuels the need to defeat and kill others to survive itself, as an individual, a country or a  religious sect.

There is no awareness of concepts like Spiritual Evolution  , Emotional Management and Emotional Intelligence, because the spiritual or emotional aspects of life are neglected in mass education systems. The child’s  mind trained on constantly seeking improvement, is never allowed to be different than uniform .

Since,  it is  unusual behavior to be peaceful or content , training in peace and happiness is left to a trial and error process instead of being customized by using methods of Emotional Management which has several techniques for creating happiness , as a deliberate choice just as good health is created as a deliberate discipline .  However, the total focus of education remains on teaching technical, mathematical or scientific skills which makes children feel like non emotional robots obeying masters.

Adults who start thinking like robots become mechanical in approach, feel sad and empty in all free moments and usually suffer from bad health but do not understand why there is negativity in their life. Robots can only obey or feel lifeless and when human beings are trained as robots are, they become as clueless about how to create happiness by using love, care and positive thinking . This insistence of obedience over teaching emotional evolution creates imbalanced adults who escape into shopping , sports, alcoholism or eating fatty foods; whenever any emotional problem comes up; instead of applying an organized emotional problem solving process to resolve issues.

Deliberate escapism from emotional conflicts release negative hormones which subsequently creates diseases in the body and anxiety problems in individuals . ( The healing aspect of Emotional Management is given in my books : A Course In Emotional Management  & The Creation Of Happiness: the Energy War, a soul’s perspective )

However, in the modern era, just as famines have been controlled by water management through a focus on  technological development, the ‘famines’ of contentment and happiness need to be controlled by training children to be content and peaceful as  a part of school curriculum from childhood..

Children need to be trained to sleep more , rest more and do activities at intervals so that focus is on quality of performance rather than the quantity of work. Training in peace needs to be cultivated by disciplining children to sit and be silent for at least a minute in every hour so that the mind gets into habituated to being in peace with practice.

Quality of performance automatically increases multi-fold when inner free space is created in the subconscious mind as a deliberate practice.

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Impact Of Education On Negative Thinking

Situations which create trauma or happiness in life , are created by previous circumstances which influence thinking . Thinking Patterns create energy cycles which govern life through generating positive or negative vibrations. A routine focus on all that is missing creates more of the same feelings and you feel inadequate inspite of all hat has been achieved which leads to sickness in body and anxiety in mind

The motive of education is to create a happy and peaceful life. However, instead of creating a peaceful life, the educational design followed in the modern , industrial world is such that it manifests a reverse cycle of thinking where negative vibrations are increasingly reinforced. As a result,  life becomes difficult for children as they move into adulthood. Children become more anxious and aggressive in a  competitive educational system,   instead of becoming emotionally wiser and peaceful .

Difficulties add up because children grow up with a sustained focus on compromise, as the motivation for education is created by focusing on what is missing .

A Law of Repetition operates energy cycles of life in the universe. Energy which influences life patterns is released through the electric impulses generated while feeling an experience, as will be explained in more detail in chapters to follow .  Children learn to feel more by imitation than by preaching . Because of a general focus on suffering in the world, and a need to be materialistically successful , children  are conditioned into thinking that ‘sacrifice of present happiness for future happiness ‘ is essential to be happy.

A focus on what is missing trains young minds to repeatedly focus on deprivation instead of on contentment and fulfilment . A pattern of repetitive negative thinking results from a constant need to feel worried instead of focusing on being content with that which is positive about life . Complaints are subconsciously enumerated over the blessings . Peacefulness evades the being, as anxiety rules internal energy circuits.

Contentment and subsequently, peacefulness can come in mass consciousness and in the individual,  only by focusing on positive aspects of life more than the negative. Positive energy increases by absorbing the happiness from natural surroundings , and by focusing on accomplishments rather than on failures in everyday life.

However, due to a pre-conditioned imperative to continuously perform and improve, there is insufficient time given to absorb and imbibe what has already been learnt ; as more and more information is piled on young minds, which remains undigested . Half of the information which is taught to children becomes irrelevant in adult life but takes up a disproportionately large amount of time in childhood.

The same energy used in the enforcement of discipline for teaching academics can be partly redirected instead on practicing meditation and developing positive thinking exercises which would help improve health and optimism in adult attitudes. Instead, priority time is wasted on teaching general facts  which are meaningless from the perspective of training young minds moving towards emotional challenges of adulthood.

 This blind obedience to authoritative thinking which develops in childhood results in blind imitation of ritualistic thinking, fashion trends and addictive behaviors in adulthood. Several people choose imbalanced relationships,  food habits and life styles only because they feel compelled to continue mechanically without feeling emotionally fulfilled. 

Often, adults encounter subconscious fear when they choose to go against society’s norms because childhood minds are pressurized to obey by using abuse , fear and competition as the teaching forces.  If children refuse to learn, they are reprimanded and punished for not choosing to improve as per the required authoritarian directive or  advised school curriculum.

Education needs to be an ongoing process of participation rather than a test of discipline, facts or computing ability. However, instead of allowing original thinking to evolve in different ways, uniformity of thinking is encouraged. If children question authority directives in family or in school, they are deprived of a regular flow of  love and praise.

The deprivation factor of needing to learn out of fear of losing love, which is used for training the so-called right thinking that is often outdated with the current technological/social context, makes children think that the world is a negative place to be in where continuous compromise and sacrifices are demanded and justice is not given , as it should be.

Teachers constantly feel frustrated and helpless as children rebel because they are forced to ensure discipline at the cost of development of intelligent questioning thinking  . Schools have to function like armies but the same obedience cult does not help to resolve complex work or emotional relationships in adult life.

This negative mind-set creates anger and restlessness in young minds which leads to aggressive outbursts in adulthood. If the blind belief in  a traditional, rigid scarcity - based doctrine is removed, minor changes can easily revise the educational design so that children enjoy learning and find it meaningful by using the applications in their everyday life. 

Yet, though several understand the gaps in the system, individual attempts to initiate change are suppressed and negative thinking is allowed to grow, in an attempt to keep the structure intact. While young children need the deprivation factor as a motivation to grow, the same negative focus continued over the years creates diseases as the repetitive focus continues to remain on the deprivation factors in life, instead of on contentment. Angry/ depressed/sick adults emerge from enthusiastic minds suppressed in childhood.

The core focus on constantly searching for “What is Missing “, is fertilized as a seed of negative thinking which leads to the development of a tree of negative thinking that grows with several branches of ‘what is missing’ in every area of life. Children conditioned into thinking negatively remain dis-satisfied in every sphere of life in adulthood.  The seed of thought is fertilized by constant repetition of the same feeling of focusing on what is missing with an obligation for a need to improve .

For a tree of peacefulness,  good health and happiness to grow, instead ; mind training needs to be given to dissolve the negative energy stuck on roots of thinking.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Progressive Relaxation- SELF HELP exercise for five minutes.

These exercises are part of a fifteen minute karma paying/praying schedule being designed for schools. in the upcoming book - Spirituality In Education: Redefining Success with rising Peace & Happiness

Preliminary Exercise:

SMILE/ LAUGH  for thirty seconds while focusing on the top of your head  ( The crown chakra )Then,  say Thank You , Body, Thank You Earth, Thank You God  and  SMILE with love and gratitude for your own body and being . 

Positive Effect – Smiling releases positive hormones in the body which improve health in the long run . Expressing Gratitude helps the body feel better and beehave  more co-operatively with the mind .

Progressive body Relaxation for five minutes:

For this exercise, use the following steps.
  • 1.       Imagine the top of your head and feel God’s light on the top of your head. Say ‘Thank You God/ Thank You, Life Force’. Feel bulbs of light glowing in your brain. Exhale. Then,  breathe in a smiling light for five seconds.

  • 2.       Next move to your eyes. Feel God’s light on your eyes. Exhale tension, Inhale positive light.  Say “Thank you God/ Thank You Life Force”. Feel a glowing light in your eyes for five seconds.

  • 3.       Next move to your Nose. Imagine God’s light on your nose . Exhale stress. Inhale positive light. Say ‘Thank You God/ Thank You, Life Force’. Feel the light for five seconds.

  • 4.       Next , Move to your chin . Exhale black smoke. Inhale positive light. Say ‘Thank You God/ Thank You, Life Force’ Feel the chin lighted up for five seconds.

  • 5.       Next, Move to your whole Face. Say “Thank You God / Thank You, Life Force“. Exhale dark energy. Inhale positive light. Feel the ears, cheeks, back of the head  and the whole face lighted up for five seconds.

  • 6.       Next, move to your throat . Exhale black, constricted energy. Inhale fresh, flowing light. Say ‘Thank You God / Thank You, Life Force’. Feel the throat lighted up for five seconds. Feel the back of the throat also lighted up.

  • 7.       Next, move to your Arms. Exhale. Then , feel your arms and fingers lighted up . Say ‘Thank You God / Thank You, Life Force

  • 8.       Next, move to your chest . Exhale. Inhale Light of Love. Feel the heart lighted up . say ‘’Thank You God/ Thank You, Life Force’’. Feel the centre of the chest filled with light and imagine a heart shape there . Feel the  Heart Expand like a flower opening its petals and receiving light . Feel the back of the heart expand also like a flower opening up to receive light .
  • You give love out from the front of your heart and you receive love from the back of your heart . You have to receive to give. Hence, imagine both the front heart chakra and back heart chakra opening up . Join your hands together  , feel your chest expanding with light and  love, smile and say Thank you, God/ Thank You, Life Force .

  • 9.       Next ,move to your stomach . Exhale tension/gas. Feel  an imagined SUN glowing in the centre of your stomach . You can also imagine a ball of light/ a bulb/ a glowing energy in your stomach . Feel the light spreading its rays all over your body and all the parts of your body glowing with light . Connect a ray of light to the top of your head . Say Thank You God/ Thank you life Force and SMILE  . Feel the light spread for five seconds . Then SMILE and spread the energy of positive light / positive energy to your whole body ,

  • 10.   Next, Feel the light move to your spine and back . Exhale stress. Feel your spine and back lighted up . Say ‘Thank You God/ Life Force for your support “. Feel the light travelling up and down the spine for five seconds, and a lotus opening at the base of your spine . The lotus represents evolution and   the goddess of knowledge . Feel the energy of white light spreading all over your body for five seconds.

  • 11.   Next , feel the light travelling to your legs, knees and feet . Feel your feet glowing with light . Say ‘Thank you God/ Thank You, Life Force ‘for your support. Imagine light moving up and down your legs for five seconds .

  • 12.   Next, feel the light going into Earth from your feet . This is the grounding exercise. Imagine yourself like a tree and feel your energy going deep into Earth like the roots of a  tree. Feel firm in your balance. Release tension into Earth with three deep breaths. Say “Thank you, Earth” and smile for five seconds . Then say “Thank You God/ Thank You Life force” and feel the energy at the top of your head again .

  • 13.   Next feel energy moving from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet and deep into Earth , again rising up to the top of your head and again moving down to get deeply rooted into earth .

  • 14.   End the progressive relaxation Exercise with a  smile and thanks  to your body, God and Earth. .

Positive Effect – This exercise helps improve the mind-body-soul balance , with awareness, that there is an energy flow balance between Earth and Cosmic energies. It helps to release positive hormones in the body , feel gratitude, feel supported and improve overall health in the long run.

Reduction Of Negative effect - This exercise activates the clear circular flow of energies which is obstructed by negative thinking, otherwise. An interaction between energies of Earth and Spirit  happens automatically but remains imbalanced without awareness.
Now, you may chant your regular prayers .