Friday, 31 October 2014


Metaphors impact human minds. People associate feelings with symbols.

An Indian note  with Mahatma Gandhi’s symbol symbolizes truth and poverty, not truth and prosperity because the image of Gandhi represents the poor, common man. Our currency symbolizes poverty consciousness; we represent a poor country to the world and our currency reinforces the image.

A picture of God Ram or Goddess Lakshmi are symbols of truth with prosperity but Gandhiji symbolizes tribal , ethnic India which was poor.

Countries which are rich have symbols which represent prosperity on their currency notes because  to represent and be rich, we need abundance consciousness symbols.

The image of Mahatma Gandhi as the poor , common man was created for political reasons when we needed freedom from the rich Britishers by showing how they are exploiting our wealth and becoming rich themselves. However, because of the continuance of this image, India still represents a poor, traditional country
Since Gandhi also represented truth, there was an association of poverty with truth which he created  subconsciously. People started believing that if you are truthful, you would be poor and hence , started lying to be rich. People became rich but unhappy by rejecting  inner truth  in their everyday lives. Soul needs were sacrificed to be rich thieves, smiling to impress others than feeling good within. Lakshmi became Alakshmi
Goddess Lakshmi, bejeweled and smiling, represents happiness and prosperity. Money comes when we feel abundance . It is useless having money when our focus is on troubles, emptiness and play . People misuse money on shopping and picnics than investing it to improve quality of life for the masses.

 In India, there is hardly any growth of intellect because there is hardly any investment on emotional management or spiritual awareness.Pathetic are lifestyles of rich where forty year olds behave like sixteen year old's as if retardation is trendy. Going to discos , bars. partying and taking drugs is considered necessary to have fun whether you are twenty or fifty. There is no increase in sensibility which is accredited . Life remains the same for the rich be they young or old on the exterior front because their only attempt is to prove that they have only money , and no thinking consciousness.Boredom sets in because of an inability to think but they blame it on lack of recreation  faculties in India than on their own mentally retarded faculties which refuses to grow meaningfully. Meaningless living is encouraged accompanying an inability to innovate bliss.

Mass consciousness is influenced by symbols used in daily tasks. Neo rich thrive because the masses feel poor . The poor become poorer because we represent ourselves as a poor nation. If our currency notes symbolize poverty in our hearts, we feel poor even when we are not; and we spend money in a way that the poverty consciousness remains. We feel shortage of money inspite of avenues to richness because there is scarcity consciousness than abundance consciousness..

We have to be careful about using metaphors if we want to become a wealthy nation.
The symbol of Gandhi on Indian notes symbolizes Indian money is that of the poor man.

The Law of Repetition acts in the universe. We become what others think of us simply because thoughts multiply. The more other people think of us as poor country, the more we are unable to rise above poverty consciousness as a nation. Negative thinking pulls us down as being pulled into a swamp of mud or a whirlpool of negative current which drowns us. When we are constantly reinforced as a poor nation, we grow poor by negative intention accompanying action;  even when money multiples. Inflation rises as deprivation rules subconscious minds.
People constantly keep starving for money even when incomes rose because they continue being poverty conscious than feeling wealthy.


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