Monday, 31 March 2014


Chakras are the energy centres of the body
they are like funnels connecting the filament to the source 
each colour represents a different type of energy
the amalgamation of all creates a healthy , bright body

We cannot define light unless we know darkness...We cannot respect good health unless we know illness. ... Similarly  to find happiness, we usually need to experience unhappiness.

Happiness is unique to each individual. Though our society defines happiness in terms of money and success it has been found by experience that people who are rich ore successful are not necessarily happier than those who are not. Each set of circumstances brings its own set of problems and happiness is derived from attaining a balance between the negative and positive.

There can be no generalized definition of happiness. When we standardize happiness ,we start thinking like robots and become mechanical in approach. Souls come on earth to experience happiness but each has a unique definition of what constitutes happiness. For example, for one person the image of happiness may appear as realizing one’s talents while for another happiness may mean having a surfeit of consumer goods.

Happiness is a feeling of being positive given a

set of circumstances.

Happiness, love and peace are one of the higher vibrations of human existence and were not pursued by our animal ancestors. While animal thinking remained centred on the lower vibrations of experience like food clothing and shelter human beings evolved to deepen the experience of life by pursuing happiness.
Everything that human beings do is to achieve happiness.
The soul incarnates in a human body to convert negative energy into positive. The physical body is the channel or the vehicle of the soul in which its sits top move towards achieving its life purpose. The physical body can be compared to a funnel or a torch while the soul is the battery or the life force. The soul needs the physical body to radiate light.
It can also be called that the body is a car and the soul is the owner of the car . The  mind is called the driver of the car and a soul ,mind body integration is needed to achieve happiness.
The physical body is made around energy centres or chakras. When all the chakras are functioning optimally the soul is said to be moving towards a desired level of happiness .

There are seven main chakras in the body and each denotes a particular level of happiness. Happiness is attained when all that each chakra signifies is attained.

For example the root chakra is the base chakra . It is situated in the lowest tip of the spine and is red in colur. It signifies basic needs of security , food and shelter are met . If this chakra is well balanced the person has the happiness that s/he is secure and safe.

The second chakra or the sacral chakra  is the centre for sex and work related issues. It is sirtuated around the navel and is orange.If this chakra is activated it means that the person’s sexual and work life are well balanced. The person is happy with his sex life and his professional work performance.
The third chakras is the Solar plexus. It is the centre for power and respect. It is situated above the stomach and is yellow.  If the solar plexus is well balanced the person feels powerful and respected. S/he is happy in terms of having power and respect .

The fourth chakra is the heart chakra. It is green in colur and situated in the chest. It is the centre for love. If this chakra is well balanced the person can give and receive love easily. This person is happy as s/he feels loved and can emote love without fear of betrayal . If there is betrayal this chakra gets damaged and has to be healed for the person to be able to receive love again .

The fifth chakras is the throat chakra. It is blue and is the centre for communication. If this chakra is well balanced the person can speak his mind easily. This person feels good while talking and expressing himself. If the person is rebuked for talking freely this chakra gets damaged and has to be balanced again for communication to flow smoothly.

The sixth chakra is the Third eye chakra. It is indigo and is the centre for intuition creativity and imagination. If this chakra is well balanced  the person is aware of his/her life purpose and receives guidance from God and angels frequently. This person feels happy as he feels spiritually connected and his life appears meaningful as s/he pursues the path pouf the soul. If the person loses this balance he may become insane or mad  too rational or too psychic and may not achieve the required material/ spiritual balance needed to be happy.

The seventh chakra is the CROWN chakra. It is violet and is the chakra which connects us to our Higher Self and God. When the crown chakra is well balanced the person always feels connected to god and never feels alone in the world. S/he has the security That God is there to support . When this chakra is damaged the person feels dead and negative. He feels disconnected with God and his own life force and may even feel suicidal often.

Animals are centred around the lower three chakras . The higher chakras make the soul human from being animal like.

A human being centred around food, clothing, sex , work and power largely remains in animal consciousness whereas a human soul who realizes love, meaningful communication , a connection To one's innate soul sense and To God moves towards human consciousness and the spiritual  Till now Earth being a  planet of 2-3 dimension in the universe was centred with struggle for survival and power but it is now moving towards higher dimensions. In the New Age, Earth will move towards love and compassion . People centred around fear and competitive survival will no longer be able to survive as humans On Earth and will dioe in calamities or wars to be reborn as animals so as to evolve all over again.


Thus if we consider the balance of all the seven chakras  HAPPINESS can be defined as a combination of :

Tuesday, 25 March 2014


What is a crime from God’s perspective? God does not live by rules of Earth. It is often said that good people suffer while criminals get away with murder. Why does not God punish the bad guys?

A ‘SIN’ indicates A ‘SOUL IS NEGATIVE’. A sin or crime from God’s perspective is any thought which makes the person or those s/he impacts feel negative, hurt, diseased, helpless etc more than positive. Any thought or action which creates more negative feelings than good feelings, is  a sin be it legal or illegal in Earth terms.
Bad and good are defined by the energy radiating from an act in God’s world. God does not follow laws as made by the legal systems of Earth. A terrorist may be a criminal on Earth but he may be a person fighting for self defence from the perspective of the soul. Similarly, a dacoit may be murderer on Earth but he may be establishing justice for the poor like Robin Hood.
An assassin may be termed as a psychopath by the police force but God would judge him in the same way as an army soldier or police officer who kills for money. As long as work demands that the person kills another for his own survival, he is termed as a killer, in the law of divine justice, be it for law or against the law.

From God’s perspective, it is the feeling behind an act which decides whether it is positive or negative. KARMA is the measure of a soul’s service on Earth. KARMA is a measure of energy.
EMOTION is a term indicating ENERGY IN MOTION. IF the energy radiating from an act is negative, it is called negative karma and when the average energy cycle radiating from act is positive, it is called positive karma. Every act releases some positive energy and some negative energy. The quantum of positive energy created has to be greater than the quantum of negative energy for an act to benefit the soul. Energy is measured by how a person feels.
Feelings are scientifically created by electric impulses released in the body due to a hormonal discharge in the brain in response to external activity. If the happiness or positive power of people rises because of a mafia don’s rule, then it will be included in positive karma. If injustice and poverty rises because of a good king’s rule, it will be counted as negative karma of the king.
It does not matter what you do to contribute to the economy’s welfare. All that is counted is the impact your service has on your feelings and the feelings of all hose you impact. If your service can create genuine happiness, joy, peace or any positive vibration, the frequency and power of your own soul will rise in response to the act.
On the other hand, even if you do social service but the misery, trauma or disappointments of people rise, and negativity remains stagnant, then your activity will not yield any positive karma.
·         Does Social service help in clearing negative karma?

Creation of positive energy by focusing on positive feelings and actions, without harming others, is a sure method of clearing karma, and healing suffering. But, focusing on positive actions while feeling negative within may not lead to repayment of karma because the action, by itself, would not be counted at the soul’s level of existence. Only feelings matter to the soul’s energy cycle.
Being pre -dominantly positive within while taking actions only can help to repay karma. Joy, peace and happiness are positive energies and cannot come in our lives when we feel predominantly negative, irrespective of our external acts.

Thus, activities like social service and praying done for repayment of negative karma, would not always lead to creation of happiness in one’s life, if the focus of the person is more on negative thoughts than positive on an average.

Like, if we pray out of fear, then the prayer would multiply fear in our life not joy. Praying would connect us to God only when we do not feel negative. God is energy of high positive frequency and cannot reach our soul frequency if it is negative. Praying works when it helps us attain thoughtless states or positive states of mind.

According to Julie Soskin, author of ‘How psychic are you? ‘-- ‘The karmic laws of cause and effect act on you every second of your life... If possible, what we create in this life, it is better to heal in this life itself rather than carry it forward to another life. The more the dirt, the stickier it gets. ’

Monday, 24 March 2014


Sexual desire is not a crime
as long as the intention leads to sharing respect, responsibilty and commitment
any criminal act is that which is irresponsible
if responsibilty isnt the issue, stealing or theft would not be a crime either 

Sex IS A HUMAN PRIMARY NEED BUT IT IS ALSO THE ROAD TO SALVATION. In its base primal instincts, sex connects us to animals. But, in its highest expressions, sex leads to love, passion and oneness with the bliss of God.

Animal sex is irresponsible sex. Though the powerful animals like lions maintain a herd and one spouse, the lower animals have rampant sex and children. The monkeys and dogs have been known to eat their kids when threatened with survival.

GOD symbolizes responsibility. God takes care of all his children with utmost love and compassion. God also symbolizes happiness, bliss, abundance, heaven and peace.

When we have sex with responsibility, we take care of our children as God does. We have one spouse and we evolve as we sacrifice our individuality to maintain oneness in the family .As we become more powerful as souls, our sense of responsibility rises.

Irresponsible sex takes us to a lower frequency as that of lower animals where life is a struggle for survival. It makes us escape soul lessons as we find thrill in that moment of sex and choose to brood on unhappiness the rest of the day. Sex without true love is like smoking or drugs. It gives momentary satisfaction but leads to release of unhappy mood swings later. The hormonal high cools down and there is a release of negative hormones in the bloodstream which harms health as do smoking, alcohol or drug addiction.

Any high which is temporary cannot give permanent satisfaction. It is a transitory reward by the devil as it leads us away from feeling optimistic about life. People who have irresponsible sex usually compromise with every aspect of life as the lower animals do.  They may be rich or poor but their predominant focus of life is on survival, escaping and struggle.

On the other hand, people who have responsible sex and love their spouse deeply find fulfilment in relationships. They have companionship, and evolve together with understanding. They sacrifice with pleasure so that they can together rise to a higher level of bliss.  Commitment and responsibility take the souls closer to God’s thinking and hence, increase the power of the souls. People who have love and truth in their loves struggle less and have greater faith in God. Inner power rises when soul energy is pure and can radiate life force, trust and love.

Sex always involves an energy exchange. We take on the energies of souls we have sex with. Thought waves pas in all human encounters from one mind to another and more in intense encounters. When we have sex with people who are unhappy themselves, we feel very sad sometime after the sexual act. Usually, after sex with prostitutes, people feel broken and used inside because the prostitutes themselves feel so.
People go for sex to get a release from frustration but their frustration rises after the encounter as unhappy thought waves pass on.

A deeply satisfying sexual relationship which can give us a release from frustration can only exist where there is true love and an ability to sacrifice for the other. When we sacrifice, we break walls of rigid thinking and merge with a higher consciousness of love.
God represents the highest consciousness of love, peace and happiness and the more love we can create in our life, the more peace and happiness we feel automatically.

Sex in love is pure and leads to increased happiness as long as the intention is responsible. The person needs to use sex to become closer to the other person and not as a release to frustration. A person feels loved after sex when she is not used as a dustbin but is worshipped as a radiator of love. The woman seeks to feel protected after sex traditionally while a man seeks to feel comforted as if enveloped in love.

Sex can lead to bliss only when there is complete trust that the other person will protect and comfort with respect. Surrender is possible only when trust is absolute and thinking matches. If two people think very differently, sex cannot offer true support as they cannot protect or comfort each other as their choices in life would not match.

At the point of orgasm as at the point of death, a window opens in the mind wherein we are completely thoughtless. If we think of God at the moment of absolute thoughtlessness and feel complete bliss, we merge in the light of God. That is the principle of Tantric sex. It is said that 100 days of regular tantric sex leads to salvation and eternal bliss as symbolized by the union of Shiva- Parvati.

Saturday, 22 March 2014


Evil rises when we seek to copy others
we want to be like other people who are rich or acclaimed
usually, such people are only measured by their money
that they may be unloved or unhappy is not counted
yet happiness comes only when we feel loved, healthy and in peace,
if we seek to be happy , we have to destroy dark force thinking

Evil thinking passes from one person to another by negative thought waves which spread like virus. Any negative thought which pulls down a person’s confidence and makes himher feel defeated is EVIL, as it is opposite of LIVE . God represents optimism, happiness and hope while EVIL represents defeat, sadness and compromise.

Human life is difficult largely because there are problems with relationships amongst people.
Every family or work place has at least one person who creates unrest for everyone around. If everything is running smoothly, this one person will complain, crib and scold everyone to create heartbreaks.

 Such a person is usually as inefficient as everyone else but she or he shouts loudly, abuses and hence, convinces everyone that she is the perfect, indispensable person around and all the rest are not performing as they should. This person makes all around him or her unhappy. Each person feels sad, helpless and victimized because of this one dominating bully who pretends to be a holy saint.

Usually, this person is in authority and is a matriarch or patriarch in a family or the head of a unit. This person is successful or proclaims so all the time, while pointing failures of all others.
If this person is not around, the self esteem of all the other people under his supervision rises because negative pressure goes away.
This person usually gives suggestions which he thinks are very useful but are not as good when viewed from an outsider’s perspective. Thought, this person thinks she is indispensable, other people are able to manage peacefully when this bully takes a vacation. Monarchs like ADOLF HITLER are extreme examples of such a person.

From a soul’s perspective, this person is infected with a dark virus of energy. The soul is a positive life force and it has to convert negative energies on Earth to increase its soul power. As the soul converts darkness onto light, its vibrational soul frequency rises.

The bullying person usually lives in a vicious circle of negativity himself when he seeks to find the negative in every aspect of life. He thinks it is his duty to correct everyone and is conditioned into negative thinking. This person sees wrong in a person and cribs about it while ignoring the positive aspects of a person or a situation. He feels that life is a compromise and advises everyone else to stop being optimistic and compromise as he has compromised.

This person is a dark force. He works against God’s thinking even if he proclaims to be holy and wise. It is usually his words of self praise which make other people feel inferior whereas his actions fail to spread positivity as he claims.

A vicious circle of negativity is a situation when a person is so focused on the negative aspects of life, that he believes that reality can only be a compromise, that pursuit of happiness is a fantasy and that the existence of God is doubtful.
Such a person cannot believe in any talk on optimism, or any lectures on positive thinking, because he is too caught up within his own whirlpool of thoughts, to be able to look beyond it.
Since this person is always focused on negative feelings, he always creates a negative reality for herself/himself. This person lives in a difficult situation. His life is beset with problems. He is usually angry, sad or depressed and may have some chronic health problems as well. He keeps planning for future problems and hence co-creates them.”

THIS PERSON CANNOT BE KILLED OR DESTROYED IN BODY as his thoughts are negative. Even if s/he dies, the thought waves which govern him continue to rule.
The negative feelings spread like a virus. They create doubt in one person and he passes the doubt to another person, then the third and so on.

ONLY SOUL EVOLUTION, CONNECTION WITH GOD and belief in spirituality can help destroy such a person’s domination. As the soul seeks to stay positive inspite of sarcastic comments by this dominating dark force, overtime, his negative control becomes insignificant.

Dark forces survive by increasing ambitions, temptations, despair, grief, fear, anger, impatience etc till the person can no longer handle it. The person ruled by the dark forces loses sense of reasoning. S/he is overtaken by pleasing the sense organs and does not focus on whether the desires he pursues lead to feeling content at the soul level or not.

Through remaining thoughtless in meditation, the soul becomes free of negative thoughts which he picks up from the bully’s thinking. As the person evolves, he becomes immune to the pessimistic thinking of the negative infected thought virus. The person frees himself when he can undo his negative conditioning which makes him believe and obey the bully blindly and he becomes positive as he understands what s/he needs for his own survival as against what the bully thinks he needs. The soul evolves to being happy as the person strives to develop his/her own original thinking

Friday, 21 March 2014


The THIRD EYE is the source of intuition
it is an energy centre in the body through which God connects to us
situated beneath the crown chakra, the third eye is in the centre of the forehead
when it glows brighter, we can connect to our soul purpose as well as Earth realms
Nothing is meaningful on Earth unless we connect it with our soul's needs
for we are life force energies who use bodies to develop creative skills
if we only focus on bodily needs , we devolve to animal thinking
where only food,  clothing and shelter remain the focus of survival
but if we connect to god's thinking, we expand in consciousness
We can create happiness, peace, joy, laughter and feelings which animals cannot experience
THIRD EYE Is one of the higher chakras of the physical body
It needs to be opened and lighted with meditation for soul awakening

Lord Shiva symbolizes the third eye . The THIRD EYE IS an invisible eye in the centre of our forehead. Our two physical eye s helps us see the physical world while the third eye helps us access all that which is non physical in communication.
Third Eyes is the centre for intuition, psychic visions, clairvoyance , creative imagination and connection to God .
Intuition is a feeling. It comes like an insight. Almost everybody gets intuitions but most of us are usually trained to ignore them since childhood as being unreal fantasies. Human scientific development insists on proof for every phenomenon. However, the method of accessing proof is restricted to the human sense organs. All that we cannot taste, smell, touch, see or hear; is assumed as fantasy or unreal.
Human beings can see only in a certain frequency. They cannot see matter which does not exist in another frequency. Likewise, snakes see only red colour but that doesn`t mean that other colours do not exist.

Also, human beings can hear only in a certain range while dogs and elephants can hear sounds at much higher range.
Human beings rely mainly on speech or hearing to communicate but communication encompasses a lot more than that.
The words of a person denote only 7 % of what he wants to say. 67 % of communication is through body language. 19% of communication is through tonality, 7 % is Pitch used
All that which is understood at the pure physical realms is incomplete unless we can feel what lies underneath the surface.

According to research , out of 2.5 million bits of information, only about 7 +- 2 bits of information can be absorbed by the brain. Rest of the information is ignored as irrelevant, transitory or inaccessible.
Opening of the third eye helps us view the past, present and future as one . It brings us into a realm from where God connects. The higher spiritual dimensions and our human superpowers open to us when we open the third eye. Spirit communication and understanding of dreams also widens.
Opening the third eye also helps in healing diseases through cleansing chakras , viewing past lives and healing them , accessing spiritual healings from angels and avoiding medicines and surgeries.

THE Third eye can be opened through several meditation techniques which helps to open intuition.
REMAINING THOUGHTLESS FOR COUNT 1-11 several times a day.


Sit straight or lie down.
•       Count yourself down from 25 to 0.
•       Loom upwards and imagine the top of your head glowing with light.
•       Imagine a ray of light entering you from above.
•       Feel the ray of light filling your body.
        Feel your third eye opening to receive light.
•       Close your eyes and call the angels and spirit guides from the light of the sky to come. You may/may not feel them as human beings have limited sensory capacity. Assume they have come
•       Ask  for  guidance/answers/solutions  to  any  problems which you have.
•       Meditate on a halo of light above your head with the problem word in its centre.
•       Keep seeing the problem as an energy or colour. Keep passing white through that colour. Ask for solutions to that problem be downloaded into you.
•       Thank God that you are receiving the answers. Feel energy coming into your stomach from the sky.

•       Focus on the energy and ask it to be converted into words.
Accept the first words coming to your mind, however
weird or improbable they may seem.
•       If you get confused answers, ask again and again. Ask
•       Accept  the  first  answers  coming  to  your  mind.  These are the options your soul is giving you from the spiritual plane. If you find them unrealistic on the material plane on Earth, then ask for more options, which would achieve the same purpose, while creating positive energy for you and all concerned.
•       You can keep asking them to show you different choices.
•       After you are satisfied, thank the angels/ spirit guides
and ask them to go back to where they came from.
•       Take a deep breath and come down from the clouds. Feel your energy going deep into the ground to get out of the semi- trance state completely.
•       Open your eyes and breathe in the guidance. You will release fears and worries in dreams as more insights, would keep coming.
•       If you do this exercise during the day, you may use a grounding process to come back into your body firmly. Use this process if you feel dizzy or shaky in meditation.

(For the grounding process:
Imagine a grounding chord extending from your body deep into the ground. Imagine a huge crystal in the centre of Earth. Let the chord get anchored there. Feel yourself getting rooted into Earth like a tree. Feel energies of purity and love coming up from Earth, through the chord and filling you up. Take a deep breath. Relax and open your eyes.)
Keep practising the technique of asking for guidance. For redefining happiness, it helps to stay connected to a higher intelligence. Tell yourself that “My psychic abilities are increasing every day, and imagine your psychic energy expanding.

Our Higher self or spirit guides cannot help us unless we
ask for help. Like , the computer can help us find answers 
only when we ask questions on a search engine, the celestial internet helps us when we ask.