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Aim To Increase Your Happiness not just money or fame

This is an extract from the updated version of A COURSE IN EMOTIONAL MANAGEMENT 

Appendix 1- Aim To Increase Happiness in the Future


It is a general trend to aim at increasing success, wealth and accolades to feel happy in the future.
However, medals on the wall, money in the bank and success in the eyes of the world does not help the soul in feeling loved, happy or healthy.
Therefore, if the aim is to be happy, it is necessary to target at good health, peacefulness of the mind and self respect.
As a soul, love and happiness have to be realized while being alive to feel successful. Being successful as conventionally defined only ensures good food, clothing and shelter which cater to the survival needs of the ape man’s mind but does not satisfy the advanced human mind which seeks gratification for its efforts, respect in its own measures, self -love, liking its own self, body and mind , and evolution towards being a  wiser human .
A soul which is successful would die at a higher level of happiness than it was born, while feeling healthy and content at the moment of death.
As a practice, some mind training exercises are needed in routine to stay happy as physical training exercises are needed to feel healthy.

Some of the do’s and don’ts are:
To be routinely happy & healthy, it helps to do the following:
1.       Count ten good things in your world every day and thank God and your soul for co-creating these blessings
2.       Count ten good things in yourself and start liking yourself more than cursing yourself
3.       Count ten good things in your routine life and in your environment which you take for granted but cannot do without. For e.g. Electricity, water, bed, clothes, mobility, phones, internet, basic food etc.
4.       Do some breathing exercises everyday along with meditating in silence.
5.       Use self-help books on developing intuition as you would need to connect to your soul energy at a symbolic level to understand your core needs of happiness

To be happy & healthy, it helps to Not Do the following with awareness as the natural conditioning is to imitate dominant thinking:
1.       Do not allow other people’s negative thinking to depress you or your optimism. Have faith. Allow positive thinking within your mind to win over energies of fear, anger or sadness.

2.       Do not keep thinking of bad words spoken by people about yourself or others. Prevent transfer of energies. Use the process of Energy Cord Cutting given below on a daily basis to remove negative energy between you and negative people around you. If you miss love from the other person, you may recreate the cord with positive energy visualization as explained in appendix 2.

3.       Be aware of transfer of negative and bad energies when you have negative thoughts. Always check if the thoughts are your own or have been passed onto you by other dominating people.

4.       Do not create diseases in yourself by focusing on other people’s problems. Very often, diseases are created in the body because of a subconscious competitive focus on having more than other people, be it negative or positive energy. The subconscious mind does not understand the distinction between good and bad energies. If you are competitive at the core, your subconscious mind will increase your health problems along with your wealth /success as it wants to have most of every experience on Earth. Health problems arise due to negative thinking and resolve by converting thinking to positive. Just taking medicines does not heal the body, mind or soul. Healing takes patience and conversion of negative beliefs into positive even if it takes a longer period of time than conventional, medical treatment. Always aim at achieving happiness with inner contentment than finishing work by taking pills and feeling sick later.

5.       Do not eat fatty foods, take medicines/drugs or drink alcohol to make others happy. If you feel an urge, minimize the quantity which you intake and be aware of the effects it has on your body and spirits. Depression is often a result of eating too much or drinking alcohol which create hormonal imbalances in the body.

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