Friday, 28 February 2014


There are several ways of controlling anger
anger needs to be controlled first internally than focus on another
if we do not let the other affect us at our internal levels
we will not be led to expressing discontent in the external chaotic situation

Using Self Hypnosis to programme alternate responses instead of being angry

Anger comes from our subconscious mind. It is an automatic response. Even if we chose not to react externally, we often cannot help feeling furious internally. The internal focus on feeling negative is harmful.

Therefore, we need to choose to feel internally immune to anger. For this, we can use self-hypnosis. Self hypnosis can be achieved by developing a mild state of trance through a series of self reflective steps. Self hypnosis is a state of extended thoughtlessness. It has a calming effect on the body and helps to release positive hormones. The only difference between the two states is that in self hypnosis, we move from one thought to another in the domain we are addressing whereas in the pure thoughtless state, we just stay in a single position of the mind.
Hypnotism is a technique used to calm our argumentative mind so that we are don’t talk negatively to ourselves. By shutting off the internal chatter of the conscious mind, we can access our internal, subconscious mind. Hypnosis is not the same as mesmerism. It is only a meditative state where we are focused on a singular mind analysis. It is essentially a technique of communicating with our life force soul energy by silencing the external reality.
The idea of accessing the subconscious mind through self hypnosis, is to get an internal response which is non-negative, in the same situation which created anger earlier.
The following steps help to develop the hypnotic/ prolonged state of silence in the mind. Practice them as you read them.

The Process of getting into self hypnosis

1.      Sit in a chair in an upright position, spine straight but
relaxed, feet flat on floor.
2.      Keep both hands open, fingers spread out. Place hands
on thighs.

3.      Relax your facial muscles and your shoulders.
4.     Feel balanced in your body posture. Be comfortable and in control. Feel safe.
5.      Now, keep your chin parallel to the ground.
6.     While keeping your chin parallel to the ground, bring your eyes down and begin to watch both your hands, simultaneously.
7.     Keep on watching both hands for some time, maintain ing focus on both hands at the same time.
8.     Also, be aware of your incoming breath and outgoing breath.
9.      In case your eyes feel tired, you can close your eyes
while maintaining awareness of the two points and your breathing.
In case you lose focus, bring it back as soon as you are aware you have lost focus. Be in this state for a few seconds. Feel your head relaxing and the body very calm. This is a state of feeling relaxed.
10.   To move into self hypnosis, go into a state of lesser self negotiations. Counting backwards help to shun the thinking process and open the subconscious mind Start counting backwards from 25-1. At 1, you are in
a deep level of your subconscious mind. Take a deep breath, exhale and say Relax to yourself. You will be in a relaxed state of mind now.
11.   Be in this state for a few minutes
12.   Developing alternate responses subconsciously


To be able to behave in a restrained manner, automatically, in a negative situation which usually causes us anger, it helps to practice reliving the same scenario in our imagination, when we are calm. This rescripting will work as a command to the subconscious mind and we will find ourselves more indifferent, when the negative energy attacks to make us lose our balance. Practice the imagination of being in that negative situation

which causes you anger, and visualize yourself being calm within, while in that situation. Do this mental exercise when you are free and outside that situation. Create the same encounter in your mind and remain immune to its negativity, as if the negativity does not affect you anymore. Do not give that person the credit of listening to, agreeing or rejecting his suggestions. Just ignore the whole scenario as if you think it is too irrelevant to even bother to think about.

Practice being in control a few times and you would find that   your   subconscious   reactions   automaticall change. In your mind, imagine you are immune, thoughtless and oblivious to the external situation for as long as possible. Then, if you do need to react, choose to react, using the least extreme emotion, which will be possible now that you have developed more immunity to the external attack of negativity. Repeat this acting out in your mind, several times. SMILE at the end and release positive hormones in your body by feeling the calmness spreading in. As your internal balance changes, you will stop attracting as much negativity from outside.
Being calm in imagination through an externally provoking situation would raise your soul’s power to be above negative dimensions. The artificially created calmness in imagination will help your mind recreate the same calm reaction, when you actually face the situation in reality. The forced choice to be immune will help you gain mind control, and prevent your senses to get overtaken by the anger emotion, without you having any control over them.


Start practising mind control by being thoughtless, as that would help you break the negative energy circuit. After you gain control in being thoughtless, you will be able to subsequently, switch your mind to focus on the positive, within a few minutes.
The idea is to shift focus from staying worked up, to staying at peace within by forcing imagination focused on calmness.

Use your energies to direct your mind to respond, internally and externally, in a way in which you desire (You respond internally, by the way you feel; and externally, by the way you behave).
In  the  imaginative  film  you  create,  feel  detached  to  the anger. Feel that you can be free internally, irrespective of the comments other people pass on you and feel clear in response. Do not let the negativity infect you and worsen your balance.

Without  conscious  awareness  of  your  focus,  you  may be reliving that  angry  situation in your mind, all the time by feeling negative. Now, instead of reliving that negative situation  again  and  again,  and  feeling  stressed because  of that, stay thoughtless, detached and at peace in a virtual or imagined reality. Your feelings of peace would create positive hormones in your body and in actual reality; you would be able to exercise being thoughtless at will.


In  this  calm  state,  visualize  yourself  as  powerful  as  you can. Feel that you are successful and appreciated by people who love you. With this positive feeling, enter a situation which makes you angry, with innate confidence. Accept first impressions coming to your mind. How are you taking in the negative words? Are they affecting you as much if your self worth is already proven? Can you be more immune to the sarcasm? See the person opposite you who is screaming? Do you think he can understand your perspective? Does he have the intelligence which he portrays he has? Has he exhibited intelligence in behaviour or does he only speak caring words without following them up with action? Is the person reliable or do you repeatedly feel more betrayed than supported? What should you do to feel happy in that situation when you are with someone who is thinking very differently from you? Can you turn a deaf ear and walk away or do you need to confront?
If you walk away, SMILE inside as you walk away. Then, take a deep breath. Feel energies of calm in your stomach. Go to step 13 and wake yourself up.


If you choose to confront, try the following method to minimize negativity.
With mental immunity and a feeling of inner power, relive the situation mentally to create a new script subconsciously for the next encounter. While reliving the defiance in your mind, feel yourself choose a milder reaction which causes minimum stress in you and yet, gets you close to the desired results. If you go into the situation by focusing on the persons energies than on his dominating exterior, you would find that you are internally feeling less attacked. You entered the situation feeling powerful. Hence, the other persons negativity does not infect you as much, as your own mental health is strong. Use the minimum words to make an impact. If that person can understand your perspective, feel him nodding YES. If that person is arguing back, do not fuel the argument as that person is not displaying understanding. Your effort would go waste even if you scream back. Instead, raise your power as a soul and walk away.


If you feel hurt by his non understanding, you may also need to use the MIRROR IMAGE TECHNIQUE given previously. Imagine there is a mirror in you which reflects back his negativity. That way you would not get infected by his negative energies.
The remarks would hurt in memory as well. Therefore, whenever you recall the situation, always place an imagined mirror between you and the other person. Mentally, grow yourself double his size. Speak your mind out in your imagination as that would be less stressful than hoarding suppressed feelings or confronting directly.
Then, cut ENERGY CORDS with the person before leaving the situation. Mentally, release his soul fragment from you and send his negative energy back to him. Feel immune to his presence and feel yourself as strong and positive as you were before entering the event.

If you still feel upset, in your mind, that means that in reality also you would feel upset. So, after confronting, mentally, scream AAAH in that instant, a few times to release any anger you still hold at being non-understood. Throw out his negative energy of anger as a ball of fire going back to him. You may see him taking back his energy and see it dissolve into light, in his own aura. You may also place a mirror inside him, so that he attracts back his own energy and learns his lessons.

Go to Step 13 and wake up.

Waking up from Self Hypnosis

After a few minutes, take a deep breath. Slowly bring yourself back into conscious awareness.
Tell yourself: When I count up from 1-5, At 5. I will open my eyes. When I open my eyes, I will feel calm, grounded, refreshed and relaxed. Let all this be integrated in my subconscious mind and accepted as a part of my personality. Breathe in the suggestion as an energy intake of white light.
Now, count up from 1-5. At 5, Eyes Open, wide awake.
Once you wake up, smile and take a deep breath. Congratulate yourself that you succeeded in responding positively towards a tormenting situation, in your imagination. The idea will go into your subconscious and your responses will shift, when the situation actually occurs in reality. Initially, you may take time to endorse the feeling of calm in your body but as you keep practising this technique of going into self-hypnosis and seeing yourself calm, your response would automatically become calmer.
You will feel less hurt and more powerful. Also, keep touching your third eye often and feeling the calm state for a few seconds. That would further reinforce the feeling of calm that you achieved under self hypnosis, in your body.

Self hypnosis can be practiced once a week till you start feeling calmer automatically.

The feeling of power which we create in ourselves during self hypnosis helps to fill an inner craving for positive life force; which evolves our soul frequency. Overtime, if we keep getting in the imagined feeling of power and self respect, our life situation improves as our circumstances change to create that kind of power in our personality.

The same self regulating visualizations as given above are very effective if done early morning, in a drowsy state because a drowsy state is a natural state of self hypnosis. Since, energies multiply with our internal focus, the more positive we feel, the more powerful, healthy and happy we become externally.