Sunday, 23 November 2014


 Parents or husbands who justify hitting as teaching are beasts in temperament,
Abusers need abuse to survive themselves as  negativity thrives by beating
A soul who really cares to teach you will be loving and patient,
Learning is a slow process and most effective when rewarded with love and respect

Teaching methods have evolved overtime because hitting has never been an acceptable method of teaching anything.

People who have been hit have rarely learned bur always rebelled as souls.

Physical punishment has been actively discouraged as research shows that it leads to temporary improvement other than hatred within self and feelings of enmity.

The person punished behaves well till the abuser or teacher is around only to maintain peace but repeats the same mistakes once the presence of teacher is removed.

This is because hitting does not change the person’s thinking. The slapping or abusing only attacks the body not the mind. It acts like a physical restraint not a soul restraint. The soul is energy and goes back to its original level of imbalance the moment the subjugating pressure is lifted.

Hitting can be substituted with other methods of teaching which have been developed by behavior analysts in the past century. Teaching can be made more effective by using POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT METHODS Of teaching.

There are two main methods of teaching:
Negative reinforcement
Positive reinforcement

Negative reinforcement includes physical punishment and TIME OUT. TIME OUT includes taking away of a positive reinforce like TV or games. It also includes introducing negative reinforcers in place of a positive reinforcer. For example, making the child do extra studying in place of play time is a negative reinforcement.

Negative reinforcers are slower methods of teaching than beating child into discipline but have long term improvement effects compared to hitting. Hitting only silences the child at the moment but the child screams more later, making the overall impact worse than ever.

 Hitting can be used when something negative has to be stopped immediately , but it has to be accompanined by other training methods which use positive reinforcement or negative reinforcement therapy ofa  milder kind. Hitting is justified if you are being beaten  like in self defense but not as a cgoice of action as it has a negative impact on the logical process of the brain.

Positive reinforcement includes rewarding good behavior by praise or using tangible positive reinforcers like chips, chocolates, gifts etc. Praising a child after routine good behaviors like getting up on time, brushing teeth, keeping plates in sink etc. conform to the child that he is on right track. Praising the child after studying, getting good grades or any exam help the child learn better in the future.

Ignoring good behavior can act as a negative reinforce if the child feels that he should be doing something else in place of following regular discipline which would be more fun.
Adult behaviors follow childhood conditioning. Praising self after routine good behaviors helps us stay good, healthy and peaceful; while always criticizing self acts like hitting the body and harming the soul. It has temporary effects on self improvement and we keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

The only sure method of improving long term behavior of self and children is using POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT. Too much self praise leads to arrogance but PRAISING SELF AND OTHERS MILDLY but genuinely, has subconscious positive impact. Subtle feelings reach the soul.

Capital punishment is actively discouraged as killing a person does not kill his soul. The soul returns with greater vengeance and bitterness than before. The soul cannot be positive in attitude till he is reinforced by love, forgiveness and patience. For more self discovery of the soul, refer to my book IN SEARCH OF HAPPINESS.   

Sunday, 16 November 2014


On the human plane, we identify ourselves with one body. However, the human body is just one part of our existence. Every person has seven bodies, six out of which are invisible bodies.

By a body, is meant a cluster of energies designed to do a specific function.
Every human has one physical body, one emotional body, one astral body, one mental body and three spiritual bodies.
All these bodies together complete to make the aura of a person.
For complete healing of a person, his aura has to be cleaned and aligned in one axis along with the Creator’s axis of thinking.
Each body is inhabited by a different frequency of the same soul. As we move up on higher level bodies, we integrate with our higher selves.
The physical body is our appearance and or physical functions on Earth. It is like the driver of the car, that which can be seen.
The etheric/emotional body is the emotional structure of the brain, which would be different for men and women. The emotional body carries childhood and past life imprints which have to be healed for a person to feel in peace and move on towards health and happiness.
The astral body is the body made of light viz. the spirit self of the person. The astral body travels to the spirit world when we are asleep and does the work of the soul. The astral body can detach from the physical body and reconnect. The astral body has to stay aligned with the physical body for the person to feel active and grounded. If the astral body travels in the sky too much, the person feels dizzy, hazy and spacey. Such a person would be absent minded .

The causal/mental body is the person’s subconscious mind. It is affected by the karma of the person and his values, beliefs, environment, circumstances, education, health, height, gender etc. Integration of the physical and mental body means an alignment of physical desires with one’s upbringing, karmic needs and mental conditioning.
The three spiritual bodies connect us to our soul purpose. They include our soul, our Higher Self and our (God/ goddess) Highest self – viz. the chain of spiritual thinking we align to. Integration of the physical body with the spiritual bodies aligns the person with his soul’s purpose of incarnation, destiny and karmic abundance.

Saturday, 8 November 2014


a soul becomes a diamond if it remains positive in difficulties,
the soul becomes dark like coal if it becomes revengeful , sad and negative ,
soul tests arouse conscience  and help move onwards in life ,
the souls which succeed shine brighter ,healthier and happier  by choice to evolve

All of us are caught in ideological wars from the time we start conceiving of an identity as distinct from our parents. Till we are children, we are taught the distinction between good and bad and we try to believe as taught without inner conflict.

However, as teenagers, we start seeking an identity distinct from our parents. We do not agree with everything they say and there are often several conflicts experienced due to differing ideologies.
This pattern of development creates personalities in us. There is a part of us which agrees with our parents /family values whereas there is another part which has strong individual opinions.

The divergence of a person from traditional thinking to having an identity of his/her own is a part of evolution of consciousness. For example, the need to kiss other people in public is a need to imitate the west, be more open about sexuality and break the concept wherein Indian marriages function like jails for several seeking free expression. However, there are pitfalls with every rise. Opening of sexual needs and physical intimacy can also increase irresponsible sex, create unwed mothers, increase divorces for escape reasons and increase callousness among people.

Overtime, the negative effects reduce and evolution happens but it takes centuries of revolutions in economic and social fronts. The primitive man evolved to the modern human being because of rebellion from set ways of being to development of new ways of thinking.

The divergence from traditional thinking starts at individual levels. The conflict is an inner war and later escalates to anger outburst or anxiety related problems when the person lacks emotional management skills to cope up with personality dictates from within.

A weak person allows dominant people who control money to win whereas a strong person struggles to create a new belief system. The personality war may not be visible at the conscious level. However, this personality war dominates our relationships. We get tired of living with people because there is too much personality conflict with their belief systems, which escalates overtime.
When we start rebelling from our parents, initially, as young adults; we start following someone else who is outside family. This person may be a lover, teacher, husband or wife.

We become close to this person because we want to be away from our childhood conditioning and find individual self esteem.

But, as we grow older, we realize that the friend or lover may not be the person we knew at all because his personality may undergo a complete shift while dealing with life’s challenges. A loving, modern, open minded person may become rigid, traditional and as dog minded as the parents you try to escape from. Sometimes, a bad person becomes good because a past life personality rises from within which was murdered as a saint. So, if your friend who was criminal minded no longer likes cheating or thieving, it is because his personality has become different. The inner soul takes over when a person passes through tests of life.

Relationships break as people change when one personality subsides and another rises from within. People no longer love the same people when their personality changes as the spirit which rises from the subconscious may have completely different beliefs and values of life.

Several marriages continue only superficially when personalities change of the husband or wife. Their souls can no longer connect to each other as they do not remain the same people.
The personality which rules is the one who is most dominant. This personality may not be the person himself/herself, at all. The person may literally become exactly like his father or mother who he hated in his teenage years; simply because a dominating personality takes over during difficulties and, then reigns.

Meditation and hypnotherapy are necessary to integrate personalities and find out who we really are, at the core. We need to throw out all spirit attachments/thought patterns/ beliefs and values which we follow of others. We need to stop struggling because of bossy people so that we find our inner peace and happiness.
Instead of feeling rejected because lovers change or parents disapprove, we need to realize that each person has several hidden personalities .If you no longer connect to that person; it means that the values he imbibed from other people in his life were more dominating than yours. The choice to be with God or devil lies with each person.

The metaphor of THE Devil is a thought pattern which seeks to kill THE CREATOR. Destruction is opposite of creation. Destruction of happiness is opposite of creation of happiness.
Positive energies rule when we align our thinking with faith in God/life force /expansion of live consciousness.  The person, who chooses to be weak and helpless, chooses devil over God whereas the person who chooses to uphold individual self esteem, moves onwards the path of evolution.