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The NEW AGE  is not a war between truthful and liars, corrupt and honest  as is assumed simplistically. The GOLDEN AGE means an awakening of the truth of the soul above the era of illusion and self-deceit.
To lie is simple and childish. It irritates the soul but does not help solve problems regarding happiness in the long term as lying does not address disagreements in thinking or frequency of soul consciousness .To be truthful to your own needs , thinking and choices requires intelligence , delay of gratification and courage . You need to evolve your consciousness above mimicking old ways of thinking to be truthful to your own self and to others, such that you get real satisfaction and not imitated popularity from your efforts  . If you obey blindly, you may become deceitful and betray your own needs to please others .

Evil is a need to win over a need to spread happiness on self or others . Where Good rules, energy of goodness spreads . Where evil rules, unrest spreads and creates upheavels as is happening these days with ending of kalyug and beginning of Satyug . The increasing unrest and disharmony over foolishness ruling is creating a need for deep soul truths to evolve . The  Volcano can erupt on reaching a  tipping point at any time as anger boils over.
Wherever, evil wins, foolishness, sadness and emptiness rule till there is an upheavel which destroys all temporary happiness . Evil people become angry, manipulative, revengeful and sick overtime.  Whatever efforts they do to succeed, sadness continues to rule over them. There is short term euphoria as by taking a drug or buying a car, and then the side effects start taking over. There is an increasing need for happiness and peacefulness. People are tired of compromising . lying and fighting over money . Justice and love are desires of the human heart in the NEW AGE .
Whatever is desired wins overtime . The old gets crushed by dissolution of thought and the new gets created by persistence of the soul over years and life times. Human souls have been struggling for justice and peace over centuries. the time has come when the need for truth of the soul will rule over the need to stay sad to hoard money for survival. Human need for creative and meaningful sustenance as a part of human evolution will rule over the old carry over need of animal fear of survival .
Human beings are not animals. We are not helpless in creation. We can create new resources if we have deprivation. Creation takes time but overtime it happens. There is no need to believe in darkness and live on helplessness over centuries as animals do.
Goodness will win the war over darkness by definition as day always comes after night .. There is no way that darkness can win because there is nothing to paint on a black canvas. If Creation has to be sustained, colours of goodness have to win over evil, by default. That is because effort done with a negative mind-set does not lead to any light coming in your heart. You cannot paint any color of happiness on a black canvas.  

Soul science follows simple rules of logic. A seed of thought creates a tree of creation. Similarly, a seed of sadness destroys optimism from life. If you believe in darkness over happiness, you are doomed to drown before you even attempt to succeed in creation of happiness.
Doubts are like stones on the road. Obstructions come as part of driving towards a destination which gives you peace. You have to clear your doubts and believe in goodness, happiness and love over compromise to allow goodness to win over darkness.
Evil and killing exist in the animal world and the underworld because intelligence is low and  resources are scarce. Less evolved souls are like animal minds which do not evolve as needed for creation of new resources. But, advanced human minds are not helpless. Human beings can think abstractedly and create to fill in whatever is scarce.  Greed comes in because human beings think resources are scarce and they have to kill to survive, which is an automatic carry-over of the conditioned animal mind.
Ambitions follow thoughts. You cannot create anything if you cannot think about what you want to create. Animals just receive, fight or struggle in helplessness for survival. They do not create anew because they do not think in abstract terms. However, human beings evolve.
Earlier, tradition ruled over happiness. Happiness was compromised for pursuit of success. It was assumed that the successful are automatically happy. Men fought wars where thy killed several, destroyed homes and created unhappiness in an attempt to survive themselves by killing others. This was a direct carry over of animal mind-sets. Primitive man had scarce resources and had to kill to survive itself.
The modern man does not have insufficient resources. The need to be greedy and revengeful comes from a carryover of the animal mind set.
The New Age has already begin in 2012. The New Age begins with changes in Earth’s geological structure. These changes happen approximately every 78,500 years, as when the ICE AGES had come earlier and destroyed dinosauric civilization, as recorded by NASA.
With the coming of NEW AGE, there are experiences of increased violence and catastrophes as negativity is thrown off the planet. Earth seeks to balance itself and restore its spiritual balance. There are increasing floods, earthquakes and epidemics. The Earth’s frequency rises with the NEW AGE and all the negativity which could be tolerated earlier cannot be handled anymore with the increasing speed of precision in thinking requires. Metaphorically, Earth is like a car which was allowing dust to collect on t because it was stagnant, But, once the car starts moving dirt falls off. Similarly, Earth is picking up speed now. All the evil which was tolerable earlier will now be thrown off.
There is also a polar reversal happening. Due to the polar reversal. The roles of female and males may shift. Women would start taking over more financial and enterprising responsibilities while men safeguard the structure through maintenance roles. Human civilization is experiencing extreme conflicts and unrest as these emotional shifts are happening along with changes in the energy structure of the planet.
Human beings will rise above the need for hypocracy, lies and deceit in an attempt to be positive as the new energies establish themselves as frequency shifts. Wherever there is extreme restlessness, there will be experience of earthquakes and floods. Natural calamities will keep warning that life is a gift and needs to be respected or it will be taken away.
The need to compete with others will be replaced by a need to  complete each other. People will be less competitive and more willing to help as it will be realized that happiness of all is necessary for individual happiness. There will be freedom to pursue desires ad detach from relationships which no longer serve in evolution of positivity.
Children would not be treated like sacrificial goats. The education system would evolve to allow flexibility in thought process. Competition will no longer serve as an effective tool of teaching as it limits growth to that which is already learnt. Mimicry will be substituted by creativity. Original thinking will be encouraged. Money will no longer remain a criteria of success. Happiness, peacefulness and good health will be the new measure of success.
THE ARRIVAL OF THE GOLDEN ERA  INDICATES EVOLUTION OF HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS towards a golden frequency which is wisdom based and not just survival oriented.

Sunday, 3 April 2016

How Past Lives affect Internal Dominant Focus on Happiness


Happiness is vibrationally created overtime by  activation of  feelings towards being happier than sad in all circumstances by focusing on the positive aspects over negative aspects by deliberate choices. Focusing on small amounts of happiness daily multiplies accumulation of happiness and peace in life .  The Internal Dominant focus co-creates reality . The IDF has to be kept positive so that  the key of your creation of life moves towards creation of happiness. However , difficult circumstances or past lives set your IDF to negative from the soul level and have to be healed so that the IDF can be reset to positive and the future be created happy .

The following excerpt was updated in the book "A Course in Emotional Management "

Appendix 1 – How Past Lives Affect IDF ( Internal Dominant Focus )

Till now, this book has been based on How the Internal Dominant Focus affects happiness and how this point of internal dominant focus needs to be shifted to positive through meditation and self- hypnosis, to heal the soul .

However, while minor problems can be dealt through with self -healing and meditation , healing of diseases in the body requires professional past life therapy, along with any other treatment pursued .

A professional hypnotherapist guides you objectively through a process of inner child healing, spirit release, psychic surgery , past life therapy and life between life counselling; such that you can see through those aspects of your suppressed negative emotions which you have blocked, and hence are able to heal.

The following is an analysis of a past life case history of a lady who had developed breast cancer a few years back/ the cancer was in first stages and could be healed. She was a medical doctor herself and had started medical treatment . However, after attending some courses on alternative therapy, she had stopped chemotherapy abruptly . There was no recurrence of cancer . However, she wanted to find out why the cancer had appeared and if there was any remnant left.

This lady believed in positive thinking and always tried to look at the blessings in her life. She felt that she had been blessed all along and had everything that could be asked for. She had been successful in her career, had two adult children , had a good marriage with her husband , had a good house, a good pension from a government job and respect in community . She had worked in a medical hospital and had retired as ahead of her department .

Therefore, when she found that there was a lump in her breast , she was amazed. She immediately went in for treatment and the lump was removed. However, she was informed by the doctors later, that she had died on the operation table and revived after some time . She was curious about where she went at that time as she had not witnessed a near death experience.

A Past Life Case History
Problem issues:
·         To find if there was any remaining residue of breast cancer which had been treated medically seven years back; to remove recurrence.
·         To find where she went when she almost died on her operation table and was revived.

Therapies Used:
1.       Aura Cleansing
2.       Hypnotherapy
3.       Past life therapy
4.       Theta Healing
5.       Reiki , Energy and Color therapy
6.       Inner Child Healing
7.       Spirit Release
8.       Karmic Healing
9.       Angel Healing and spirit Guides
10.    Life between Life space, Golden Energy healing
11.    Neuro Linguistic Programming

During aura cleansing, Samantha had clear auric energy, indicating a spiritual approach to life.
Her aura was light and fairly free of negative energies. There was some heavy energy in the stomach, indicating some indigestion or residue anger / resentment.

Samantha’s main concern was to find if there was any residue of cancer left as she had stopped chemotherapy without completing the recommended course.  Her main emotional concern was her emotional tangles with her grown - up daughter.
Everything else in her life had been easy. Though her father had died when she was 7 years old, her mother had supported her well along with four other siblings. She had got through medical school in India with a scholarship, got a good job, married a good man and had two children.
Her only spiritual challenge in her life was her daughter. The daughter was  unmarried, not earning for herself and was struggling with her career . She felt that the daughter did not listen to her advice and needed to be more practical regarding financial issues. She was worried that the daughter will have a difficult life if she and her husband were not able to support her, as they did now. Also, there were several behavioral differences.
Samantha also said that though she and her husband were opposites, they complemented each other. For example, she felt colder than her husband did, and liked warm drinks. However, they had never quarreled, respecting each other’s differences. It appeared to be a fairly complete life.

Theta Healing
Samantha connected to the Earth crystal through a cord connecting her spine to a deep crystal in Earth. From there she was  directed to take energy and float up in the clouds with the cord connecting her to her body. She could feel herself flying, as directed, through layers in the clouds. She went through four layers of clouds where she was healed by colors in the sky, as directed by her spirit. She went into the enterprising/ sexual energy of the sacral chakra- orange, the blue energy of peace, the golden white energy of spirituality, and then the green healing energy of abundance. Then, she was directed through the window in the clouds and became formless with the light of her Higher Self and the Light of God. She took in blessings from God and asked that the session be for her highest and best good.
Then she was directed backwards through the layers of the clouds into the garden of heaven

Inner Child Healing
She called an angel spirit guide to help her find all that she needed to know for healing her, as her soul required.
In the garden of heaven , she was directed to a  dormitory which represented her subconscious energy field. She was led to the the open doors which led to rooms where her soul fragments were sitting( representing unresolved issued ) . There was a three year old child sitting in the room who she did not recognize. She did not look like her from the present life. She was directed to where she had met that child on a visualized television screen play in front of her. From thereon, she entered a past life.

 She saw herself as an eight year old child in a European setting. She could not see herself beyond 8 years. 
She was moved backwards in time to when she was three years old. She saw herself in a house where she was living with her mother. She was a happy child. The mother was single and they both had only each other.
At 8 years, she was knocked down by a car. She died. The mother was informed. The child was buried.
We sent the spirit through an energy shower in the light and released animal forms which represented thought patterns. A goat went out of her, which represented a need to sacrifice. While she was releasing energy cording with her mother, she saw the energy which was the root cause of breast cancer in her present life.
 The cord with her past life mother was connected to her chest and there was black energy in her chest because the mother’s spirit was very sad. It was evident that the mother had been very sad and alone the rest of that life. There was blackness coming in her chest from the sadness of her mother, which was the main cause of her lump in this life, which was removed as breast cancer.
The mother in her past life died at 60 years. The mother was healed, taken through the energy shower and met the spirit of her daughter. She smiled upon seeing her 8 year old daughter and was healed. A pig left her body, representing a decision to live in a swamp of negative thinking. Then she saw that the mother was her daughter in the present life.
The life was rescripted. She saw herself living long with her mother and they had good companionship in the future. Rescripting has positive effects on the present life.

In another open door, she saw herself as a five year old. This child was also from her past life. The year was 1650. She had been an orphan in that life. She was left as a three months old infant in an orphanage. She was lonely and had no friends. The food given to her was okay. As an adult, she saw herself working as a cleaning maid in the orphanage. Her clothing was warm. She was lonely as she did not like to go outside the orphanage. She died at 32 from a chest infection.
On probing, it was found that her parents had been very poor and had left her in the orphanage because of poverty. She saw them dying of poverty in the cold. The cold represented death to the soul. Her cords were disconnected from the parents and a feeling of warmth given to the child who was in the orphanage. The spirits of the parents were released into the light. The feeling of excessive cold in this life was coming from the death of parents in cold in the past life.
Her chest infection was healed and her spirit was released into the light.  The negative energy in the chest could also have aggravated the cancer in the present life . The residue was removed.
She was given an energy shower, healed from the sadness of that life and integrated in the Higher Self. She understood that she had experienced difficulties and this present life was an easy life, as she had experienced her difficult lives earlier. The healed spirit of the five year old was given wings and was made happy. Wings indicate increased faith in God. Then she was integrated into her present body.

Question 2 - Where did she go when she died and was revived on the operation table?

Samantha had a near death experience on the operation table of which she was unaware consciously. She wanted to know where her spirit  had gone as there was no awareness of a near death experience.
In the semi-trance state of hypnosis, she saw herself rising to the sky, enter the garden of heaven from where she entered a different realm. There she saw herself in front of a huge council with several members, who appeared Greek or were in Greek robes. She spoke to them. Then she wanted to return to her body and hence, she was taken into healing showers in the celestial garden. There she bathed in several showers of golden light. She was then escorted back in her body.
She had a Greek  Past Life as she was informed, about asking. She was then taken into the karmic healing room. Then, she saw another past life as a Greek girl of about 23. Her son was her brother in that life and was a charioteer. She married at 28. However, though she and her husband had a good married life, there were no children seen. She was childless. She was sad because there were no children. She died at 40 of chest infection. Sadness and chest infection were healed and the spirit sent to light. This chest infection could also have added to the creation of cancer in her present life, due to the accumulated energy of sadness ,  which was now healed.

Thereafter, she was asked to check any residue of breast cancer when she returned to the operation table.  . She saw sparkles of the negative energy of resentment from her present life. She removed the emotions of resentment and cut old negative cords with her family members and the house maids. She built new bright cords with her husband and children. After that, in the karmic healing room, she could see that her breast lump was completely clear. There was golden light in her breast as had been before the lump had come.

Samantha was informed that five lives were connected to her breast cancer in the karmic healing room. She had seen four out of five lives connected to her breast cancer in one session of about five hours. She saw herself as a little girl who died with a sad mother who was healed, then she saw herself as an orphan who lived alone and died of chest infection who was healed from feelings of extreme cold and loneliness; then she saw herself as a Greek girl who was barren and was healed. The lives were re-scripted with positive energy.
Then, the fourth life was where she had resentment which was released. Since she was shown that her breast was clear of all negative energy, there was no need for any therapy regarding her worry of cancer recurring .
Samantha felt relaxed after the session. She understood that she had been holding resentment by suppressing it in the subconscious mind .A lot of this energy of resentment and sadness came from past lives. Healing during the session was necessary to release this energy of sadness.
Her point of internal dominant focus ( IDF ) would have been set to a low frequency at the point of her birth in the present life, because of these difficult past lives.
Thus, though she felt positive about her present life, there were unresolved past life issues which had to be confronted to arrive at a higher level of happiness in the present life .
Though positive thinking and mediation help to remain balanced in the present life, there are several problems which come from past lives which have to be healed by emotional management  methods.
Emotional management includes Past Life therapy and Spirit Release therapy , the methodology of which would be explained subsequently in  another book .
The book on REDEFINING HAPPINESs , covers techniques of spirit release and inner child healing . Spirit Release, Inner Child Healing and Past life therapy are necessary if there are diseases in the body, anger, restlessness, depression or excessive anxiety in the mind about external situations which cannot be healed . Happiness does not come by staying sad. Sadness has to be overcome by a choice to raise positive soul frequency though healing all issues in self which can be healed and detaching from all issues which are external to the self and require karmic contribution from other souls involved.