Saturday, 30 January 2016


The Law of Attraction simply states – “Like attracts Like. “

Similar type of people get attracted towards each other as friends; while dis-similar people stay away from each other . Due to the Law of attraction , people come together and move apart when energies mis-match . People who agree in some aspects and disagree on most, stay together for some time, and then separate. By mixing, filtering and separating, people clear out energies which  disagree.

Just as you attract people who think as you do, you attract opportunities for studying and working depending on what type of energies you like to experience.

For example, if you like violence, you would choose the army ; whereas if you like money , you would choose business and if you like people, you would choose  a profession like that of a teacher, a doctor or counselor . You would attract circumstances which make you get motivated towards an energy experience which you desire to feel in your life.

In abstract terms, ‘’Like or similar’’ frequencies of energies match each other. Metaphorically, the energies of water and stones do not mix with each other. However, water mixes with water and quantum of water increases. Similarly, water gets absorbed in mud and becomes muddy water .

The Law of Attraction mixes energies of similar frequencies. The mixing of energies aids in Creation of complexities. Matching feelings create more of the same energy or reformulate the existing energy . In the above example, clear water becomes more if increased with same type of clear water,  dirty water when mixed with mud and remains untouched if mixed with stone.

In other words, the energy of water is reformulated when mixed with another energy which absorbs its energies as its own but remains unchanged when mixed with an energy which is too different, as stone is.

All energies do not match. Similarly, all types of people do not think alike . Different people focus on different feelings or energies and attract the feelings which they focus upon. Since energy requirements vary amongst different people, ambitions of success are differently defined for each person ; as all ambitions are  manifestations/ formations of desired feelings/energy experiences. Definitions of success vary for different people as the same desires do not give as much happiness  or satisfaction for everyone.

Therefore, when society insists on same definitions of success for all, several people become unhappy because they are forced to be successful in conventional terms. For example, some children remain unhappy because they are forced to study whereas other children like studying; similarly, several adults remain unhappy because they are forced to stay in a marriage whereas others like relationships .

Saturday, 16 January 2016


Happiness does not come automatically by working hard. Opposite statement is not true either. Happiness does not come by not working also.
Happiness and work are separate as food and water. You need happiness to feel alive, and you need work to survive. Just as water does not give contentment to the stomach, just work does not give contentment to the heart.

People wanted simple rules when they evolved from monkeys to humans. The same rules of survival were modified and applied to the human race, assuming that human beings needed only basic food, water and shelter to survive as animals do. However, oxen can be happy by working hard and dogs can be happy eating bones, but human beings require complex EMOTIONAL SATISFACTION which animals do not need. Emotional Satisfaction requires recreation, passion, creative satisfaction, entertainment, books, music, films, art, feeling loved, feeling healthy etc., which working hard does not provide.

If you are only focused upon working hard, you soon lose all concept of happiness and start feeling like robots. Sex becomes animal like for you, devoid of intimacy and love. You seek some human entertainment through alcohol and drugs but you suffer more from hangovers and headaches than stay happy or healthy.

Happiness requires a focus on feeling happy by a deliberate effort to increase positive thinking by using scientific and meditative methods to increase release of positive hormones in the body. Meditation means ignoring all problems around you for some time and stay focused on your breathing wile smiling imagining feelings of good health and bliss inside your body. Good feelings release healthy hormone sin the body whether focused upon in imagination or in reality.

Animals cannot imagine and hence cannot meditate. But human beings need to use their brains to create happiness in life in ways which simple animal minds can never understand. Working hard like oxen will enslave you in gold mines, where you dig gold to feed others; but not increase your inner satisfaction, strength or power. Working is important but your positive thinking while working is more important than just physical work. The choices of life have  to be made to increase your inner satisfaction, improve your relationships and make you fee; healthy, even if it means disobeying traditions, old unhappy people & dog concept of loyalty.

Happiness and health will improve if you smile more than cry. However, the SMILE and the TEARS are not based on External circumstances. The SMILE can be created by using your lips to smile for every second every hour while feeling good within your body. Whenever you feel good, you will release positive hormones in the body .Release of positive hormones will activate good health and peace of mind scientifically.

As you keep focusing on smiling with feeling good for a few moments every hour, you will stop focusing on your problems for those few moments.

Vibration ally, the more you focus on problems, energy cycles of aim increase in your life. All your circumstances are created by energy cycles activated by your SOUL, as the co-creator.
The more you focus on feeling good more than feeling bad by counting good aspects of yourself and life, the more your inner thinking and circumstances will change to improve your body and your life .  

Sunday, 10 January 2016


Desires manifest into reality . The NEW AGE onsets with increase in calamities and earthquakes, vanishing of aeroplanes and a desire for peace. Human beings are increasingly realizing that every phenomenon of nature is not explainable . 

The only controllable phenomenon is one's own vibration as a  soul. If you are in peace, you will attract peace in your life.

Satyug began arriving in 2012 as the planet’s energies started rising to a higher positive frequency. Earthquakes and floods were indicated upheavel in the planet’s structural balance to allow a new balance of energies to set in. 

The end of the ICE AGES marked the end of dinosaurs. Similarly, the end of KALYUG marks the end of the dinosauric age of emotional ice ages, which create frigidity in energy communication, loss of love in individual hearts hypocracy and emotional coldness.

Kalyug is ending. The Age of falsehood and hypocracy has failed to bring peace and happiness in the human race. People are realizing that the more they cheat others, the more they have to compromise to defend themselves.

Diseases and depressions are rising as people are losing trust upon each other. Betrayals and disappointments are common amongst friends, lovers, family and colleagues. Selfishness is considered the norm of the practical way of life; while those labelled as selfish, compromise the most with their inner truth to maintain fake images in society. In Kalyug, reality is that which rejects truth, love and harmony as unrealistic expectations, while encouraging lust, prostitution, violence, display of glamour and bribery as the way to be.

KALYUG IS ENDING. Man has experienced the worst he can be, defying all rules of religion and harmony and realized that peace has not been found.

Earth is rising to a new energy dimension on the astronomical plane. THE NEW AGE can be searched on Google and there is multitude of research material available. Numerous books have been published on The NEW AGE and all light-worker healing workshops on spirituality acknowledge the coming of the NEW AGE.

THE NEW AGE COMES WITH RISING ENERGY FREQUENCIES ON THE PLANET EARTH. Higher frequencies are positive vibrations of energy movement.
The time is the same as that depicted for the coming of SATYUG in Hindu scriptures and the NEW AGE necessitates the rising of truth as a movement in society, to raise positive frequencies of souls in alignment with the needs of rising positive frequencies of the planet Earth.
A rising frequency of the planet can be metaphorically imagined as a rising speed of a slow car. As speed of the car’s engine rises, it can no longer be driven on dirty roads. Negative dust can no longer be tolerated by a fast car as by a slow moving car. The car gaining speed throws off dust and flies over obstacles.

Human beings are vibrating energies which are felt as dust by a rising planet. If the frequencies of human beings rise in alignment with the planet’s positive frequencies, the energies can move along with the planet’s frequencies. However, if human beings remain stuck in negative thinking which creates a need for corruption, prostitution or bribery, the human race remains negative in energy structure. Negativity can no longer survive on the planet and the planet will remove all negative frequencies as it moves ahead in speed on the astronomical orbit.

Earth’s axis which was tilted up till now, has already started straightening after the Japan earthquakes. Floods, epidemics and earthquakes have been experienced in far greater intensity in the last 70 years than ever before and large scale destruction of human beings is being facilitated by the planet’s speeding energies.

If human beings want to continue to survive on the planet, Humanity has to embrace truth, love and harmony as the choice of being alive. Al choices of life have to be made so that inner truth is upheld even if it means breaking of old traditions and values.

Corruption has to die inside the human being before it can end outside. Traditions and celebrations can no longer be a substitute for lack of understanding and mutual respect in families. Where there is disagreement, it has to be acknowledged and accepted even if people continue to live with each other due to financial pressures.

Prostitution can no longer be an escape to save a breaking marriage. The marriage based on disharmonious relationship has to break for positivity to rule as a mind-set. Confession of truth to each other and mutual sharing of responsibility has to be made a priority over escapism through seeking extra-marital relationships.

Quality of life has to again become a priority over display of money and luxuries. Love and peace have to rule hearts over the need to indulge in food or alcohol to find short-term peace from an unrest mind in turmoil.

Diseases, excess fat in body, headaches, colds and stomach infections are all a result of lying to oneself in order to support a hypocritical family or work environment.

Spirituality will rise in the NEW AGE to balance materialism. People will no longer be satisfied by buying consumer items, cars or video games to be happy. There will be need for understanding the soul and experiencing true love in order to realize harmony in life.

Truth means that you understand your own soul needs above what others tell you about your life.
A practice of maintaining ten minutes of silence in the mind through meditation every night before sleeping and as soon as you get up in the morning helps in blocking other people’s thoughts from coming in as energy waves and thus, finding your inner truth over a period of time. 

 NEW AGE meditation exercises, are explained in my books ‘A COURSE IN EMOTIONAL MANAGEMENT’, REDEFINING HAPPINESS, available in kindle version or paperback version n

The NEW AGE is about changing previous, traditional mind-sets in all aspects of life including reading, writing , exercising , recreation, eating healthy etc. Every aspect of life needs to be that which makes you feel better about your own self irrespective of whether it meets with general wisdom or not. In a society, where mass consciousness is negative, general wisdom cannot be relied upon to find happiness. Happiness has to be realized by focusing on the inner self and finding the pattern of eating, meditating, working ,and exercising which makes the self be at peace.