Tuesday, 31 December 2013


If everybody jumps in the well, we dont have to
if everyone drinks and gets hangovers, we dont have to,
if everyone parties on New Year, it may be just a social creed,
we dont have to do what everyone else does if we dont want to
BEING HAPPY is about what we need to feel positive inside us
some people feel lonely in parties but happy in dreams by themselves

When I was a kid, I never remember celebrating any new year. Then, as I entered teens , suddenly the western festivals became a priority. It offered interaction with the fashionable crowds and fun beyond the ties of family.
I used to be a shy kid till college came about. Then, suddenly started pouring invitations to parties, dances and dates. I started going out with friends but my boyfriend was from another town. So, while all my girlfriends flirted around, I would only interact as much as was decent. That made me feel lonely in crowds.In fact, I only enjoyed the dancing , though I could never dance without drinking a bit. I liked the dancing because I could flow with the rhythm, and since I was very shy, I could never flow till I drank.
However, the loneliness was intense when there was no dancing. We used to laugh together as friends but I always missed my soul mate very much. However, I went whenever there was an invitation because I liked to be fashionable then and the kids were fun to be with because they laughed on nothing.. Besides, not going only meant staying at home and getting scolded. So, it was more fun going to parties than not going.
Then, once I got married , there was a huge disappointment since I discovered the man was different than I thought he was. Coping with marriage,in laws, lack of money etc. was a blow and then I became pregnant.I was happy when my son was born but due to side effects of vaccinations, my son was diagnosed with autism, and he just refused to interact with anybody.
He would not talk , not respond and he preferred sitting in a corner by himself. I started sitting in corners to identify and interact with him. Then, I started meditating because I had to find reason for justifying his behaviour.
Now, I am so peaceful alone that people suck my energy. If I have to go to  a party, I come back feeling drained of life force.I suddenly realized that all those parties or glittering dresses could not give me the fulfilment I feel by being with God or the peace I get being in my happy thoughts alone.
When I am alone, I can smile freely but when I am with somebody , I have to hear their problems and feel unhappy for them or I have to smile and praise them on meaningless things. If I drink, I lose balance and cannot meditate in fresh air mentally. That makes me negative.
It feels nicer to stay in a happy mental state than pretend forced laughter on empty conversations. It feels relaxing to just party by yourself or with a soulmate who truly likes your company, than smile forcibly to meet courtesies.It is very boring to live for others when you can be happy living in yourself without anyone judging you. Dresses or food or drinks or cigarettes give temporary satisfaction but more headaches.
Peace of mind comes from feeling fresh and positive in the mind. The company which truly gives us joy is that who accepts us unconditionally and loves being in our presence. Being happy is when you can smile with freedom and feel loved in your whole being , body and soul.Redefining Happiness has been one of the most enriching experiences of my lifetime.


  1. When I was young and in my teens,
    I wanted to celebrate every festival in creed,
    New Year meant parties away from the family,
    some time to be an independent being,
    we used to crave for new year’s eve,
    just to be dancing and drinking as adults to be,
    it was glamorous and supposed to be fun,
    though I remember feeling lonely in crowds of needs,
    now that I am an adult and independent,
    I dont need partying in new years eve,
    I dont need to drink and get hangovers,
    I like my dreams, my clouds and my gardens of heaven,
    I prefer my thoughts, my smiles and my own company,
    other people’s idea of fun no longer excites me,
    my idea of fun is where I find peace, love and acceptance as me
    it has been a journey of discovering what I need,
    and that I do not need all that which other people need,
    my idea of happiness is unique to me,
    and I finally , am happy that I am happy being me

Monday, 30 December 2013


We create what we focus on
if we focus on being unloved, we create abuse for ourselves
rapes and murders occurs when we focus on feeling unloved,
diseases occur when we worry and release negative hormones,
every worry is as much an imagination as day dreaming
it is proven scientifically that worry is as unreal as imagination is
worrying makes us create a negative future for ourselves
to be happy in future, focus on what could happen best

We are conditioned into thinking from childhood. Over the past century, the trend has been to train children to focus on the negative.

We perform when we need to cover up for what is missing. In schools, children are told to study because everyone else studies. They learn what they do not already know. The focus is on the LACK- on what is missing.

However, as long as we focus on what is missing, we do not focus on what we have. The focus is on the negative and not on the positive.

A cumulative habit of focusing on what is missing so that we motivate ourselves to work on the positive, leads to a constant focus on the negative.
That leads to negative thinking an s a habit.

The result is a stressed, anxious society where depressions and diseases soar. Hospitals flourish but people do not get cured.

To heal ourselves, and live in a happy world, there is only ONE WAY __ A DOMINANT FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE.


If we get used to success in an area, we keep repeating success in that area with our hard work, self motivation etc. But, if we get used to losing in another area, we keep repeating patterns where we lose in that aspect of life.

Our soul requires happiness in all aspects of life. We cannot just focus on money and expect happiness or love to come automatically. Nothing comes automatically. The feelings we focus on repeat themselves and love, peace, happiness or good health come when we expect positive to happen in these aspects of life.

Like we sacrifice for money or success, we also have to sacrifice for good health, love or happiness. Sacrificing our pleasure does not mean that we are being negative. The positive outcomes of feeling loved or healthy are greater than the short term pain of sacrificing pleasures.

As long as the DOMINANT AVERAGE focus is positive, we are moving towards happiness in our life in the long run. Feelings repeat themselves and the positive feelings we focus upon keep coming back.

So, when we want positive to happen in those areas of life where we have been expecting the negative, we need to BREAK THINKING PATTERNS and start expecting POSITIVE.

Positive things happen in our life when we expect the positive. Every feeling we focus upon in our mind comes true. Our mind is in our control. If we can deliberately force the mind to focus on POSITIVE EXPECTATIONS, happiness and peace will become a routine way of life.

Friday, 27 December 2013


Fear is one of the main negative thoughts
the opposite of FEAR is LOVE, the dimension of God
Love creates hope for every positive drive
if you cannot love, you need not try remaining alive
life is a waste for people if they cannot embrace love
no dancing or singing helps unless love rules the hearts

Fear and LOVE are the two opposing energies of war of thoughts,
Demons live for fear while Gods Love rules pure hearts

Two main causes of the spread of negative feelings on Earth are fear and competition. These two thought-waves have been ruling over the consciousness of human beings, since centuries.

Fear as the driving force

Negative feelings can be said to be represented by any thought which pulls down the spirit of being alive. The range of negative feelings may vary depending on their specific energy frequencies: fear, anger, guilt, sadness, regret, worries, depressions, sacrifice, helplessness, rejection, resentment etc. are all negative feelings which pull down joys of living in different ways.

However, when decoded, all negative feelings, whether it is anger or guilt or sadness, have fear at their base; contrary to positive feelings like joy, happiness, enthusiasm, which have love at the base.

For example, if we are angry at an employee for not working properly, the anger arises out of fear of the consequences of work done improperly; likewise, if we are sad at feeling misunderstood by our spouse, the sadness arises out of fear of feeling unloved.
 On the contrary, if we are enthusiastic about a football game, the enthusiasm arises out of love for the game or if we feel joy at having won a prize, the joy arises out of love for our work.

Fear essentially creates negative expectations. We are afraid or angry or resentful when we do not expect a positive outcome. We focus on negative expectations, only when we fear that expecting the positive is unrealistic. Hence, fear is the base energy which creates disbelief in the Creator’s power.

By focusing on fear, we mobilize energy in a negative direction, and thus, subconsciously prevent the positive outcome from manifesting. Instead of creating happiness for ourselves by our efforts, we destroy it by taking actions based on fearing unhappiness.

Fear of a negative future makes us weak as souls. We as souls, are creators of life. We manifest problems because we are so afraid that they would happen; and we multiply energies of problems with our focus.
Though, the root cause of fear may not be immediately apparent, most of our focus on fear is because of conditioning.
 If we did not focus on fear and instead forced ourselves to expect positive outcomes, we would disbelieve our own values of what life is all about. At the subconscious level, we are always anxious about breaking our deeply ingrained beliefs as that shakes our internal energy balance.

For example, a person overworks, and gets stressed when he believes that life is all about work and if he does not work, he may starve. It is because of his belief of what is life is all about, which probably was ingrained in him since childhood, that he cannot co-create a stress-free reality for himself without working hard.
He cannot even try not working hard and earning as well, by putting in more quality input in terms of originality or creativity. He needs to work like a donkey with that mind-set, as he cannot bring himself to accept a life where he is not exploited. 
At an energy level, he, subconsciously, fears that if it manifests, his negative belief about life would no longer hold true.

The fear of breaking beliefs is deeply ingrained within us because we feel threatened about our survival, if we break our mental rules about how life would be. That is our homeostasis mechanism at work, trying to keep us in the same energy cycle we have been used to living in.
Due to lack of awareness, we, usually, let inertia rule. We dare not realize that our fear arising out of breaking rules of conventional success, would settle down with time and perseverance. We cannot succeed unconventionally, till we learn to tread on the new path, just as a young bird cannot learn to fly without falling down a few times.

As life evolves, a continual focus on fear creates stress , anxiety and diseases, on an increasing basis over a period of time;  whereas a focus on  positive feelings like love, trust and faith creates happiness and a feeling of contentment over a period of time.

A focus on happiness necessitates disciplining the mind to focus on feeling good within, detachment from negative situations or people and taking measures to maintain good health. Taking steps to achieve happiness raises soul frequency, as we evolve above conventional wisdom which forces us to believe in a depressing reality.

Thought patterns which focus on negative feelings are in control of a vicious circle of negative thinking which is continuously energized by the dark forces.

For example, fear leads to worry, worry leads to disease, disease leads to depression, depression leads to immobility, immobility leads to fear of breaking down and so on.

This circle of negative emotion remains unbroken unless a deliberate attempt is made from outside this maze to break it, which happens when the person deliberately chooses to focus on positive or non-anxious thoughts.

The War of Dominance


“I, as a soul in a human body, realize that I exist in an infinite realm of timelessness. It is only the finite human body, which is limited by zones of time but the energy, me, the soul within remains eternally.

There is no limit to the number of human bodies which I, as a soul can choose to inhabit.

The war of energies is between Love and Fear…
I understand that the whole process of evolution is that of mastering consciousness so that I can Love more than Fear.

There is no emotion, be it fear, anger, or happiness, which cannot be mastered because they are only expressions of thought forms, which can be transformed into Light.

If negative energy exists in my life in the NOW, there is no reason why it cannot be transformed into positive if I but choose to focus my energy on it with awareness of what I am creating.

 There is no sin which cannot be forgiven, if I but choose to learn from it. 

The Choice to be happy or not to be happy IS MINE and I have the FREE WILL to choose how to be happy by learning the Laws of the Universe.


I take the responsibility to create and I realize that what is created is but a manifestation of my consciousness.
When I create with conscious awareness of my power as the creator, I know that the World I live in is a WORLD of MY choice, and not one ruled by any force other than me, as part of the ONENESS.

Thursday, 26 December 2013


we are at the emergence of the NEW AGE
where the human brain is evolving to a higher consciousness
till now, we measured achievement in terms of money and goods,
but now we seek happiness and inner satisfaction as modern youth

we rise above fear and competition as driving forces,
understanding what we need to be at peace inside ourselves
we need happiness, peace and joy from every experience,
we no longer want to be satisfied with just food or alcohol as entertainment

meditation and self healing replaces medicines
we connect to God on a scientific , real plane not thru magic or miracles,
we love God to be happy and in peace not in fear of survival

Realizing happiness in life for the soul is like winning an Energy War between negative energies which block our happiness by making us focus on fear and competition and the opposing positive energies within us. As souls, we seek to express our inner pure self freely so that we can experience joy and laughter while going through the walks of life. But, usually we lose the war when we live feeling stressed and die feeling diseased.

Understanding the working of an alternate reality that is, reality, as viewed from the perspective of the soul is particularly useful when everything in life appears to be going wrong, when one does not understand why life is taking the turns that it is and when the WHY ME syndrome takes over - often, deluding reasoning. 

 If we make choices which make us feel pangs of emptiness often, where we keep questioning why we do what we do but keep feeling obliged to remain bound by a system of organization in order to meet our financial or traditional commitments; then we need to be aware that if our body dies feeling compromised in any area of life, we would reincarnate with similar problematic circumstances. Death will not solve problems.

 Our soul would not die with the body and the thought we die with would remain with us in the next body till we can transcend it. The energy which makes us feel negative never dies. Only the physical matter dies.
The energy remains and tries to free itself from feeling bound or compromised again in whichever area of life it dies feeling negative.

Hence as souls, we keep repeating experiences which make us feel incomplete, underutilized and helpless till we can transcend the difficulties as obstacles to be overcome, find what happiness means to our individual sensibilities and realize it.

Our soul seeks to win the Energy War it finds itself entangled in the ups and downs of life, by defeating the negative energies which prevent it from feeling happy or content from within.

The soul has to succeed in feeling happy, successful and joyous in order to evolve to a higher positive frequency, and usually the war is more within the self than external since how worthy or powerful, we feel internally affects how we make our choices and compromises externally.


Tuesday, 24 December 2013


As souls, we live eternally
death is like passing out from a class

happiness would come if we realize
and make choices from the perspective of eternal time, 

if there was no death and time was infinite,
how would we choose to live in endless time

life is endless is the truth from the soul's perspective
one life after another is just moving on with the same patterns overtime

The concept of Death

Death is  planned in the life plan. We do not die unless we choose to. Subconsciously, we are always asked before death whether we want to leave and we go only if we silently agree to leave.

Earth is like a school for the soul. The real home is the celestial plane where all souls come from. To go back home, the soul has to be as positive or more positive than it was at the point of incarnation .

When death comes, we have  achoice to leave the challenges and go back home rather than become more negative. Becoming negative leads to devolution of soul frequency to being animal like in attitude. That kind of mechanical existence prevents the sul from going back to heaven and the soul may get caught in a life cycle on Earth where it moves from being animal to human and back to animal. To be rescued from this trap of negativity, the soul has to die at the point where it feels positive and aligned with God.

The exit point comes as a question mark on whether we can stay and be more positive, free and aligned to the Creator or is there danger that we may become more negative if we stay on Earth. We agree to die  , if we feel that we would rather die than face the challenges confronting us or if we are too exhausted with life and want to go to a happier place to be with God.

The Death point is referred to as an exit-point in some books, an apt term because death implies essentially, an exit from the Earth plane for the soul.

In a life plan, there are four-five exit points planned given the level of challenges we opt for. If we want to die early, we may plan to die through an accident, a heart attack, a disease, an ambush as in war etc. SUICIDE AND MURDERS ARE NOT EXIT POINTS . They are created by dark forces working on the person’s mind and they lead to an increase in the problems of the soul.

The exit points are natural death situations which can be avoided if we choose to. Exit points come as a choice in life. We are allowed to quit the soul lesson and come back refreshed in another life . The soul goes back to heaven (light) or rejoins another womb and gets reborn. In either case, it gets preparatory time and energy to stat life all over again. The same tests come in the next life. If the soul goes back, it can modify its life plan or tale an alternate life plane.

If the soul does not go back to heaven and reincarnates from Earth, the same life plan repeats itself. That means that the person faces the same kinds of challenges all over again till he rises above their negativity.

We may choose to quit and die at any exit point or , we may not take these exit points and die after living a complete life as of old age .

The exit point is also called a transit point. It creates a dimensional shift for the soul.

Difficulties become so intense that the soul either changes its dimension of thinking or dies.  Along with exit points, difficulties are clubbed which may be so intense that they may make the soul want to leave the Earth plane instead of staying and solving the problem. If the soul stays on, it would have to change its vibrational frequency to more positive and believe in God’s wisdom  more than before..

Overcoming such difficulties  usually  requires a transformation in the soul’s attitudes to life. For example, a financial crisis may be planned which may lead to a heart attack . Recovering from the heart problem would require that the soul change its thinking habits to being more stress free and positive . If the soul is unable to let go of its anxious mind-set, it may find it easier to die . However, the dying soul may not be aware that its problems would not go with death and it would have to face the same kind of crisis situations in its next incarnations till it learns to be non-anxious and positive in attitude.

 However, if the soul learns its lessons, it can recover from the crisis during its life., in a way that would lead to soul evolution more than success as visualized in human terms.
But, if the soul chooses to die with the problem instead, that is equally acceptable. The soul may choose that it is not yet ready for the lesson and postpone it. It can learn the planned lesson by planning the same problem in the next life-time, like Dev was doing, life after life.
However, though death is a relief for the leaving soul and hence need not be feared, Death cannot be used as an escape from problems. Suicide is usually not an exit point.

When a person refuses to grow emotionally, either by waiting for death, dying early or by committing suicide, it is time wasted for the soul as the soul has to relive the same life , all over again, with the same emotional problems for mastering its soul lessons. The life plan is virtually repeated till the soul is able to achieve its purpose of life. Dev had been repeating the same life plan since two thousand years only because he chose to die early almost each time, and still wanted to.

Monday, 23 December 2013


  2. Pick a spot on the wall. Stare at the point with your eyes focused in that direction.
  3. As you focus on it, become aware of everything to your side. Look at that spot on the wall while being aware of everything on your right.
  4. Now, become aware of everything on your left.
  5. Allow your eyelids to get relaxed.
  6. Relax your shoulders and facial muscles
  7. Keep focusing on the spot on the wall while maintaining focus on everything around you.
  8. If your eyes start getting tired, close your eyes.
  9. Keep maintaining focus on everything around your left and right.
  10. Now, also, focus on your breathing.
  11. When you feel completely focused and thoughtless, anchor this state. Touch yourself on your chin or centre of eyebrows for 5 seconds. Remove your finger and be in this state for at least 10 more seconds.
  12. Now, whenever you use the anchor, you will be in the same thoughtless state )

  1. To go deeper, imagine your spinal cord extending deep to the ground.
  2. Now, imagine your soul energies rise up from the ground and coming in your body.
  3. Next, imagine rising above your body. You are floating in the air, through the ceiling of this room, through the sky.
  4. Feel yourself in the clouds like a bird flying high.
  5. Spread your wings and fly freely through one layer of the clouds to another.
  6. Feel the freedom as you fly in the skies, limitless in spread.
  7. Feel the lightness of the clouds, the lightness of spirit and fly higher and higher with complete freedom.
  8. Keep rising up, higher and higher, in the clouds. 
  9. Imagine that you see Earth as a small ball below you. Go through the vastness, higher and higher and feel yourself  floating freely, as if you are swimming in the clouds
  10. Rise through layers of clouds .
  11. Pass through seven layers till you reach the space of ONENESS , and the Creator.
  12. Now, feel yourself passing through a window in the clouds, your body dissolving and you are ONE with the empty space.
  13. Be in the empty space of white light. Feel your body dissolving into light. Feel yourself as a spirit without a body.

  1. You can imagine God or an angel blessing you here.

  1. Feel blessings come in your body as an energy of light coming inside you.

  1. Ask any question in your mind which you want to ask from God. Accept first answers coming in your mind. Imagine your problem written on a piece of paper and send it to the clouds as a kite. Feel it dissolving into light.You have released the problem to God. Ask the questions which you have in your mind. Accept answers as intuitions.

  1. If no answers come, just imagine a  ball of light coming inside you. Accept the ball of light as a blessing from God. The answers will be revealed to you in due time.

  1. Imagine taking an energy shower. This will give the sign to your subconscious mind tat you are ready to release negative energy and allow positive energy to come in.


Imagine yourself under a waterfall. The water is flowing from top and all the negative energy is falling off you as dirty water. Feel positive energy (pink, orange or yellow golden, blue, green, purple, blue or white light ) filling you up. Feel lighter and refreshed.

 Come back in your body. Again send you energies to the ground . Bring them up to the centre of your being.. When you feel integrated and centered, Say Eyes Open wide awake.


1)      This technique is good for  relaxing deeply.
2)      The conflicts in the body can be resolved by asking God for answers. The answers are gives at an intuitive level and have to be trusted to move on.
3)      The answers obtained can be used  for developing new programmes, goal-setting, mental rehearsals, communicating with another person, healing ourselves, and dissolving old hurts, regrets and negative beliefs about self . When you achieve thoughtlessness in the relaxed state, think and feel yourselves in the actions you want to habituate in your life. The mind will absorb your self suggestions more when it is completely thoughtless.
4)      You can use the anchor for creating relaxation with deliberate focus, as soon as you get up . It takes a few seconds. As you remain thoughtless for a few seconds, your mind will get an idea of how it  is to be stress free. This will re-programme your mind to remain stress free over long times.
5)      Over-time, this technique becomes addictive and the subconscious mind would prefer it over other aggressive addictions like smoking, drugs or alcohol.
6)      Use it before sleeping and whenever you are tired in the day. In semi-drowsy states, focus on relaxation than on feeling stressed. Think of happy thoughts or the mental programme you want to install .
7)      Before sleeping, it is useful to use this technique to relax you because the mind processes information during sleep. It will run your autonomic nervous system deepening n the way you feel before sleeping.

8)      Use this exercise as soon as you get up early morning. If you think about being thoughtless and relaxed first thing in the morning, you will be in a  calm state through the day. Then you can imagine yourself finishing the work you want to do during the day.  If you imagine yourself in the actions you need during the day , you will be reminded of what you want to do throughout the day because the feelings we get up with keep coming back through the day. If we get up on a good mood, it is likely that we will remain in a good mood than otherwise. Also, when we learn to create god moods, we can create them anytime during the  day.

Sunday, 22 December 2013




 1) Sit in a chair in a relaxed position, spine straight but relaxed, feet flat on floor.
2) Keep both hands open, fingers spread out. Place hands on legs .
3) Relax your facial muscles and your shoulders .
4) Feel balanced in your body posture- comfortable and in control- safe.
5) Now, keep you chin parallel to the ground.
6) While keeping your chin parallel to the ground, bring your eyes down and begin to watch both your hands simultaneously.
7) Keep on watching both hands for some time-maintaining focus on both hands simultaneously.
8) Also, be aware of your incoming breath and outgoing breath.
9) In case your eyes feel tired, you can close your eyes while maintaining awareness of the two points and your breathing.
In case you lose focus, bring it back as soon as you are aware you have lost focus. Be in this state for a few seconds.

  •  Going deeper - Now, just focus on your breath. Relax your hands and body .Breathe deeply and start counting backwards from 25-1. Count slowly.
  • At 1, you are in a deep level of your subconscious mind. Take a deep breath, exhale and stay relax for yourself. You are in a relaxed state of mind now.
  • Touch yourself on your forehead for 5 seconds. Remove your finger. Keep going deeper.

  • Now, whenever you touch yourself on your forehead , you will be in the same relaxed state as you are now.

  • Now, move onto progressive relaxation. Focus on the tips of your head. Exhale at the top of your head . Imagine black smoke leaving out . Feel your crown chakra expanding and filling with light. Feel the light travelling down into your brain and all your cells filing with light.
  • Now , feel the light travelling down to your forehead, eyes, nose, chin, ears, neck.
  • Focus on your neck and feel black smoke going out. Now feel light feeling in your throat chakra .
  • Feel the light travelling to your shoulders. Feel the light travelling down to your hands and chest. Feel your heart filled with light. Feel the light spreading in your chest ,
  • Exhale from your chest anfeel the light filling down to your solar plexus. Feel the light filling in your stomach.
  • Let the light travel down to your navel. Feel a SUN at the centre of the navel  Feel the rays of the sun expanding all over your stomach , and moving to your while body. Feel light radiating from your stomach.
  • Feel the light travelling down to your hands, elbows, wrists and fingers. Exhale out tension from your fingers and feel light filling your fingers. Feel your fingers lighted up.
  • Let the light travel down to your hips, thighs , knees and lower legs.
  • Imagine large balls of smoke leaving your feet and feel your feel filled with light.
  • Thank God in prayer and be in silence feeling the light for five seconds,

11) Be in this state for a few minutes-at least 2-5 minutes. Feel your light body entering your body again and again. Feel calm and thoughtless, as bright as a body of light.

Waking up:
12) After a few minutes, take a deep breath. Slowly bring yourself back into conscious awareness. Tell yourself-When I count up from 1-5, At 5, I will open my eyes. When I open my eyes, I will feel grounded, refreshed and relaxed.
Now, count up from 1-5. At 5,  Eyes Open, wide awake.

Saturday, 21 December 2013


dark forces are strong waves of thought,
they enter human minds as energy waves ,
thoughts travel in waves as sound waves or light waves,
we attract thought which matches our own frequency of peace or rage,

the thoughts which create doubt, fear and negative ambition,
to be someone who you really dont need to be to prove yourself
ambition which when unfulfilled leads to depression or disease or suicides
are all thought waves which can be prevented with awareness of entering thought

Dark forces survive by increasing ambitions, temptations, despair, grief, fear, anger, impatience etc till the person can no longer handle it. The person ruled by the dark forces loses sense of reasoning. S/he is overtaken by pleasing the sense organs and does not focus on whether the desires he pursues lead to feeling content at the soul level or not.

 The person just goes on following a meaningless pursuit which does not satisfy his soul needs. It is as if his effort gets sucked in a  black hole of emptiness because however much he works, he does not get satisfied. The reason for lack of satisfaction is life is that the person’s effort is misdirected towards satiating that which cannot give him fulfillment at the soul level.

To illustrate, a person overtaken by a dark force may pursue a path hoping it would give happiness, but may perpetually feel negative while pursuing the choice he has made. The path he pursues does not make him feel happy from within.
Since, the person constantly feels dissatisfied, he keeps striving for happiness through working hard. He creates external success for justifying his choice, but cannot break the negative energy cycle he is stuck in.. He does not change his thinking to focus on changing his path for feeling happy because he is conditioned or mentally overtaken by a negative value-system.
He wants to prove his worth in the world but does not realize that the world is tilted towards a negative mass consciousness. He does not try to understand what his soul wants to be happy as he places the world’s criteria of success over his own.
He works but does not get the satisfaction he needs from that work, at the soul level because the soul does not feel it is moving towards attaining its life purpose by doing that work. The actions he takes to make himself happy are constantly met with an internal conflict in the mind, which makes him unhappy.
By doing work without getting the satisfaction he desires, he keeps focusing on his problems. He feels he is unhappy because he does not have sufficient money for external pleasures, but never tries to understand the feelings he is seeking, through pursuing the external ambition viz. cars or clothes or fame.  
His focus is always on buying dead material things to feel powerful but real power does not come because the soul feels powerless in creating happiness for itself. The money he spends for feeling powerful does not help him in feeling happy.
The external objects of comfort are empty of life from within. By spending money on the energy of emptiness, he gets more sucked in the vacuum of lifelessness. His soul resonates with the frequency of emptiness and the person increasingly feels less alive as time passes by. The life force energy which seeks to be happy leaves the body or becomes dysfunctional because of the misdirected choices he makes, towards pleasing the world’s image of success over his own sense of happiness.

Such a person often suffers from physical pains and mental depressions. He also prevents happiness from spreading to others, by constantly blaming them for being inefficient, and instigating them to be dissatisfied with themselves.

So, if dark forces are at play, there can be no happiness for anyone involved. One person feels bad, makes another feel bad, the second person makes a third person feel bad and the process of spreading of negativity goes on. Negative energies spread like an epidemic. The spread is infectious.

For example, if a woman has a dark force inside her, she would always be depressed and is likely to blame everybody around her for her depression. Her husband when constantly blamed may start feeling inadequate and depressed himself. The marital tension may lead to the children being depressed. When the children get married, they pass on the depression to their spouses. And, so it carries on.

Suicidal tendencies or a need to kill others also arise due to the presence of dark and negative energies in the person’s mind.

On the contrary, those souls which attempt to create positive feelings with each thought focused on, in their own lives and in the lives of others are said to be on the path of the forces of Light.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013


 Souls come to learn lessons on Earth like children 
Earth is like a school for young souls to experience creative matter
Older souls can create happiness at the level of feelings
young souls learn to create desires thru bricks and mortar experience
very experience of the body creates feelings which can be felt
only feelings are real for the soul, everything else vanishes as netherfelt

We are souls in human bodies. Our soul gives the body life force. If we compare our body to the car, the soul is the driver.

All our priorities in life are decided by our soul before being born. We make a life plan before incarnating in a human body. The life plan entails soul lessons, difficulties, challenges, rewards, bonuses, love , relationships and a general outline of our profession and children.

 The life plan is like an instruction manual of a video game where our life is the game. The game is at the level of feelings or energy movement. We aim at reaching the highest level of happiness possible in that life plan so that our inner soul frequency rises to the brightest light it can be. . If we imagine the creator to be the SUN, each soul is like a ray of the SUN. All souls are part of ONE whole, the CREATOR.

As souls, we are lights of the Creator and the brighter we are, the brighter is the overall light of creation. Good health, peace of mind , contentment , happiness , joy, passion and optimism are indicators ofa  soul’s brightness.

The soul lessons are the lessons of emotional maturity like learning compassion, resilience, patience, love, hope, peace, discipline, passion, free will, respect, justice , flexibility etc

Soul lessons are the challenges we face in the game. The planet Earth is like a school for the soul. Every life-time is like a grade. The life plan is the syllabus . The soul lessons are the lessons of emotional positivity we have to pass, by overcoming negativity on Earth.

Difficulties come as a part of life plan or karmic debts carried over. If we fail to learn our soul lessons in one life time, they get carried over as karmic debts to the next life.

All difficulties have a positive intention. They come to take us away from a path which can create negativity in our heart and take us towards a path which will create positivity in our heart. Anger comes t teach us self defense and patience. Accidents happen so that we can take rest and meditate.

Heart attacks happen when we do not receive love so that we are forced to accept help from others , autism and learning disorders force the soul to adopt new and different methods of learning, financial misfortunes help the soul find happiness in love and peace away from material pleasures. All difficulties need to be tackled such that they increase positive in our heart. If we become negative by overcoming difficulties, we lose track and incur karmic debts. Our problems rise if we move away from our life plan and become negative . The only way to find happiness is to stay positive , optimistic and emotionally resilient while overcoming challenges .


THE soul is a part of the Creator. By creating life as it desires, the soul learns how to create as a co-creator.
 Religions represent different frequencies or colours of the Creator. All religions are like roads to reach the same destination of peace, love and compassion. The Creator is the most powerful source of love, peace, compassion, optimism and happiness.

We can earn money on Earth but happiness and health depend on the energies we receive from the CREATOR or GOD.

If we become negative, we cannot receive energies of positivity from the Creator as our frequencies do not resonate with each other. A stone cannot receive water . Similarly, negative energies cannot receive positivity . To be positive, we have to connect to God , feel optimistic and then, break down negative clusters in our mind. As we absorb optimism,  we soften ourselves to receive rays of light from the Creator.

SOUL LESSONS are encounters of negativity we face on Earth . When we convert negative energy into positive, we become a part of the Creator’s consciousness.
EARTH is a physical dimension compared to the celestial ream which is a non physical dimension. Negativity is encountered on Earth in the form of difficulties , challenges , accidents, misfortunes, illness etc. of a physical nature.

The negativity on Earth cannot be experienced in heaven where nothing physically tangible exists.The spirit comes t learn how to handle negativity in physical forms on Earth . time and space limitations are created on Earth artificially to help the spirit learn.

On the celestial realm, there are no space or time restrictions. Everything can be created instantly and dissolved without any negative feeling arising.  The spirit can experience life better than at human level as it has a spirit body and a spirit identity. However, complex creations like creations of planets, life forms, galaxies etc require sustained thought. On Earth, the spirit learns how to sustain its energies on its desires over prolonged periods. It learns mind control while it overcomes challenges.