Saturday, 28 May 2016

Abundance vs . Poverty Consciousness

 Do you see the abundance in your life and Thank God or do you focus on the misery in your life and curse God ? Abundance Consciousness makes you love God and connect to higher realms whereas Poverty Consciousness makes you blame God and disconnect from God.

Human beings have evolved above animals in terms of physical bodies but they now, need to move above animalistic survival based thinking; wherein the ‘survival instinct ‘is replaced by an ‘abundance instinct’; such that a belief in abundance of resources replaces the competitive negativity arising due to a belief in scarcity of resources.

Abundance Consciousness is a mind-set which deliberately focuses on the blessings of life - on all those good aspects of life which reflect love, peace or good health with the belief that contentment will grow in abundance in the future. For example, a focus on feeling gratitude for being generally healthy is abundance consciousness whereas a focus on the painful areas of the body and feeling generally unhealthy because of minor problems is Scarcity Consciousness.  Similarly,  a focus on feeling wealthy because your necessities are being met by your work/life choices is abundance consciousness whereas a focus on all the goods which are in the market and which you want to buy but cannot buy, is scarcity consciousness.

People have been trained into focusing on the scarcities of life, due to the traditional belief that pain/the negative situation has to be focused upon to be fixed. However , a focus on pain creates sadness and a feeling of failure .

Focusing on failure does not help to fix a negative situation. To resolve a painful situation, focus needs to be on clearing the errors and healing the negative aspect of life with appropriate measures while channeling the remaining energy on fueling the positive aspects of life.

Metaphorically, if you have failed in one subject but have passed in all others, your focus needs to be not on sadness of failing but on the positive learning attached to the sadness of having failed. Instead of feeling emotionally  negative because you failed, you need to concentrate on the positive emotional solution of the problem . You can either choose to focus  on passing the one subject in which you have failed or on learning detachment by  ignoring the failure as insignificant and continue your efforts such that your overall confidence grows.

Traditionally, suffering has been focused upon by choice as scarcity consciousness was predominant . It was believed that suffering is inevitable and has to be borne . However, suffering makes you continuously focus on the area of life where you have failed without adequate attention being given to fuel optimism which is necessary to overcome suffering  . Evolution of consciousness entails that a choice to focus upon happiness predominates over sadness, with conscious awareness of those areas of life where there is abundance so that the faith in positive life force grows.

The need to curtail indulgence in happiness arises from a generalized assumption that resources are scarce & won’t grow overtime. Hence, compromise on happiness in the present is necessary to be happy in the future . Excessive focus on future with a fear of scarcity leads to creation of feelings of deprivation in the present. Suffering in silence manifests pessimism, hatred, anger & suppression overtime,  that lead to a need to vent out frustration through aggression, whenever an opportunity arises. If people do not use violence externally, they become sick internally as the suppressed violence is subconsciously vented out by harming the self through indulging in negative thinking & escapist addictive habits which create negative hormones in the body .

Abundance consciousness means having a thinking pattern which is patient and optimistic. A consciousness of abundance  leads to reduction of greed arising out of a fear that there will be scarcity in the future. The future is expected to be happier than the present without worries being fueled as the belief is that ‘ there is plenty and always  will be; hence, there is freedom of choice to be positive because the difficulties will pass away overtime’.

Abundance consciousness fuels energies upon the best aspects of self more than the worst ; whereas scarcity/poverty consciousness is the awareness of the worst aspects of life with the belief that ‘ there is scarcity and always will be; hence, hoarding of resources is required in the present as difficulties will always remain and worsen in the future. ’

Scarcity consciousness arises due to a shortage of money  to buy resources and not due to an inability to grow resources. Resources are available in large magnitudes today in the human technologically advanced money based economy . If you have  money, you can buy anything which is held to be competitively scarce.

The scarcity or helplessness which is felt in everyday life is a problem of Poverty/ helplessness Consciousness which is a vibrational manifestation problem carried over from the primitive mindset. In the human world, the scarcity manifests   due to a persistent focus on fear of losing which creates an unequal distribution of incomes, goods & services . There is no real scarcity but scarcity is maintained to balance power equations as in the animal world where there was a belief that the strong have to eat the weak in order to rule as only the fittest can survive. The theory of ‘ Survival of the fittest ‘ explains the need for measures to maintain monopolies and rich-poor class differences at the cost of bearing unhappiness amongst those deprived. 

Energy travels from one being to another and unhappiness of the souls who are unjustly treated passes onto reduce the happiness of souls who feel powerful in the form of dis-obedience, rebellions, curses, conflicts, strikes etc. Since , animals do not feel poor/ rich, this emotional quality of happiness is sidelined in a blindly imitated competitive struggle for survival . Due to the Law of Repetition, governing life cycles, human beings inadvertently, continue to  behave like animals who want to be powerful even if it makes them negative/ anxious/ sick.

The evolution of resources from primitive times to modern times, shows the tremendous technological progress humanity has achieved but the scarcity consciousness remains because fear remains in the traditional mind. Due to the need to maintain power structures in self-defense, and a blind belief in helplessness, the means of distribution of surplus resources are curtailed by motives of monopolization, autocracy and corruption; which uphold individual profiting over mass welfare. Energy exchange is biased towards material display of power by advertising and glamour .  In fact, surplus resources are thrown away in developed countries because of market manipulative strategies of capitalism.

Hence, the solution to happiness is to break the animal mind-set of divisions where individuals struggle for survival to save their single power equations, at the cost of some profiting over several others or one winning  where several lose the race.  Awareness needs to be developed that life is  no longer a race or a struggle for survival but an artistic expression of the co-creator which can prosper with differences of opinions.

Surplus and happiness for all would grow in a variety of ways when  efforts are made to replace the need to COMPETE with a  need to COMPLETE.

Happiness cannot arrive until the scarcity conditioning is discarded with training in the  realization  that the problem in the human world today is not of scarcity of resources but of inequality of distribution.  As long as competitive capitalism is the model of growth, people hold back their surplus, creativity, talent, goods and services because of fear of losing money  and not because there is inability to grow more . People inhibit their abilities to spread love and happiness instead of using their surplus to complete other’s deficits .

Competition blocks ease of travel of resources from surplus areas to deficit areas . This inhibition indirectly blocks the spread of creative and productive energy, thus  slowing down further technological growth and soul evolution.

Scarcity continues to manifest unchecked,  because of fear of losing,  and starts being inculcated from school years. This conditioned fear of losing makes children competitive, restless, aggressive and violent more than compassionate, content, peaceful and happy; as they start behaving like  animals competitively fighting for resources in the jungle

Human society needs more minds seeking to complete deficits in happiness by helping each other than minds which are competitively successful. Instead of competing for scarce resources, human beings need to be trained from childhood to complement each other and work to complete each other’s deficiencies; so that resources increase in abundance  for all involved.

The much needed abilities of sharing & compassion, which are lacking in human world today due to lack of focus , can be technically developed  through a  modified education structure which stresses on developing human skills like patience and empathy along with academic skills,  so that positive thinking becomes a part of routine individual repertoire. The spread of positive thinking increases abundance consciousness in several automatically.

Unlike food, happiness spreads when you spread happiness to others . Food reduces once it is consumed but happiness increases once it is consumed and distributed. Originally, happiness was identified with having food & shelter, as it was so in the animal world.

Hence, there was fear that happiness would reduce if we spread the goods.  But, human beings do not identify happiness with just consumable items anymore. Human evolution has an increasing hunger for emotionally positive frequencies which increase by receiving  satisfaction in all aspects of life , not only food or clothing or shelter . The advancing soul has an increasing need for love , acknowledgement and self-respect to be happy .

Empirically , it has been proven that human beings could never be content if they just received food & shelter as animals seeked . The slave cult was abolished because human beings needed more than food & shelter to be happy in routine life, unlike the animals. The slaves received only food & shelter in exchange for work,  but they rebelled whereas the animals continued to work in the same mould. Hence, animal laws of scarcity cannot be blindly superimposed on human beings as people can get starved of happiness if focus is given merely to food & shelter

Happiness grows through investing efforts in mutual trade which focuses on devising methods of developing abundance for all. Happiness or well-being does not increase through investing in competitive games, wars & terrorism which provide short term diversions at the cost of wastage of resources in ego based conflicts of territories/ religions or nations. 

Human civilization has already suffered severe trauma for running away from emotional problems and resorting to wars to resolve ego based arguments. The huge amounts of energy and money  invested in wars and defense weapons can, now,  be avoided if investment on emotional management is given a priority over competitive sports; which subsequently manifests as  war games played at macro levels.

Happiness spreads while being happy oneself and not by sacrificing needs of love, creativity or satisfaction for future peacefulness. While indulging in greed is not needed to increase happiness, a focus on contentment is necessary to feel abundance in life. Present feelings multiply over time and positive thinking generates more positivity overtime, while feeling sad, compromised or negatively competitive creates more unhappiness over the long run with bad effects on health & inherent peacefulness.

Abundance consciousness spreads happiness from one to several through words spoken & feelings generated which increase optimism, and open doorways to experience love, creativity & passion . Complaining about survival, in terms of whether you will get food / shelter or not,  is a primitive thinking habit which needs to be deliberately discontinued and replaced with optimistic thinking. By default,   ‘’Abundance consciousness’’ motivates positive thinking while “Poverty/Scarcity Consciousness “ promotes negative thinking . 

Hence, a focus on developing abundance consciousness needs to supersede poverty/scarcity/war consciousness while training young minds . Children need to be trained into thinking that there is enough for all and always will be. Beliefs manifest reality .Vibrations are created in alignment with the feelings focused upon.

Scarcity or feelings of deprivation are created more by the habit of focusing on fear or greed than a real scenario in the Modern world.

Very often, individuals do not give charity of surplus as much as they can because there is no means to reach those who need due to lack of opportunities of fair distribution. Individuals want to open their wings and spread happiness in the modern world, but are blocked by a traditional mass super structure which believes in scarcity of resources  and hence , there are channels created for saving for wars & self –defense, but not for distribution of excess resources.. Once opportunity is created,  sharing of surplus would be a preferred option to indulging in excessive of clothes/drugs/food/ cars/ jewelry ,as it would be more satisfying for the soul . 

In contrast with abundance consciousness, a belief in having LESS compared to others,  creates sadness in self and the sadness spreads like a virus spreading . The energy of sadness spreads faster than the energy of happiness  because negative electrons have a higher magnetic content than positive electrons .

 In our poverty conscious world, sadness of one person  makes several people cry in despair, and believe more in the individual’s  debilitated state . Newspapers and  social media thrive on accentuating negative thinking .

 Feelings of helplessness and despair spread in an uncontrolled manner because of the traditionally honored belief of needing to focus on the suffering of human life. Sadness and helplessness are repetitively aggravated by focusing on problems, more than on accomplishments. A choice to be not content is ingrained in the human mind-set by traditional thinking of focusing on  past suffering; instead of on the thinking patterns which  help in overcoming suffering.

From an energy/ soul’s  perspective, humanity , as a race is infected by cancer of the spleen. Metaphorically, just as a human being develops cancer by focusing on anger & helplessness,  mass consciousness is infected with the virus of helplessness , due to a rigid belief in unchangeable suffering. In spite of huge improvements in living standards,  human health is destroying itself due to inappropriately focusing on the negative energy that there is lack of sufficient immunity against difficulties, which creates an internal dominant focus on sadness.  The cancer which , affects humanity today and spreads terrorism, aggression & wars , is created by excessively focusing on anger , rejection & despair at an individual or mass scale.

This illusion of helplessness is created by focus on injustice more than on improvements.  The appearance of negativity would reduce when the fear of scarcity dies in individuals and surplus of goods is spread to the poor who reflect lack of abundance with educational efforts made to raise their vibrational frequency to receive and manifest abundance.  

From the perspective of the evolving individual human, there is too much food, too many fashions, too many medicines, too much work and too many choices available in the modern world. The feeling that there is too much is increasing as individual humans strive to strike a balance between need and greed, with the understanding that greed is harmful in the long run for maintaining peace , good health or optimism. People are trying to learn how to say NO to excessive surplus of resources because there is so much to choose from .  

However, feelings of scarcity continue to rule over our subconscious minds because the traditional models of growth based on the principle of scarcity of resources, have not been revamped in tune with the changing times.

Though news about despair & loss pays more money as negativity is absorbed faster due to its magnetic content, spreading a negative mass consciousness spreads waves of sadness to all. The evolutionary shift in human consciousness towards a qualitatively better life for all, would be facilitated when focus of education, media & newspapers shifts towards depicting positive aspects of individual lives or the growing abundance of the human race, which has already overcome several centuries of struggle to arrive at a consciously abundant world.

Happiness increases only if positivity is allowed to be  the dominating energy in the mind by choice and with practice of positive thinking self -help exercises, which reduce the habit of the mind to automatically slope downwards towards fueling the energy of negative thinking.

In alignment with the rising abundance of resources in the modern industrial world, an inbuilt abundance consciousness would ensure that methods of distribution are created such that compassion, empathy and sharing rule over monopoly and competitive money making games. When mass consciousness is positive, waves of happiness spread for all . Increasing happiness for others , increases positivity in self. 

Walls of division have been created from the primitive  times onwards when fear of losing resources was paramount . Due to habits of continued negative thinking, people remained trapped in feelings of deprivation. Racism & nationalist feelings were promoted  in school syllabi.

Competitiveness and violence still continue to be a major tool of survival used as is evident from the stature of armies which all countries maintain to defend themselves from ‘enemies’’.

In today’s advancing world of the internet and world wide unification of thoughts, there is no continuing real need for creating national boundaries  for safeguarding resources of food and shelter , as was in the primitive era.

The development of abundance consciousness would be much easier  if countries work on international trade with peace, without the need to spread terrorism , threats & fear. However, almost one-third of financial  resources of national governments are spent on defense expenditures which can be used for development of health, education & peace in the masses.

God represents peace and harmony in every religion but our education system stresses more on differences in regions and religions than unanimity and thus, fails to teach that all religions essentially uphold the same principles of love, understanding and Oneness.

The concept of nationalism creates mental walls, and promotes egotist racism, which leads to inequalities in distribution of food, services and benefits of technology. Economic inequalities are subsequently  used by religious leaders who instigate the poor against the rich by quoting religion as the reason for disharmony/war whereas the underlying reason is always a need to amass more wealth for self over others, coming from the animal-mindset . People of every religion need economic welfare equally but the need to compete makes people brand their own God as superior to another , thus creating a need for anger/ violence.

Education and literacy are meaningless if they do not lead to creation of a happier and more peaceful world. If an increase in overall happiness was targeted instead of the need to be superior to others, there would be no need to glorify the self over others and create economic inequalities to feel powerful.

Differences in religious worship are natural and have developed as language differences have developed in different regions but these differences are superficial and need to be ignored than prioritized , to promote a peaceful and harmonious world where different breeds can live together as an unanimously evolving consciousness.

When belief in having surplus increases with faith in overall abundance,  happiness spreads as insecurity of each individual reduces.  Each person feels safe about spreading happiness and helping others as accentuating welfare of each other increases mutual satisfaction. happiness, peace, faith & optimism. Contributing towards growth of positive energy in another’s life raises the frequency of positive energy  in self while creating vibrations of abundance which spread peacefulness to several others.

Peace in the world is a direct outcome of individuals feeling at peace in their own lives; as the more restless and competitive individuals feel,  the more are tensions and wars created at the mass level. Mass consciousness is a sum total of individual consciousness.

Change begins from the individual and reaches the masses where it can be accepted or discarded . To evolve to a happier and more peaceful world, the rudimentary mind-set of using force & violence needs to be replaced by deliberate training given to individual young minds to feel abundant and not competitively judged; so that the whole structure is motivated to think differently and evolution speeds up as attempts are focused upon completing each other’s deficits more than competing with each other’s talents.

Friday, 20 May 2016

Evolutionary History of Education From Animal Mind- Set To Human Conscioussnesss


Education represents the development of human life over animal life, and is the most important factor which distinguishes human beings from animals .

Animals often feel helpless against circumstances because their brain is less developed, unlike the human brain. Animals cannot grow resources as they live only in the present moment and have no future visions , no ability to abstract words from pictures or analyze in logical or abstract steps. Animals cannot reason about the WHYs or think of the HOWs .  Since,  animals cannot read or write or imagine/ co-create abundance, animals have genuine fears of survival .

Hence, animals are justified in racing for survival and killing for competition for reasons such as fear , food or self-defense.

However, human beings are not justified in becoming competitively brutal, racing for money or using violence  because their minds have the capacity to sustain the body without using rudimentary methods of survival as the animals use .

The development of literacy represents the complexifying of human existence over animal existence in all areas of life. Literacy has improved life associated with survival, production of resources, money, counting, exchange of goods and services, creating technology, inventions, and has also, led to  increased development of the creative brain in areas other than the concept of surviving in the animal world . The spread of education has facilitated spiritual development of the brain and manifested portals of expression such as painting, dance, music, evolution of relationships , literature , history , geography etc.

However, though , education has evolved technology, it has remained primitive by intention and animal-like in its execution. The stress on competition, scarcity consciousness and compromising in fear for survival  has had negative effects on general peacefulness in society. The development of literacy  has not been not able to neutralize the need to overpower others by increasing optimism, compassion and peacefulness more than the need for negative thinking and helplessness.

The present debate is between the opposing thinking patterns of a survival consciousness and a higher evolutionary abundance consciousness which seeks to spread education such that the negative effects of competition are transcended by a focus on abundance & benefits of human life over animal life with the understanding that animal-like needs of violence and competition are harmful and reduce spread of happiness in human terms.

The evolution of education should be such that it aids in development of peace in the minds of people by facilitating peacefulness in individual consciousness which aids in spreading of happiness as an energy flowing from one to several, in mass consciousness. This requires an understanding of  the factors which led to the initial expansion of education and realizing that those circumstances no longer hold true, with deliberate awareness .

Evolutionary History of Education

Charles Darwin’s research as published in his book “ The Origin Of Species “ , propagated the  theory of Survival of the Fittest , which suggests  that animals survive in the jungles by killing and defeating others less capable than the fittest.

Animals killed because they depended on scarce resources. If you did not kill as an animal, you were amongst those who were eaten. Competition evolved as a tool of survival because animals genuinely needed to develop competitive fighting skills to survive.

However, due to the repetitive energy cycles which govern  all energy movement in the universe,  these dominant thought cycles continued to repeat though external circumstances kept changing as humans evolved from animals.

Human beings continued to believe in the illusion that if you are not a winner, you would be a victim without any genuine cause . Though , there was no animal-like  associated helplessness arising from an inability to grow resources, definitions of  success and power were blindly carried over from the animal mind-set.

Success in the animal world, came from defeating others because resources were not enough for all; and they could not grow resources as human beings could; but success in the human world was falsely assumed to be that which came from defeating others wherein scarcity was artificially created for fun or learning .

Just as power in the animal world was equated with violence and killing , power in the human world was defined by emotional bullying/ killing of the optimistic human spirit.  .

Therefore, success and power in the human world, as blindly imitated from the animal world,  were defined by a survival instinct and not by an increase in inner peace or happiness.

Thus, it came about that, as human beings advanced from animals , their bodies evolved but the thinking patterns remained stuck at rudimentary energy cycles where the belief was that ‘you have to competitively crush others to dominate ‘.It was firmly believed that competition was necessary to survive as it had been when human ancestors were animals.

Hence, though teeth were replaced by guns as the brain evolved from being animal-like to human-like, the technological improvement did not erase the primitive need to kill to survive.  The concept of the ‘enemy ‘and ‘a need to kill another’s spirit to survive oneself’ continued to be accepted as gospel .

This crux of fear based thinking has not changed though human civilization has evolved technologically. A vicious circle of scarcity and competition has resulted as a circuitous  chain of evolution. Circumstances of life manifest in alignment with dominant thinking cycles. Since there was a belief in scarcity of resources, it manifested such that human beings genuinely feel trapped in cycles of scarcity wherein the scarcity is inappropriately advertised by excessive focus on comfort ,greed, fear, poverty, future dangers and traditional criteria of right & wrong. Usually, individual consciousness is ruled over by mass consciousness and we allow others to decide how life should be.

The education system has developed an imitative mechanism of learning such that, the cycle of feeling helpless individually and as a mass,  has continued automatically from the competitive animal’s  mind-set . In alignment with the laws of automatic repetition of energy cycles, instead of promoting meaningfulness and peace in life, education has been imparted in a way which has fueled energies of compromise, helplessness  and negative competition.

 Animals felt helpless without competing because their intelligence was limited to grabbing food and shelter whereas human beings feel helpless without competition and bitterness,  because of  repeated patterns of thinking being carried over  from animal conditioning.

Logic is ignored by repetitive energy/ thought cycles until it is imposed by deliberate changes in the super-structure made by a higher, more positive consciousness .

The human soul is a co-creator unlike the animal soul which is a passive receiver . Therefore, the responsibility of creation of happiness, peace and sufficient resources for survival is as much human as God’s in the human world. We cannot blame God or external factors  for our problems just as the primitive man could not blame God for not giving rain on time.

Abundance can be created in the human world by choice, unlike the animal world which is dependent on luck and rain.  The imaginative/ abstract / creative brain power which human beings have and animals do not have, automatically places humans on a higher realm of feeling intricacies of life  and being in control. Human beings can create abundance of happiness with a  disciplined focus of the mind on the positive aspects of life . Inequalities in distribution of wealth can be overcome by practical application of abundance consciousness in everyday thinking.

 Just as rain can be created through manipulating external factors , happiness can be accessed by manipulating internal dominant emotional focus by choice.  But as long as we think that we are basically animals, helpless and dependent on external circumstances for our happiness, we would continue fighting over survival needs as animals do and leave happiness to chance.

 Instead of priding over our animal instinct, we need to acknowledge ourselves as a more evolved, higher dimensional human race , being more intelligent than animals are and having the ability to create happiness, health, food, goods & services by practicing spiritual awareness and understanding how our feelings impact reality through the action of the Universal Laws of Soul Vibration.

Sunday, 1 May 2016


The curse is a thought wave passed on from one person to another in a moment of intense emotion. The curse has high vibrational negative power as it is created in a moment of feeling intensely negative.

The curse holds across life times and it binds both the abuser and the victim in  a thread of suffering, due to the Law Of Attraction . If one of the two ends of the thread walk away, the curse is broken overtime as it cannot be held on anymore on the same frequency vibration of energy circulation.

For example, if a woman cursed a man who has raped and betrayed her that he will suffer for eternity the pain he gave her , the man will keep suffering the pain of insult and betrayal over life-times but the woman will also keep suffering being raped/insulted by the same man or others; the curse will hold till there is suffering on one end and will dissipate when the suffering dissolves on Earth energy cycle on either end . Hence, when people suffer intensely without reason , it helps to do past life therapy to dissolve the curse and move on with evolution. A transgression into feeling positive from within also dissolves the curse as the curse cannot hold if the core of the web which makes the curse manifest, uplifts to a different frequency than in which it is tied .

A simpler explanation is given below :

Every human being has an energy field or an auric field around him /her. This auric field receives and generates electric impulses in alignment with thoughts of the person.

If one person curses another person, the curse would be received by the other person only if s/he is emotionally weak/ in awe/ dependent on the person cursing. For example, if a saint cursed you, would would receive the curse because you are in awe of the saint. However, if your own wife or husband, colleague or acquaintaince  curse you. You may reject the energy of the curse as insignificant.

In the first case scenario, where you willingly receive the curse, your happiness would reduce till you stay in the time dimension/ spiritual dimension of the curse. The curse would remain over lifetimes on you and will affect all your future life-times till you evolve above the spiritual  frequency at which you were cursed. For example, if a bird is cursed to be a rat , the curse may hold her as a rat for life-times but if she decides that she wants to be a bird again and makes all choices to think like a bird, the curse can no longer hold her down . The thought frequency of a curse can hold you don only as long as you allow it to. If you decide that your independent thought is stronger than the curse, the energy of the curse will no longer bind you.

Also, if you stop respecting the person who cursed you as being foolish or insignificant, then the curse would not be able to control you. A curse is like a binding chain on your energy but it can remain only as long as you allow another person’s domination on you.
However, if a curse is given but is not absorbed by the strong person, it can still affect the weak part of that person where his soul energy is held. For example, if a curse is given to a strong man by a saint, he may reject it and walk away but the energy of the curse can be absorbed by his wife/ lover / children / dependents / any weak people in his auric field – in the same life or in future lifetimes. For example, if a man enslaves farmers in his arrogance and does not care about the bad feelings they send towards him, the energy of the bad feelings will affect his children or those he cares about who are not aware of the curse. The children may get sick or die or not achieve success because the man is cursed.

A real life  example – this is a real life regression example given by Dr. Hans Tend am from Netherlands in a  workshop who conducts a certified degree course in a past life therapy in Netherlands -  “a farmer cursed a land lord while dying that he and his children will suffer as his family suffered. The curse was given intensely at the point of death. Nothing happened to the landlord in that life. However, after he died, the sons of the family started dying. Once his protective shield was broken, the curse started affecting the remaining members of the family. There were no male heirs to his wealth as all the sons died or were diseased. This continued to the next generation. The young boys of the family died. The curse was discovered during a regression process and the negative spirits were released””

Usually, the effects of the curse continue till the tyranny continues. When the soul changes to positive from the core, the curse dissolves as the positive frequency of the soul cannot be bound by the negative energy of the curse due to a frequency mis-matching of energies.
However, where there are no rational reasons for failure or sickness, a curse or a spirit attachment needs to be released, which has been lingering in the aura since a past life along with uplifting soul strength to be positive from within by changing all beliefs and values which make you negative.  

For example, Marie Ann of Scotland was cursed. She had three husbands who betrayed her. The kingdom was lost and she was imprisoned for life by the queen of England.
It was found in a regression that the kingdom was looted by pirates and the princess had condemned them to death in alignment with the judiciary decision. However, the pirates felt that the kingdom was unjust and they had a right to the looted wealth as they wanted to help their friends with it. The pirates had befriended the princess before the robbery when she did not know that they are pirates. The pirates flattered her and wanted her money but she refused to run away as she had responsibility. Overtime, it is discovered that the boys are pirates and she was wrong in befriending them. The pirates are hanged and the bodies are drowned in water in the same way as they drown innocent people who they kill for money. But, since the process is young and the pirates are confident, she gets affected by their thinking process. The spirits of the pirates finds an opening in the aura of the princess and   curse her that she will never find love as she rejected the love of the pirate. Because of the curse, the princess never finds true love in that life-time and over lifetimes. The pirates’ spirits stay around her and the same tests are repeated where she has to let go of responsibility for flimsy needs of her lover or lose the lover. She repeatedly refuses to be corrupted but faces rebuke by society for befriending the wrong men as they cause harm by using her energy.

The energy of the curse repeats itself till it is broken by the soul’s choice to evolve above the frequency of that time dimension. To rise above the curse, the negative energy of the curse in the aura of the soul has to be broken and dissolved; along with increasing the soul strength of the victim to respect her/his own sense of justice over being blamed by the punished.

In brief, the energy of the curse can affect you whether you are good or bad. You can absorb the curse as an abuser or as a victim. The curse stays till you choose to be negative/ abusive/sad but it dissolves when you decide to focus on positive from within. Focusing on energies of self -love, faith in a positive world, goodness, justice, self -respect, trusting the self over negative dominant people; helps in converting soul frequency to positive by rejecting a negative/ evil or bad thought process from within.