Sunday, 24 August 2014


Mythological stories have deep lessons ingrained
If Goddess Sita had not wished to rescue the deer,
Ravana would not have kidnapped or humiliated her,
Was it the deer's lesson to save itself from the lion ?

 Maybe it was Sita's lesson to not rescue anybody who smiled sweet and asked for help
Or was it God Ram's lesson to ignore every cry for help by those he loved in depth, 
Maybe the war was inevitable and everyone was programmed accordingly
But for the Golden Age to return, we have to de-condition ourselves mentally
Help can only be given to those who think positive, who receive positive light energy
Everyone who needs help has to discipline his own mind to  let go of thinking negative by own choice

Death is immaterial as life is eternal ; had the deer died, he would have been reborn as a lion

Rescue of other people is a motive which drives all of us . We work more to help other people or to meet society’s expectations than for our individual happiness.

However, we are barely able to give other people the happiness they demand and feel helpless ourselves because of their sadness.
This is a deep soul lesson , which is the cause of much suffering, wars and ego battles.
Fighting for others always needs to be carefully evaluated than supporting the weak blindly .
Very often, the people we seek to help have their own soul lessons to learn. Be it children or dependents, everyone has soul lessons to learn. To an extent, we are responsible for other people’s happiness as much as our parents are responsible for our happiness which is minimal degree to the extent that  God is responsible for our happiness .

We all know that we cannot hold other people responsible for our miseries because the choices made are finally ours. We always have the choice to let go , to stop appearing good, to stop trying to fit into other’s mental moulds but we are afraid of hurting others. However, we inevitably hurt the very people we seek to protect by staying negative ourselves.

When rescue is not possible within our means, it means that those who seek rescue have to rise to learning their own soul lessons. They are put to a test only when they have been trained to meet the grind. If they fail to take responsible choices to think positive, everyone loses peace. Yet, God cannot allow us to win a war which makes other people more dependent /weak than responsible / confident.
For example, if a mother feels depressed because her adult children are unhappy or irresponsible , it is meaningless worry and leads to soul devolution than being one with God’s thinking.

As souls, we incarnate in human form to rise to a higher positive frequency than before. We need to be happier than before whatever choice we made. Choice is usually at the mental level than at the level of action. We need to think positive more than take actions which are defined as positive by others. Keeping fasts to make others happy, doing prayers to increase peace in the house while neglecting core issues like sexual disharmony or addictive behaviours cannot lead to overall increase in positive energy.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014


On Earth, reality is the feeling felt
The outside picture is an illusion to make it amusing to souls co-creating heaven or hell,
Wars are the same be it swords or guns
Love is the same be it in palaces or small homes,
excitement is the same be it toys for kids or cars for adults,
Deriving complexity of form is the energy  experiment being conducted
As we focus overtime, the feeling underlying remains same while the physical aspect complexifies itself,
Negative emotions also become complex and manifest diseases
Suffocation leads to asthma as it becomes complex in body
Individual consciousness adds upto mass thinking and spread of sickness,
When we lose immunity in self, we develop fatal diseases like cancer or AIDS

Earth is an experiment of the Gods. It’s a planet where solids can be moulded into forms which can move. Bodies are like robots which spirit enters to move it . The body is like a car wherein the soul spirit is the driver . The spirits are made of pure air like energy which is gaseous by nature.

The molecules and atoms in the spirit body lower in frequency through attachments and become a soul. The soul  enters a solid physical body which is far denser than the spirit body. The spirit conquers matter by making the body move as per its desires, controlling the mind and manifesting dreams. 

Each soul tries to master some forms of energy on Earth . Everyone has different dreams of happiness depending on which energy that soul is choosing to master in that life time . Each soul 's dreams reflects its priorities and its destined goal, if everything goes according to plan made before birth. 
Conquering over matter with happiness increasing,  is the Creator’s goal. Each soul in a body is a fragment of its spirit self. Just as a ray of light illuminates a container, the spirit’s light enters the body like a ray of light entering a vessel. The ray of life force  illuminates the body and gives its life force. However, the higher spirit remains free and exists as a consciousness beyond the body . 

The play on earth is of energies. Energies are felt through emotions. EMOTIONS mean energy in motion. Each unit of energy which is positive helps the soul move matter towards the Creator and each unit of emotion which is negative makes matter move away from the Creator.

Hence, the more positive we feel, the more our desires manifest as we move closer to the thinking/frequency of the Creator.

The soul experiences life only through feeling emotions. The soul cannot see, hear, touch, smell or taste by itself. It only can feel the electric impulses resulting from these sensations. Whenever the electric impulses are loud, the experience impacts the soul energy to a higher vibration. Just as the electric circuit oscillates to manifest light, the soul energy vibrates to manifest life force in forms, things /desires.

Desires manifest as a result of the soul energy moving in the same experience over a period of time.
Vibration of soul energy can be negative or positive. . A negative experience makes the soul feel sad, diseased, dull while a positive experience makes the soul feel happy, brighter, healthier.
Experience s become more complex with time and focus .F Few basic emotions turn several degrees as the person grows up from a  baby to an adult but for the soul experience, it does not make much difference as long as the feeling generated is real

. For example,
SATISFACTION is the same be it from drinking water, eating food, being loved. When a baby feels dissatisfied, it needs oral satisfaction and tactile satisfaction. Similarly, when an adult feels empty, he needs oral and tactile satisfaction. Oral satisfaction is obtained through eating foods in complex varieties as the person advances from childhood to adulthood. Tactile satisfaction is obtained through play with things when small and play with people when big.

As the soul advances, gradations of satisfaction become fine tuned. So, while a monkey soul can be satisfied through sex with any monkey; an advanced soul would need sexual satisfaction where he feels loved and acknowledged.

People confuse between need for food and need for love often. Most people try to substitute love with food. When they feel deprived, they try to snack more or drink alcohol, smoke, see films than fulfill requirements of feeling acknowledged and loved which needs a higher state of emotional maturity.

However, the deprivation remains and souls become fatter or unhealthier but few souls realize that the need for fulfillment is of all gradations of satisfaction. Oral satisfaction cannot satiate a need for love. So, if you feel you miss something to eat or shopping for clothes, it’s not always things you need. You may need the more complex forms of satisfaction as your soul urges you to evolve to higher degrees of advancement.

Sunday, 17 August 2014


We all seek to be happy in various ways. Roads to happiness usually involve helping others in some way or the other. We earn money by helping others and we feel happy, as an outcome. but it is not money , per se, which leads to happiness.

Happiness usually comes only by helping the energy exchange flow in some way. We take a job to help others while earning ourselves. We cook to help others eat. We look after children to help. We study to help our parents stay in peace. Everything in the legal economy is built such that money come through helping others. Those who do not earn money directly help in  building support structures which sustain the money economy. Their help is indirect and they receive money indirectly like housewives receive money for helping the children which is indirect payment for them. Monks receive food and shelter for spreading peace which is not a direct energy exchange. Children receive help from parents in return for compliance, love and existing, as children come to help the soul of parents evolve in some ways.

People who do not earn money spread the energy of love directly. They are the channels through which God spreads light.  God gives us food, clothing and shelter through physical channels for our being.

People who do not earn money are sometimes made to feel inferior by those who earn directly. However, if you make the support structure feel inferior, everything collapses. Irrespective of whether we earn money directly or not, we need to feel worthy of respect and love from all. We, as souls, are channels of light and the more positive we feel, the more positive energy we spread, even if we don’t do anything to help in financial flow  directly. A baby helps the universal love flow with no direct contribution to work. Special needs children help by radiating love and peace when everyone else is caught in ego battles.

When we earn money and do not receive a look of contentment, a smile or thanks, we feel mechanical as the reward for helping is not given. It is the energy of  love which radiates happiness in any energy exchange. In any energy exchange which does not involve love, money is a necessity for karmic exchange to neutralize. If we help people who we do not love without taking money, they become attached to us as they feel loved. We need to be aware that help symbolizes love and need to help only as much as does not drain our energy when we are helping outsiders with no personal exchange involved.

Helping is God’s work but we cannot think of ourselves as God and help without taking anything back in return as we are only channels of God in human bodies. By helping another, we become a part of his or her karmic exchange.

If the other person is positive, he would notice and appreciate help. But if the other person is negative by temperament, she or he will not acknowledge your help. Such a person needs to be helped only as much as you can receive energy back in return for that help. If you help a negative person, struggling with life, you may become more negative than that person. Metaphorically, you cannot save another person from drowning when you are struggling to swim yourself. If the negative current is strong, you need to spend your energy only on those who you love deeply and yourself. If you try to save the world, you would drown yourself unless the masses are supporting your cause.

We can only help those who can give back the energy we give them as a to-fro of energy. We cannot help anyone who does not receive our guidance or who rejects our spiritual advances.

A big mistake while helping others which leads to soul devolution, and makes the helper negative is to sacrifice for someone who does not understand your approach , to force help on someone who is nor acknowledging it, to teach others when they refuse to learn etc.

Nobody likes teachers who teach us lessons when we want to play. Similarly, we dislike wives, husbands and parents who teach us things which we do not consider as priorities.

A good teacher or helper is that who helps when here is need, when he is being asked and when receptivity is high. Even God ,spirit guides,and angels do not help when the person is negative because it is like throwing water in a dessert. Some souls are born to convert dessert sand into clay and they live a tough life but if that is the case, then the help given leads to soul feeling empowered by helping. When God guides saints or social workers or mothers, they feel an intuitive urge to help.
 Free help is compensated by rewards from God as it leads to some realization , or help in non-direct ways. For example, a wife who helps an ungrateful husband heal out of love would either receive positive love, respect and gratitude or would divorce a negative man and find freedom .

Helping others leads to happiness in several ways as long as the outcome of each energy exchange remains positive .If helping is making you feel sad or sacrificed r deprived of self-respect, then it is better to not help and stay detached from the situation. Detachmant is always a higher vibration than staying worried or feeling cheated. 

For most people, help is a critical area which can lead to increased negativity if given to a wrong person who is mocking, abusive or ungrateful for your help.

Usually, to stay tuned to one’s life purpose, we have to be careful about giving help as it is a karmic exchange.  Help can only be given when the person feels positive about receiving it, when help empowers the person receiving such that she or he can express gratitude and can give back some energy in exchange which is as valuable to the helper.

 As the spirit guide ABRAHAM says:

ASK AND IT IS GIVEN ... all spiritual teachings have a science underneath which needs processing to be understood and correctly applied.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014



Money is paper or metal without value added to it by our mind. Foreign currency is waste paper if it cannot be exchanged. The value of money is its exchange value. The energy exchange money offers symbolizes its value to the person using it.

The primary needs of survival are met by a focus on money but for higher and deeper realizations, we need sex with love.
Sex without love is meaningless, as futile as holding foreign currency without any exchange value. That is because you do not need a partner for sex if you are not getting love or comfort in exchange. Sexual satisfaction can be attained through masturbation if the appropriate spiritual techniques are applied.

If you have sex like animals, it means you are unable to apply your mind towards sex. MIND is needed to love and commit with responsibility. Animals have sex without using mind but they do not commit unless it is the higher animals like lions.
Soul advancement means commitment. Power comes when you commit. Responsibility creates need for power.
Having sex without feeling love is soul less sex and if you indulge in acts which make your soul feel insignfiicant, your soul will lose its positive power and become insignificant.

Sex means responsibility because it means sharing of emotions, sharing of problems and finding solutions together. If you have sex with people who don’t think like you, you cannot share responsibility as your solutions will not match. Each partner who has a different thinking pattern than yours will make you lose your confidence as a soul.
You will feel more helpless and frustrated, angry and revengeful after sex with people who do not love you because sex is a SOUL INTERACTION. There is energy exchange in sex without any visible physical evidence.
We are used to physical evidence and we feel give and take happens only when money or goods are exchanged. But, the soul does not use physical evidence for energy exchange. For the soul, energy exchange happens through the feelings accompanying the act.
Any action which is indulged in with focus on fear, depression or helplessness will increase the same in the body after the act is done successfully. Sex done with people who just use your body will lead to increase in your feelings of being not worthy of love and negativity in mind.

Monday, 11 August 2014


Telling lies to the world is self defense but you lie to yourself by escaping in rituals which are unwise,
if your husband wants to die, its his choice and his karmic liability to fulfil
if he has killed other souls, or feels sad about life, ur fasting wont give him back his optimism of life

 Tradition  requires we stay in marriage or with parents even if we feel negative. However , truthfullness is necessary to be positive. Truth requires confrontation even if it means a break down in relationships. Soul lessons always involve detachments and letting of money, security and a negative optimum balance to find a more positive optimum balance where health and happiness rise to a higher level.

If you are in a bad marriage, you have to release the spouse or you have to release all those people around you because of who there is misunderstanding in the marriage. Truth has to be addressed if you want to be happy. Short cuts do not help in long term happiness. As the consciousness of SHIV represents , Destruction is necessary for improvising creation. 

A bad marriage is usually a cause of great distress and blaming God for your distress is unethical . God cannot help you heal your karma unless you make efforts to learn your soul lessons and let go of negative attachments held together more by tradition than true love. 
Praying will not help you heal you karma if LETTING GO ? DESTRUCTION OF OLD PATTERNS OF THINKING is required to evolve consciousness. 

 Holding together a negative , dead marriage may be disastrous when your soul lesson may be to either change yourself or let go /change your spouse.

 You have to choose that path which make you feel more truthful as clarity in thinking is necessary for a higher positive soul frequency, health and happiness. The more truthful you are with yourself, the less doubtful, diseased or compromised you will feel. 

If your mother fights with your wife, or your wife does not care for your needs; going to a prostitute will not lead to happiness. If your parents don't like your husband , you have to choose between the ideology you agree with more. You cannot expect your spouse to think like your parents, as childhood conditioning is different . If you canignore your parents, it means you agree with the thinking of your husband more but  if you agree more with your parents, you have to let go of the husband who disagrees. Do not  force change on another man who has a different soul purpose than yourself as that would lead to love dying in the marriage. If sexual interaction is dying, you need to recheck whether the marriage is worth holding onto or you may be better off single than with a  negative partner. Responsibilities can be addressed better in a  more positive environment  than feeling negatively attacked all the time. 

Do not expect a priest or a spiritual person to solve your problems without you talking any steps to let go of the negative scenario yourself.

God is there to help you but you cannot keep demanding from God just as you cannot keep demanding from a parent. At some point of evolution, you have to let go of blind faith and take responsibility yourself to learn thinking in alignment with the will of God.

God does not ask you to play in dirt and come home crying. Staying with negative people is like playing in dirty energy. Feeling sad or frustrated is your choice and you can let go of the need to stay with them to be positive as tradition is not more important than truth. 

God cannot help a soul basking in negativity as the soul comes on Earth to overcome negative emotions itself by learning soul lessons. You are unable to let go of a  negative scenario because you need to play with emotions like an addiction. Negative hormones are relesaed in the bloodstream by staying negative in the same way as during smoking, alcoholism or drug addictions. the body gets used to staying in a negative balance . Letting go always require shaking up a negative balance to attain a new positive balance which is free of addictions to the negative. Positive hormones get released with staying positive which leads to improved health and a relaxed mental state , without needing any medications. 

.  Responsibility costs money and energy . Learning spirituality also needs money and energy. If you have money to buy gold and clothes, then you also have money to learn spiritualism and release negative soul attachments. If you choose not to learn and pray blindly, God cannot help you beyond a point as helping a devolving , materialistic soul get more gold, sex, cars, houses or toys means helping him fall further into dirt.

To rise up, the soul has to let go of desires which satisfy him temporarily but make him more sad later just as to stay healthy,  the child has to clean himself of the need to play with negativity.

To become one with God’s thinking means to evolve upwards constantly. In the process of evolution, we often have to let go of people and things which make us be negative. Spirituality means an upliftment from being materially detached to being spiritually attached to Gd. A spiritual person is one for who Godliness matters above all considerations and who seeks to understand God from the depths, not just follow God blindly.

Godliness means to be positive in thinking. In all obstacles, the person remains positive and does not compromise with less respect. The person who is godlike is able to detach easily and satisfy his or her needs through a connection with pure energy rather than material artifacts representing energy. Saints live in comfort in bare minimum because they do not feel as much pain as a materially attached person does. Pain is a result of thinking negative and when you remain detached, there is no need to feel negative or create negative hormones in the body which release pain. . Compromise means unhappiness.

 People who pray a lot, fast, light candles to worship are rarely spiritual or god aligned in thinking. They are materialistic and they want God to satisfy their material demands. They want God to prove to them that they can be irresponsible in thinking and God will meet all their dreams because he loves them as an indulgent parent. They are like small children or young souls. However, as children want to grow up and need to learn lessons to grow mature, souls also need to learn soul lessons.

If you are spiritual and married to a materialistic person but cannot take  a decision to divorce, you can start learning spiritual practices like REIKI , or chanting NAM MYOHO RENGE KYON ( 100 times daily ) .. once you allow God to intervene, God will ensure you are free of negativity by causing so much turmoil in your life that you are led to divorce.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014


When the whole race is to have peace of mind
why do we pursue means which take us away from feeling alive 
where we get success, money and lose harmony inside
pretending to be someone else to suit mass likes

Success, fame, name and money do not help us rise to happiness
only a greater positive soul frequency helps us be bright inside
there is nothing wrong or right in being rich or successful
but what needs to be pursued is a method of raising soul vibration to merge with God's light
for happiness can come only when we realign with the connection we lost for joining human tides , while staying alive

People on Earth seem to think than name and fame brings peace of mind. But, from the soul’s perspective, it is the opposite.

When you are in a position of power, you are famous. All your activities are scrutinized by the public media. People love to read about your personal life. Everything is gossip. You are not allowed to have normal human weaknesses. You have to hide to be your own self because you are otherwise, always living up to an image.
You own soul self becomes completely sacrificed in order to meet expectations of others. As a woman in public, you cannot speak what you want because your husband’s or family’s reputation gets harmed. As a man, you have to obey certain decorum and you cannot rebel against injustice even if you want to.
If you speak against the monopolies, the dark forces blackmail you. They threaten you with death penalties. They make you obey them like slaves and you have to do it because you are popular.
You have no life of your own. You only live to please the masses.
Usually, you hardly are a leader or a role model. You are a popular puppet who has to be very careful not to hurt anyone’s sentiments. So, even if there is filth around you and there are famous people cheating and exploiting the weaker sections, you have to seal your mouth and be quiet. Such a life can be suffocating for the soul who seeks truth to open up.

As a soul, I am one with others who have departed. I catch thoughts of spirits who have lived lives like those of Cleopatra , Jhansi kid rain or Marilyn Monroe and in all those lives I lost the war. The war was lost because the cause was unjust. It was a cause to protect those who were negative. The people who the famous tried to protect wanted a leader to save them from oppression. But they were not willing to let go of the hypocracy in their own lives. Rome spent huge amounts on sports and hardly anything on temples or education, in comparison. Heath and soul evolution were neglected because money came from sports and wars.

Happiness cannot come by supporting one negative system over another.

A king who fights war against another country cannot save his own people from cheats inside the country who give him money to fight the war. In the spiritual sense, there is very little difference between a  king and a mafia don. Both become puppets of a crown.


Surgery and medicines are needed when our soul feels trapped,
when we disobey our instincts and follow common sense
the more we allow ourselves to be common, the less unique we become,
the more we feel like chicken being grilled, the more diseased our body is 

spending on achieving the soul's purpose is better than spending on any religious ritual or medicines to heal
its the intention which counts at soul level. not the act,
your healing will depend on what you focus upon while paying the doctor, priest or healer,
ideally your life should feel more positive as a result of ur financial release ,
money is a tool used for feeling more positive, and its success depends on positive feelings,
if you are back in same problems as before u were ill, you haven't really healed your soul, just body is repaired for time being while you wait for death as a release

We go through surgeries and complicated medical procedures to heal our body.

But the problem keeps coming back in different forms in different parts of the body. If spondylitis gets cured, people get lower back ache. If asthma gets cured, people get asthma.

That happens because our soul is not happy with the choices we make in our life. Diseases are created by our subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind controls our autonomic nervous system.

The autonomic nervous system balances our blood pressure, heart rate, joint movements and maintains normal functioning of all organs of our body. The autonomic nervous system takes instructions from the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is controlled by the emotions of our soul.

When we heal our soul, several problems dissolve at an energy level.
Some problems arise because we have spirit attachments in our body. They may be different people who have died around us or have been killed by us in past lives. Or the spirits creating problems for us  may be our own past life personalities. When we talk to our own past lives and heal their pain, these personalities agree to go in the light. That heals body problems.

The following example is from the Book IN SEARCH OF HAPPINESS ( How past lives affect the present, a soul’s perspective

Convincing the spirit to go back

The stuck spirit usually does not get released by itself but it may get released when we do a past-life regression.

However, many spirits die as part of their life-plan and have no real purpose left from the soul’s perspective. They can be convinced to leave when made aware of their life plan. Like, I’ve had clients whose dead grandparents’ spirits were attached to them out of love and anxiety, who left when convinced that it was time to let go.

Also, spirits who are not aware that they are dead are ready to leave when they are made aware. Even if a life purpose is remaining, the spirit can be convinced to join the light, asked to refresh and come back and join a parallel body which has similar energies, if it still needs to remain on Earth.
Usually, when the spirits go back, they realize that the karmic retribution has been achieved and there is no need to come back.

 For example, I had a client who had severe spondilitis. She came for a regression and during therapy we went into the root cause of the back pain in her shoulder. In the session, she saw herself as a man about four hundred years back. He had a terrible temper and often beat his wife. One day he killed his wife in anger. This man was punished, by his community.
He had to carry a log on his back on which he was to be hanged.  He died while carrying the log in a forest. The spirit of the man however did not go into the Light as it was absorbed in thoughts of guilt and remorse. It did not realize it is dead or that life is over. It kept reliving the guilt over and over again.
Hence, in spite of death of the body, the spirit kept carrying the log on its back and remained in the forest.  That part of the soul energy remained frozen at that point of time, and rejoined another fragment of its own soul when the soul energy reincarnated as my client.
At an energy level, the log represented the emotional burden the soul was carrying because it was unable to let go.
 During therapy, we had to convince the soul to let go of the negative energy of remorse so that it could forgive itself, release the log, accept the love of God and go in the light. As a woman, this client had been facing abuse from her husband since several years who had been the same soul as his wife in that life.
When the spirit realized, it had compensated for its crime and had learnt to respect the weaker sex, it went away as its soul lesson was learnt. This woman had had shoulder pain since several years, which vanished after this session.

I suspected this to be the case with the spirit who was attached to Dev. The Greek soldier’s spirit seemed to be hovering on Earth, seemingly frozen in that life.
Whenever it appeared to Dev, it appeared in the attire it had died in as the Greek soldier. It also kept reliving the same feelings again and again.

That is why Dev repeatedly saw him getting defeated by the lions. The spirit was apparently consumed with energies of failure, revenge and frustration. Because its intensity was so strong, it was activating these negative feelings in Dev repeatedly by making him focus on similar energies from the environment. Probably, the spirit was not even aware it had died.

Sunday, 3 August 2014



Earth is a physical dimension where negative and positive energies interact to form physical matter. The celestial dimensions are spirit dimensions where positive energy predominates matter. Positive ions are more spread out than negative ions. To form physical matter, air has to turn into solid. Likewise, spirit has to conform to a body. Body is physical matter. Spirit is like air.  The spirit has to lower its positive frequency to come in physical body.

 While staying in physical body alive, the spirit cannot be as positive as it would be in celestial dimension because physical body is dense. Density requires atoms and molecules to move close to each other which requires magnetism. Magnetism is created by negative thought.

We cannot be completely free of negative thought while staying alive in a body. If we want to be free of negative feelings totally, we have to evolve to being content in a spirit body which stays in high frequency, spirit dimensions where movement of ions is freer and more spaced out.

Stress is a negative energy. Happiness is a positive energy. When we take action in the physical world, we combine stress with happiness. The joy we get from doing any work is its happiness component. The discomfort we undertake while performing the work is its stress component.

Any activity requires both happiness and stress component in the physical world. There can be no work done if we totally focus on happiness or bliss as that is a spirit dimension of existence.
As the spirit, we do not need food, clothes or cars. Hence, if we want to be like spirits and in complete bliss, we have to also give up desire for physical comforts like saints do.

The job we do, be it drinking water or manufacturing films, creates feelings in us. We feel content and satisfied after drinking water or making a film. The contentment level rises or falls but the feeling essentially remains the same. The energy of contentment varies and makes the experience different for the soul.
If the level if positive contentment is greater than the discomfort endured in doing it, the action leads to creation of happiness. If the discomfort is greater than the joy produced while doing the act, the stress level increases.
We have to ensure that the JOY component f the work being done always remains higher than the DISCOMFORT component for the activity to yield happiness in our lives.
If we allow negative energy of stress to become greater than the positive energy of contentment/happiness, we would lose satisfaction with our own selves and devolve as souls.

Soul evolution means to be happy more than stressed. Stress cannot be avoided but has to be kept minimum even if material comforts are sacrificed in the process. Freedom is in rising to the spirit zones of existence with feeling contentment in heart.

Our health and peace rise when we feel greater joy than stress while doing any job. Our anxiety levels rise and diseases increase if we allow stress to increase and happiness to fall while doing the job. A balance between negative and positive has to be maintained such than positive feeling is on an average, greater than negative feelings but negative cant be eradicated on Earth as we need magnetism to stay alive

Friday, 1 August 2014


There is a law of REPETITION which governs our lives. We repeat patterns of emotional turmoil throughout our life because we are soul energies and participate in these energy cycles by default. Life is perceived as easy or difficult , as we focus upon it being in childhood. We may realize that the past times were better after they are gone but that happens because our previous negative dominant focus increases negativity in life as time passes by. To have a positive equilibrium in life, we need to shift our internal fulcrum to expecting the positive, with a neutral attitude towards obstacles.

Like seasons move in cycles, planets revolve around the sun in circles, we , as souls, live our life in cycles of energy movement. The energies are released every time we breathe and the frequency of energy we release is negative or positive, depending on how we feel at that moment in time.

Our beliefs about how life should be determines are attitude. If we have beliefs which are made in periods of negative experience, we develop a negative attitude to life.

It is useful to have beliefs which help us generate a positive attitude to life.
We are co-creators of reality as souls and we will create the life which we are used to exeriencing automatically. To change our experience from sad or compromising to happy and relaxed, we need to change our core beliefs about how life should be...

Some beliefs about life which create a law of repetition leading to happiness are :

  1. YOU ARE WHO YOU THINK YOU ARE.If you allow other people's opinions to influence you, you will become that person . If you allow less evolved souls to judge you, you will become much lesser than you can be by just being yourself. 
  2. MEDITATION IS NECESSARY TO BE HAPPY AND HEALTHY . Meditation does not mean chanting or singing hyms. It means slowing thinking, by arriving at detached, zero states of soul frequency , necessary to overcome negative influence of mass consciousness.  Meditate on being in silence, without hearing anyone ,  for atleast ten minutes everyday to stay aligned with your own soul. You can focus on your breath as mind cannot be thoughtless ever . Feelings are like breathing. They are always present. Meditation is to slow down thought like applying brakes so that you can choose which way to go in life, free of other less evolved, or negative minds influence.
  3. ABUNDANCE IS A HUMAN RIGHT.As animals, you do not have to struggle for food and shelter . If you feel you do, you have not risen above being in the energy cycle of an animal . As human beings, you are at a higher energy cycle in a more positive dimension of reality.  Your basic needs of food, clothing and shelter will always be met . Money to survive is always there. You may need to cut your desires for luxuries but food and shelter is given.
  4. HELP ONLY THOSE WHO GIVE HELP AND RECEIVE HELP. There is no use in helping those who disrespect your efforts and do not change themselves or those who prefer being lazy and negative than disciplined in thinking. If you need to help such people who don't ask for your help, do not expect them to acknowledge visibly. You may be working for God and God will reward you indirectly.
  5. DO NOT EXPECT PEOPLE TO REMEMBER YOUR HELP ETERNALLY. People need help continuously. They would need to thank those who help them in their present than those who helped in the past. If you need continuous acknowledgement, help consistently . Your efforts are counted moment to moment . If you have been a saint in the ast and become a murderer now, your help as a saint would get discounted. The opposite is equally true. You can convert from a negative criminal to a saint like good human being anytime and erase your karma by your positive approach. For example, , if you have been a murderer in the past and become saint like now, your negative past would get discounted and your resent positive contribution would be acknowledged.
  6. YOUR SADNESS WILL NOT INCREASE ANYBODY ELSE'S HAPPINESS. Sacrifice helps only if it makes u release negative conditioning. For example, sacrificing a job for children helps as it makes you choose love over money . Love is a higher vibration than the physical survival  vibration which money represents. But, sacrificing a lover for family's reputation or property will not help as then you choose a lower vibration over love .
  7. IF YOU CHOOSE TO SACRIFICE, BE SURE THAT YOUR FAITH IN GOD RISES BECAUSE OF YOUR SACRIFICE . If your faith in goodness falls due to your choosing to be sad, you will be working against God and positivity . That will make you be increasingly unhappy overtime and spread your negative energy in the lives of others.
  8. BE OPEN TO LEARNING, CHANGE OF THOUGHT, UNDERSTANDING NEW PERSPECTIVES . Evolution is continuously happening. If you use tradition as an instrument, you block logical derivation of thought. Traditions are made in certain contexts . If the contexts change,  we need to reassess whether the traditional values still uphold by making a small equation all over again with present variables,  than impose a past equation on the present, as variables may have changed overtime. For example, if you are conditioned that you have to buy cars to feel rich, it is possible that you buy cars by taking heavy loans, display to the world that you are rich but feel poorer inside . If you can feel richer inside by not buying the car but spending instead on good food, comfortable lifestyle and kids, you would be happier .