Friday, 30 May 2014


 Money is presumed to bring happiness
but it is only a belief because reality does not prove so
Rich people are as troubled as the poor albeit in different ways
Money is only a  mirage, the real oasis is in finding one's own soul
The soul needs are different for each individual
Happiness cannot be a generalized definition satisfied by food, clothes or shelter, 
To rise above our animal ancestors' struggle for survival 
we need to think like God and move onto abundance as in heaven,
For realizing the soul, we need to satisfy individual needs not just please herd sensibilities

ON Earth, we have become conditioned to using an indirect approach to happiness.
If we use the metaphor of achieving happiness with catching our nose, then it can be easily observed that we are using an indirect approach to achieving happiness and hence failing in realizing it.

To focus on realizing happiness, we need to focus on feeling happy internally and externally in alignment with our pace, health and love needs. Instead, we try to achieve happiness by focusing on earning money or getting rewards. The money and rewards lead to happiness indirectly as we may feel happy after receiving money or success from performing for others.
 However, if we do not like the work we do or we invite stress in our lives to achieve the awards more than the positivity it brings in our lives, then we multiply negativity not happiness. Likewise, if we cheat, steal or deprive other people of acknowledgement to earn money or popularity to feel happy ourselves, we again circulate negativity in our lives.

Happiness does not directly depend on money. Happiness is like health. It depends on how well, positive and healthy we feel in our everyday lives. By equalizing happiness with money or regards, we mislead ourselves into focusing sideways than directly in the front. Instead of catching our nose from the front, we try to take our hand behind our head and catch our nose. Usually, we never achieve happiness as a result of our indirect approach.

Happiness follows some basic Las of The universe.
The first is the LAW OF CREATION –

The law of creation says that we create what we focus upon, as souls. The soul is the life force in our boy. It is a unit of energy and multiplies itself through multiplying its energy units. The feelings we focus upon release energy in the universe as feelings are electric impulses created in the body during our interaction with the environment.
The feelings we focus upon keep getting created in our lives. Our external circumstances keep changing such that the feelings we focus upon can keep getting recreated in our lives.

The second law is the LAW OF REPETITION –
The law of repetition says that feelings repeat themselves. The energies we focus upon in our feelings keep moving in circles. The keep forming ripples or circular motion as ripples are created when we throw a stone in water. Our focus point acts like the stone in our energy pool and experience keep getting repeated in our lives around the feeling we focus upon.

The third law is the LAW OF ATTRACTION
The Law of attraction says that we attract energies of like frequencies. That means that we attract experiences which match in frequency with the feelings we focus upon internally.

All these three laws point to the same phenomenon:
HAPPINESS IS AN INTERNAL VIBRATION, not an outcome of external circumstances. We do not need to reach out to catch our nose. The nose can be caught straight, by focusing on our internal vibration.

The only way to manifest happiness in our life is to focus on feeling happy in the present.
Happiness is a relative term. Different people require different experiences to feel happy. Some people feel happy by painting. some by giving love, some by writing, some by meditating , some by shopping or indulging in material pleasures.

In all these activities, the internal feeling we need to realize is HAPPINESS in the body, mind and a soul. We need to focus on feeling happy while doing any activity on Earth.

If we indulge in activities for external rewards without focusing on feeling happy within, we will not multiply happiness in our lives as feelings repeat themselves, by law.

We earn rewards or make money to feel happy but the rewards or money earned fail to male us happy as that is an indirect approach to happiness. If w e internally focuses on stress, competition or negativity while earning the money or the rewards, we would multiply the stress and negativity in our lives overtime.
We would create that which we focus upon internally. If we define happiness in terms of stress and negativity because it helps us earn money, then we fool our own selves.

Happiness is energy of positive frequency. Happiness can come in only when we feel aligned with our own soul, when our soul consciousness spreads positively.

By feeling negative, we crate MINUS in our soul’s expansion as negative is only an absence of positive. The more negative we feel, the more deprived we feel in spite of rewards or money earned outside.

So, to be happy, we need to focus on achieving our desires in a way which makes us fee; happy and a peace, as the most important consideration. We have to teach our kids to be happy than focus on exam results because it is the feelings which will multiply.

We need to train our minds to focus on happiness to get happiness in our lives.

As is explained in much detail in my book CREATION OF HAPPINESS: THE ENEGY WAR, a soul’s perspective

We pursue success hoping it would give us happiness but in this pursuit of success, very often, we miss out on that particular feeling which, if pursued, can lead to happiness. We find success, money , power but not the happiness, which we sought in the first place — and yet, we keep pursuing that which we don’t really need, hoping it would someday lead us to what we really need. But very often, the purpose of life remains unfinished till the end.

The mirage – illusion of the oasis

Since centuries, human beings have been trying to find a route to happiness by methods which are externally focused. We have been seeking to succeed in the external world, hoping we would find happiness with our efforts but usually, we get disillusioned because our vision of happiness turns out to be a mirage.
A mirage in a desert is an illusory picture of water. It gives travelers in the desert an indication that an oasis is nearby.

Similarly, our success gives us hope that happiness is nearby but in life, we keep finding mirages, not real water. The oasis of happiness seems to move further away in spite of passing one exam after another to meet the demands of traditional success. But, following success or power or fame does not automatically lead to happiness.

As a human race, we have focused on technologically developing the tools of happiness, but we have not yet found how to develop happiness, per se. It is as if we are desperately trying to catch our nose from behind the head when it can be caught easily from the front.
From our soul’s perspective, we are taking unnecessarily challenging roads to happiness by seeking external success, money and power while grossly ignoring our soul needs of evolution.

Yet, empirical evidence proves that these traditional routes to success have failed in leading us into a happy world.
In spite of the technological kingdoms that our industrialists have created, we face the same jealousies, fears, betrayals and traumas as people did thousands of years back, for example, when Cleopatra was alive.
Kingdoms have largely been replaced by democracies and battlefields by boardrooms but the manipulative power games continue.
We seek to be successful managers, teachers or doctors without caring about whether the paths of success we pursue help us feel more content or compromised, within ourselves, as souls!
In the rat race to succeed, happiness is usually left far behind as we choose to be like rats running after cheese than peace, forgetting that we have evolved above being just animals.

As long as we stay limited to thinking that buying external objects of comfort and security would ensure our happiness, we would somewhere fail to evolve above our animal ancestors who were purely focused on the external gratification of their bodily needs.

Due to the empirical evidence available, we can’t blindly follow the methods of pursuing happiness which have been founded by our ancestors because our history does not prove that humanity has led an emotionally successful existence. Instead of finding peace, health or happiness, with our comfort levels rising on the physical plane; our levels of stress, tension, loneliness, diseases and depressions have risen over the centuries.


Thursday, 29 May 2014


                     The choice is never to compromise, it is to let go
the learning is detachment , freedom from craving which may not satisfy
as long as there is desire, some karmic learning is incomplete
the cxhoice is never to suffer, sufferring is only a challenge which indicates a need to rise
it is to rise above the suffering in  a way which helps the soul ascend to a higher command of soul frequency

The concept of choice appears like an illusion
Because most people live under the illusion that there is no choice
However, the moment we decide to choose, life brightens
When we choose to be positive, we let go of negative people or houses than live for hearsay

 From the perspective of the soul, whenever there is a desire there is an opportunity for creation. We evolve to higher positive frequencies by creating what we desire. Hence as souls, our choice is not about whether or not to pursue a desire but how to pursue it.

            To turn or transform any desired feeling into a physical, tangible reality, we have to make ourselves believe that the feeling we desire can be manifested as only belief can lead to positive manifestation of the desire.
            Doubt or fear of a negative outcome cannot help us evolve, as it would mobilize our energies towards the desire not coming true. Our negative expectation would negate the positive manifestation of our desire. Hence, we need to indulge in thoughts and actions which would make us concretely expect that the desired feeling can manifest practically.

                       To manifest happiness, it is important to be aware that the power of choosing where to focus lies within us. Though feelings repeat themselves in cycles, we can always break a pattern of repetition, which involves negative feelings by deliberately choosing to change our point of focus.
            We can create a new happy life for ourselves by manipulating our mind to change its dominant focus of feelings. The external reality moulds itself depending on what we choose to focus upon.

            Explaining metaphorically, energy moves in circular motions but there is always a centre to every circle. In a calm pool of water, ripples start getting created when we throw a stone in the water. Displacement causes energy movement in a circular motion around the stone.
            If we throw stones on the same spot, ripples would get created in the same direction. But if we start throwing stones in a different direction, ripples would start getting created in that direction.
             Due to our change of focus, the earlier pattern gets erased and a new one gets established. Similarly, we mobilize energies for creation, by focusing in a specific direction of thought repeatedly and creating ripples of energy in that direction.
            When we change our point of focus, the earlier pattern of our life starts getting erased and energy starts moving in a new direction.
            Choosing a focus on happiness is a choice which always exists with us, as souls. However, we may not exercise it as using that choice may mean letting go of all those beliefs which make us choose to be unhappy.

             For example, we may desire that our child gets admitted in a particular school because we think it would be good for his future. But the child fails to get admission. At that point, disappointment would come in but we can mould it into happiness by accepting that maybe the school we chose was not the best for our child.
            By choosing to consistently focus on the feeling that he gets good education irrespective of which school he goes to, we would make different efforts for his bright future.
            In fact, instead of putting all the responsibility on the school, we may take more interest in helping him learn and thus, contribute more quality time to his life. Our involvement in his education may help him more than putting him in a good, reputed school in the long run.
            That is because reputation is determined by conventional performance whereas soul evolution of the child may require, that he grows up with more liberal values which help him achieve happiness and not just success in traditional terms. In fact, the child’s life plan may entail teaching the parents a different outlook towards education, success or happiness.

            Through a consistent focus on feeling good within, irrespective of what happens outside, we would ensure that our beliefs change such that the desired feeling comes true and our child gets well educated for a truly happy future.
            From our soul’s perspective, while making a choice on which feeling or energy to focus upon, it is necessary to accept that we need to aim for soul satisfaction rather than external gratification.

Monday, 26 May 2014


TO LOVE AND BE HAPPY is the aim of life
All ambitions aim at satisfying our love and happiness needs
the energies of Go are love and happiness
we are born as souls to evolve and become one with God
Rising to God consciousness means learning to love all
love does not mean sexual love which creates wholeness with soulmate
God has one consort in Hinduism symbolizing oneness
to love all  means helping others find happiness in life other than sex
To let others feel justice and faith exist and be grateful to God for satisfying needs

We are souls in human bodies. The human body is like a box we are in which helps us connect to the
Physical dimension.

As souls, we are electric beings. We are part of an electric life force called the CREATOR. The Creator or GOD is a live consciousness and operates like a super computer.
We enter the electromagnetic field to enter Earth. The magnetism binds us to Earth. Spirits are free bodies which become bound in the electro-magnetic field of the body to stay on Earth.

Souls incarnate on Earth to experience physical life which is accessed through the sense organs. By itself, the soul cannot touch, see, hear, taste or smell. It can only feel.
Feelings are created when we touch, see, hear, taste or smell through the body. The soul experiences life only through feeling it.

If feelings are not created during an experience, the soul does not register the experience as reality. Only the feelings a person focuses on are experienced by the soul. The outside even does not matter. For example, if a person travels in a BMW car but feels sad inside, the soul records the experience as sad.

The aim of life is to feel happy, as a soul which happens when positive feelings are generated. Again, this aim is scientific as positive electric impulses are created when the soul feels happy. Positive electric impulses increase the electric power of the soul. So, when the soul generates positive feelings, the electric power of God rises.
Negative feelings create negative electric impulses. Negative electric impulses mean absence of positive electric impulses. Negativity is unreal for the soul. The soul is a positive electric life force and can only register the [positive feelings. Where there is negativity, the soul only registers absence of positivity.
Therefore, when we are sad or unhappy, the soul does not register us as alive. We feel dead, depressed and sick. Only happiness is relevant as being alive for the soul.

The more we can create the life as we desire it to be happy from within, the more our power rises as a soul. To stay happy, we have to sacrifice priorities which please the world where we have to compromise, adjust or work to make others happy. We have to sacrifice money and power where it leads us to stay away from our true being. We can be happy only when we radiate out our own light, values, beliefs and where we align with God’s thinking more than human thinking.
If we cannot think like God, we cannot be truly happy because happiness is energy of positive frequency. God is the most positive life force, and the more positive we feel, the closer we move to God’s thinking. The process of evolution is scientific. Happiness is a scientific choice to treat everything except the inner feelings as illusions. If we ignore the outside reality , and stay happy within us , we slowly increase our soul power to positive.
The outside reality is a reflection of the soul’s inner feelings . The more peaceful the soul feels inside, the more peaceful its surroundings become. The world is a matrix of thoughts of several souls and the more powerful thoughts rule over the less powerful thoughts .
A very powerful soul cannot continue to live on Earth in a human form as its soul frequency rises beyond that which can be held on the physical dimension. Hence, powerful souls receive enlightenment and get salvation.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014


When a soul incarnates on Earth, it is like coming in a maze of forms and colours. Earth is like a school where each soul learns through playing games. When there are setbacks, it is like points lost in a game and when there are rewards, the soul wins the challenges and moves on to a higher level.

The more advanced souls face more challenges than the less advanced souls.
The more challenges are overcome, the greater is the degree by which the soul radiates positive light.
The soul is a being of light. Its success is in shining bright. The more the soul can be bright within its energy field, the more advanced it is considered in the dimensions of GOD.

Earth is a planet where the soul experiences negativity intensely . It is also considered a short cut to learning as the negativity which can be experienced through being on Earth cannot be experienced by staying in heaven and hence it’s a quicker route to success for the soul. For example, if there are two ways to reach a destination --- one is a jungle and the other is a clean, long route .. Then Earth is the jungle .

Souls come here for reaching a higher level of evolution quickly . However, several souls get lost in the jungle and never reach the destination.
The challenge if soul evolution is to stay positive and have faith in God however difficult life may become. The soul is energy and connects to God through energy wires in the auric field.

Faith in God keeps the connection with God intact and the soul remains on track as if guided by torchlight on top . However , if the soul becomes too engrossed in fighting for survival in the jungle , it loses it faith in God.

If the soul loses faith and becomes cardinal in instinct , its consciousness devolves and it becomes a part of the jungle consciousness. It can  no longer connect to the higher realms or reach its soul mission.
To stay connected to god, it is necessary to remain detached on Earth . The more we stay detached from the life of the jungle, the more we stay tuned in to God’s frequencies.
The jungle life allures the soul with magnetic pulls. However, the more we seek entertainment as an escape from difficulties, the more we lose track of the soul mission.

To stay calm through difficulties, we have to learn to stay thoughtless so that our energy disconnects from the Earth’s maze and connects to God’s positive frequencies. Staying thoughtless appears boring to most people and it literally involves a controlling of energy currents in the body , as strong as unruly, mad sea waves.

All activities which appear boring and involve patience like exercising , deep breathing , floating on water , spending evenings in meditation or learning new skills like dancing , music , painting helps us learn detachment from easy ways to fun like eating in hotels, spending on films, cricket, shopping  or in liquor bars. Detachment helps us connect to realms of heaven while festivities make us more involved in Earth.

 We cannot get released from the Earth plane unless we lose interest in being on Earth, by choice. The soul is energy and energy cannot be forced to detach. It would keep returning on Earth till there are desires left to conquer but if the soul , by choice, freely and happily rises above  desires for physical , it will not be pulled back onto Earth and would rise to higher realms of creation .. Where the roads are cleaner and life is easier for the soul.

Desires need to be satisfied than ignored so that there is no craving left in the soul . The soul has to understand which desire satisfies it and which only pulls from the surface but fails to satisfy. The advanced souls would need only love to stay satisfied and would take the energy love with them as they rise to heaven.

Exercises, dancing , music , reading , or meditation all helps to open energy circuits in the body which helps the soul connect to God and its mission of incarnation. Staying thoughtless and completely in silence is the toughest lesson of detachment and requires the maximum mind control.
However, unless we learn detachment and silencing the mind, we cannot get out of the jungle called Earth . We keep getting reborn till we learn to stay in silence for hours and detach from all activities on Earth like saints do. However, detachment does not mean not loving a soul mate.

Love is the vibration of God . God radiates love and we cannot reach God unless we can receive and radiate love. Detachment means staying in love, meeting family responsibilities, loving with a pure heart, staying passionate in life and non negative about difficulties.

The less we seek entertainment and the more we are content with being with our loved ones, with our own soul and in the light of our spirit, the less we fight with other animals of the jungle. The more positive our mind remains , the sooner we achieve happiness, peace and understanding necessary to cross this level of evolution.

The money and success pursued on Earth only serve us in the jungle . Burt the energies of happiness, peace, good health, passion and enlightenment we create while crossing over remain with us as souls and are carried over to the next realm .

The brighter, content, whole, calm and loved we feel at the moment of death, the more we evolve towards heaven .

To end the cycles of life, there should be no desire left incomplete at the moment of death. Death needs to be such that we feel peaceful and content, while feeling detached with life and its interests, worries and problems, and there remains no reason to come back. Victory for the soul is when it can completely disconnect from life on Earth and reach God feeling happy that is accomplished its mission of raising its light to a higher and brighter frequency.

Monday, 19 May 2014


Souls from higher dimensions of existence have different priorities
while a low dimensional scale may judge himself from another's perspective,
if you judge a saint by the number of cars he owns,
he will release u from his life as if u never strayed,
a person's riches is in the happiness he spreads, the peace she radiates, 
its not the words, its the peace in soul energy which reflects outside of being
a high dimensional soul will feel successful only from within, in alignment with  God's soul's perspective

Human beings evolved from monkeys . Hence , most human learning was developed around imitation. The following example shows how using largely imitation to teach can suppress initiative, originality, creativity, life skills learning and soul achievement ability.

Each soul has a unique purpose to be born. If one fails ina task, it diodes not mean that another would fail as well. The more we try to be traditionally conventional, the more we allow our minds to become lazy and non evolving.

Like monkeys, human beings still have a habit to allow rules to rule their lives. For example, as children we are taught to eat well but as a result we may become fat and be unable to lose weight because of this habit.

The following example shows how we need to keep throwing away earlier traditions and rules which no longer serve us. The more we cross check our rule following behaviours, the more we would be able to reach out to our dreams if happiness. Being successful is also a rule which is redundant if the success followed does not lead to happiness . Choices in life need to be continuously redefined and traditions broken by cross checking on whether the choices are leading us towards peace or away from it.

This is based on a real experiment conducted in U.K :

Put eight monkeys in a room. In the middle of the room is a ladder, leading to a bunch of bananas hanging from a hook on the ceiling.
Each time a monkey tries to climb the ladder, all the monkeys are sprayed with ice water, which makes them miserable. Soon enough, whenever a monkey attempts to climb the ladder, all of the other monkeys, not wanting to be sprayed, set upon him and beat him up. Soon, none of the eight monkeys ever attempts to climb the ladder.
One of the original monkeys is then removed, and a new monkey is put in the room. Seeing the bananas and the ladder, he wonders why none of the other monkeys are doing the obvious. But undaunted, he immediately begins to climb the ladder.
All the other monkeys fall upon him and beat him silly. He has no idea why.
However, he no longer attempts to climb the ladder.
A second original monkey is removed and replaced. The newcomer again attempts to climb the ladder, but all the other monkeys hammer the crap out of him.
This includes the previous new monkey, who, grateful that he's not on the receiving end this time, participates in the beating because all the other monkeys are doing it. However, he has no idea why he's attacking the new monkey.
One by one, all the original monkeys are replaced. Eight new monkeys are now in the room. None of them have ever been sprayed by ice water. None of them attempt to climb the ladder. All of them will enthusiastically beat up any new monkey who tries, without having any idea why.
And that is how most traditions get established and followed.

Friday, 16 May 2014


Usually, most acts using violence constitute negative karma. However, all acts using violence cannot qualify as negative karma because it is the intention/cause behind the act which determines whether negative karma is generated or not. For example, killing another soul to prove one’s power would create negative karma, but killing another soul in self-defense or to prevent further creation of negative energy would not.
Violence is only a tool for reinforcing an idea. It is the idea which would create karma for the soul. Positively intended violence can even lead towards creation of positive energy, and hence, create positive karma for the soul.
Our soul does not feel physical hurts. It only perceives the energy of the hurt viz. the emotional pain accompanying the violence. Usually, the emotional trauma accompanying violence is more intense than with verbal abuse. But, if verbal abuse is scheming, it can hurt as much as violent acts. Hence, emotional abuse can create as much negative karma as physical abuse.

Killing people under law as a soldier or as a criminal are counted the same way karmically. If the violence is unjust , it is counted as negative karma even if it is legally authorized by a tyrannical ruler .The ruler and those implementing the law have to pay over life time through their own suffering m health problems and loneliness for the pain they cause others in search for power.

·         How is Karmic debt calculated?

Karma accumulates over life-times. A person’s karma in the present life is determined by the average quality of energy he contributes by his thoughts, words or actions, in the universe, over a period of life-times.
 Metaphorically explaining, if we view one life as a video-game, then karma is the number of points we lose or win while playing the game. The points of the player or the karma of the soul add up as the soul moves from one life to the next, and get carried over to each new life.

Just as the player needs to overcome  the obstacles in the video-game and win positive points to reach the end of the game victorious, our soul has to make up for its lost karmic points or negative karma to move up on the scale of evolution.
Till the player gets positive points and neutralizes the negatives, it cannot win the game.
Likewise, we have to repay our karmic debt for achieving our destination/dreams of life, as planned as souls.
The negative points have to be neutralized by obtaining a higher number of positive karmic points .Positive karma helps the soul achieve a positive energy balance, necessary to find happiness.

For instance, if a soul has been a killer in one life and a saint in another, it is the overall balance of karma which would affect its stage of evolution at any one point.
In other words, the person’s karmic debt in his present life would equal the amount of negative energy he created in the life of the killer, minus the amount of positive energy he created in the life of the saint.
If the soul has incurred - minus10 points in the killer’s life and + plus 8 points in the saint’s life, his present karmic debt would be – minus 2. Till the karmic debt is not cleared, the negative energy would not transcend into positive. The soul would evolve to the next higher plane of the game or evolution, only when his karmic debt is cleared.

 In other words, obstacles would block the player’s progress in the present level of the game till the player is able to overcome them, and pass on to the next level of the game.

Since, karma is a measure of energy, for negative karma to be cleared, it is necessary to create neutral or positive energy in its place in our own life and in the lives of others. However, it is not necessary to heal the same number of souls as we may have harmed. It is only necessary to create the same quantum of positive energy as the quantum of negative energy we created, so as to neutralize the negative.

Hence, if the person carrying the karmic debt can make even one person very happy, it may balance his/her negative karma against several people.

 However, the reverse is equally true. A person can create huge amounts of negative karma by making one person severely unhappy, even if this person has been creating positive karma for several others.
As a religious verse says “If you heal one soul, you heal the whole mankind; and if you hurt one soul, you hurt the whole mankind “.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014


Violence and surgery are synonymous in terms of their impact on the soul. Both involve a shock element which breaks the auric field.

The physical body is only one element of the soul body. The soul body has seven layers and all of them encompass the auric field. There are three spiritual bodies, one mental/emotional body, one etheric body, one astral body and one physical body which together form the soul experience.
A spirit enters the soul’s body at the moment of birth and stays in the body as in a house. The aura is like a wall of the house. The spirit does not leave the house except in case of trauma or death.

A break in the auric fireld is perceived as a death by the mental/emotional body as it creates  sudden silencing of the emotional body. Spirits can leave and enter the body in moments of violence , shock, drug addiction, alcohol intake and surgery as all these activities cause a slowing down of the self defence mechanism.

If the soul undergoes severe trauma , it leaves the body, partially and another spirit enters . The person feels different after the trauma is over and may have different preferences in food and relationships. It may no longer love the same people, may have a different agenda in life and may also become more spiritual .
During violence also, the soul experiences shock, an enforced silencing of the mind and trauma . The soul may partially  leave the body during violence as its positive frequency may subside due to externally enforced negativity. In that case also, the emotional body collapses and may take years to resurrect itself.

Violence needs to be used as a last resort just as surgery is used as a last resort because both leave negative side effects and take a long time to heal . Just as the physical body takes a long time to heal after surgery, the emotional body and spiritual bodies take long to realign after episodes of violence , and the person continues to feel imbalanced till the soul's seven bodies become whole again, which may take lifetimes.

Karmically, the act of violence negatively affects the abuser as much as the abused because the energy radiated out circulates back. So, the abuser feels emotionally as helpless or frustrated as the victim does though in different circumstances. Also, the abuser has to recreate positivity in the soul of the victim to repay his karma and feel better himself. Till the abuser changes his bullying temperament, his own life remains incomplete, unhappy and subjugated.

Violence does not help to change any thought process. It only makes people obey under pressure but the souls go back to their earlier ways as soon as the pressure is removed. That is because the soul is an energy and energy cannot be held or changed by force. The souls learn and change only when the teacher or leader uses reasoning and positive reinforcement techniques.

Long term learning and cleansing of negative thinking requires a training in educational methods which do not use violence as punishment , where teachers or leaders are willing to learn and evolve a. If one method of teaching does not help in creating positive results, usually, the teaching methods have to be reviewed and changed by  moving backwards till the desired stages of learning are accomplished in a peacefully motivated atmosphere. Freedom of thinking with guidance towards staying positive is necessary for goodness to rise from within the soul.

Monday, 5 May 2014


The need to cheat another arises only when there is pressure to perform. If we are forced to perform in ways which make us feel uncomfortable, we cheat to escape pressure. Metaphorically, cheating is the same as a gas engine leaking because its venting vault is blocked.

The person uses inappropriate measures to escape from responsibility because he isn’t aware of better methods which can help him handle internal pressure. Usually, when there is a need to cheat, there is a bully around somewhere who is making you work in a way which is against your soul desires. We start behaving negatively in order to please a negative social structure thus betraying our soul needs.

However, a karmic cycle ensues from cheating and those who betray inevitably feel betrayed by the same person or others. The same energy which radiates out gets reflected back and the person suffers the trauma he gives another.

People on Earth are not equal in terms of the money they earn or the luxuries they display but they are largely equal in terms if the sufferings they bear. Less advanced souls, be they rich or poor, always suffer more than more advanced souls because their reactions are more inappropriate given a problem situation. The lesser people use their spiritual wisdom, the more they get caught in vicious cycles of negative karma.

For example, if a man cheats his wife and does not tell her, he thinks he is smart or he feels relief that he escaped pressure by lying. However, the need to lie arises because of a fear of not being understood and if there is no understanding in the relationship, there is negativity .

 If truth can break a negative bond, it is better to destroy the structure than prolong staying in mental trauma. overtime, lying leads to creation of negative hormones in the body as dark areas in soul aura prevent light from passing through fully. The person falls sick ads he lies to himself that everything is okay when in reality, his balance is lopsided. The soul rebels and radiates negative light which multiplies problems in life. Cheating in a  marriage is the most common example of self betrayal as you try to tell yourself that you can cope up with a  bad marriage, whereas you feel exhausted and collapsing inside as a soul.

 A person who escapes by having sex outside without emotional ties involved,  and tries to get emotional solace from another partner always feels miserable inside because he does not get complete understanding anywhere. He feels that he is compromising everywhere in life and slowly starts feeling like a robot , performing for others.

 The wife or husband who gets cheated , also feels negative. The  lover’s body language remains distant and s/he feels suffocated being with a man who does not desire her body but uses her help for emotional solace or public display. Health problems develop as there is no regular release of sexual  hormones. The situation is defeatist for both  partners.. Betraying trust and  lying does not solve any problem but increases the distance . The bond stretches instead of mending or breaking .

A husband who is cheated feels used money wise and walked over like a doormat. The   wife for whom he sacrifices his freedom and lies to his girlfriends , feels suffocated in the marriage. She wants to break free of the jail she lives by being in his house. There are constant fights between the couple as both feel compromised and abused by each other.

If the person needs to cheat, he can be open about it to his spouse. If the wife does not love him or need him for her sexual needs, she would accept his cheating . If the wife needs the man and he no longer needs her, it is better to break the relationship than continue as the partners can then move on to being freer of a  negative structure  . Cheating and treating intelligent human beings like animals or foolish people brings negativity in life.

As in marriage , every long term relationship works on trust. Advanced souls work at high speed of thought because there is no danger of betrayal. Betrayal prevents moving on as it blocks the smooth flow of love , understanding or evolution. Breaking trust is like throwing a stone in heart which harms health like a poisonous acid over lifetimes. People cheat each other in karmic cycles of revenge till one decides to stop the cycle by moving away from the other for good.
Cheating in marriage indicates that the marriage is not working and a  divorce is needed. Detachment is better than staying negative just as meditation is better than smoking to escape stress.

Similarly, in every relationship of life, betraying trust to escape pressure is not a  solution. Lying doesn’t heal the soul as communication happens more through body language . Abusive people become worse if you lie to them to escape abuse. Simple people feel hurt if you lie to them to save their pain. Usually, the person who cheats gets betrayed by unexpected people and feels sick health-wise because the negative energy just circulates back randomly.
Talking silently by using telepathy can also be used to confess if the reaction is to be minimized but communicating mistakes is wiser than making another person feel like a fool to trust you. A person who feels humiliated will reflect back  disrespect subconsciously .