Sunday, 27 September 2015


Reality is what you perceive of a situation. When you don’t remember an event, it doesn’t exist for you. If a negative memory is deliberately erased by manipulating the energy wires holding the memory in the subconscious mind, it vanishes.

The Course in Emotional Management is a uniquely designed course which helps you connect with your subconscious mind for understanding your core problems and deleting sad memories.
This Course addresses how to access the subconscious mind and understand patterns of thinking which make you feel helpless and act irrationally. The Course covers techniques of Self-Hypnosis which can be used for deleting past sad memories and replacing the subconscious energies with happy feelings for automatically rising to a higher level of happiness in the present.
Attaining happiness is a long-term process but it cannot ever be attained by pursuing success, money or power blindly. Happiness has to be addressed as a goal by itself as this Course signifies. Health and Happiness are synchronized as being healthy is necessary to be happy but it is not possible to be healthy unless you are happy. The release of positive hormones in the body necessary for good health require a focus on feelings of happiness. If Happiness starts dying in life, health automatically starts becoming bad. This Course explains how positive thinking cannot be attained just by rational counselling but requires cleansing the subconscious mind of negative thinking by techniques of energy therapy for transcending negative energies into neutral or positive.
 As this Course helps you access tools of happiness, you will find how optimism, peace of mind and an understanding of inner self are necessary for moving towards happiness in steps.
This book is the first in a series of five books which detail step-wise techniques of accessing, understanding, disciplining and guiding the subconscious needs to attain happiness.  


Sadness of the past is transcended into peace in the inner self, by understanding the learning which came from the experience. Difficulties are overcome by a choice of the mind to focus on only the learning underlying the difficulty and releasing the problems encountered in the path. Going through difficulties while remaining optimistic is like the soul’s light walking through a dark tunnel which has to be crossed to reach the destination desired where you attain wisdom or a deeper truth.

Once the hold of the negative memory goes away, it doesn’t cause you stress and it doesn’t create undesirable emotional reactions inside you, when a similar situation again recurs. By erasing sadness accumulated in the mind, you create a brighter past. A brighter past creates a brighter future.

However, there might be a learning attached to this memory. Usually, our subconscious mind holds a negative memory because as a soul, we need to learn some lesson of emotional wisdom from it.

Every traumatic /sad memory would have an emotional lesson, which eventually you would need to learn, to release this negative pattern completely.