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We are souls in bodies. We come from heaven as parts of God to have  a physical experience. We make  a life plan before coming on Earth in a body but we cannot always follow the plan . The difficulties on Earth cant be deciphered on celestial plane as negative energies cannot be experienced on non physical planes of light . Sometimes, we make so many mistakes that we completely lose out on our life purpose. Then, we feel unsuccessful and unhappy as souls. Success on Earth does not help the soul until the soul feels happier in the journey.

Spirit guides from heaven guide us during this journey on Earth. However, messages need to be interpreted at a rational level or they appear mythologically unrealistic. 

Following is an excerpt from the book IN SEARCH OF HAPPINESS ( how past lives affect the present, a soul's perspective ).

 The book covers nine past life sessions of one person who suffers from excess restlessness and anxiety. The lead character is named as Dev in the story. This is a real case history and the messages have relevance for the human race, at large. 

The messages are given by his spirit guide during his life between life sessions. The following messages are given by Dev's spirit guide who appears an a Greek Old man,  to explain why he was sent out from heaven . 

The words in italics are the messages given by Dev's spirit guide to him in semi trance state of hyonosis. 


This was the most dramatic session I had experienced as a therapist till then. When interpreted, in everyday language, whatever was told by the Old Man to Dev for his life  applies to our lives equally well, as elaborated below.

-- “You can’t give him peace now. You need that spirit to fight the dark forces   to achieve your purpose…..that is your strength”

Dev was told he has a purpose. If he moves towards it in the right way, he would find himself with greater levels of peace with each step he takes, but he won’t get peace till he achieves his life purpose. His past life spirit and its anxieties were needed to fight the dark forces.
This is true for all human beings as each person has a unique life purpose. If s/he pursues it such that soul needs are satisfied in the process, that person reaches greater levels of emotional happiness with each step. If he does not follow the purpose, at the level of feelings, then the mind is in conflict with each new step he has to take. Dark forces become stronger as the levels of anxiety in the mind and stress related diseases in the body rise. The stress in an indication of a conflict in the subconscious mind.  For overcoming stress, one has to choose the right direction, i.e. the direction which leads to peace along with achievement of life purpose.

---‘If you do not follow the right path, your own thought process would be your biggest enemy’.
This also applies to all of us. When we are doing work which causes us more stress than peace, then we keep creating more negative energy for ourselves and others.
Though, sometimes, we inherently know what to do such as to get peace, we can’t get ourselves to do it, because of undue fears of survival based on a negative conditioning.

We can’t allow ourselves to change our negative beliefs and patterns because we are afraid to let go of conventionally followed routes to success. Our own rational mind defeats us, preventing us from reaching that high level of satisfaction or happiness which our soul desires.
When we can control our own negative thought process, we defeat our biggest enemy viz. our own negative mind; then, we can bring ourselves to believe in the positive.

Thus, we are able to grow faster to achieve our purpose, because when our inner frequencies are positive, negative energies do not affect us as much anymore. When we are positive in balance, we can craft our own route to success without being blocked by doubts and fears created by the dark force of nature.

-‘Dark forces would pull you. The test is to resist that pull and keep moving ahead on the right path.’

Like Dev, all of us have to give tests on Earth. The test is to resist the pull of negative thinking. The pull keeps coming but as we keep resisting it, we keep passing our tests and moving forward on our life plan.
Dark forces imply negative thinking patterns. People who get influenced by the dark forces are essentially, those who are focused on the negative aspects of life. They believe that the world is a bad place and hence, unhappiness has to be tolerated to survive here. Whatever they choose to do, they end up creating more negative energy than positive. They always seem to be cribbing, angry and suffering however successful or rich they may become.
All of us are constantly pulled by dark forces on Earth. When we feel depressed and low, it is a pull of the dark forces.
If we feel tempted to use wrong means to make money or to get other pleasures, it is because of an inherent belief that we can’t get what we desire by using the right means, which is again a pull of dark energies.
The test for each of us is to change our thinking patterns such that we believe that we can get all that we desire and achieve our ambitions of life by using means which also ensure our feeling at peace within ourselves. We have to follow methods of living which inherently lead to soul evolution.
If we get pulled in the energy of darkness, we get into a vicious circle of negative thinking wherein we lose our peace as well as the purpose of life. Like Dev, each of us suffers for several subsequent lives when we fail to achieve our soul’s purpose in the present life because the soul dies feeling negative.

--‘The feeling of defeat, makes you get overtaken by the personality of Maximus… you have to use the powers of Maximus in the right way’.

The feeling of defeat or failure overtakes Dev when he is unable to perform as expected by others or is unable to come up to the standards of success he set for himself. The feeling of defeat causes Maximus to rise within him.
We all fall prey to feelings of being a failure, off and on, and a negative personality within us may rise when we feel defeated. We may tend to get diverted from a positive path of life in these weak moments.
To prevent losing control over our senses we have to train ourselves to remain focused and not let our self -esteem get negatively affected by externally judgmental influences.
Our self esteem falls when we feel unsuccessful. Yet, very often, the goals of success that we set up for ourselves may not be realistic from the perspective of meeting our soul needs of evolution. Success on Earth does not mean success from the universe’s perspective.
It helps to know that when we try to be successful at something the soul does not want, it is blocked by difficult circumstances. Till we learn the emotional lesson attached the desired material success cannot happen with accompanied emotional satisfaction. As we see in Dev’s case, if material success is not accompanied with emotional satisfaction, it becomes almost futile to achieve it since it is not recognized at the soul level as meaningful.

--‘The right direction is where the intention is to create and not to destroy.’

 The intention to create means to indulge in acts which generate positive feelings like happiness, love etc. It also means to transcend the existing negative energy into positive by choosing to focus on thoughts and actions which make us feel positive.
Destruction happens by spread of negative energy. Negative energy spreads through focus on negative feelings. The intention to destroy means to indulge in acts which spread negative feelings such as hatred, anger etc. It also entails choosing to aggravate the existing negative energy by continuing with the same way of thinking and doing things which have been producing negativity on our lives till now e.g. As in staying unhappy and sick, but not stopping worrying or having negative expectations from life, not leaving marriages and professions which make us more unhappy than happy, feeling non-courageous to break institutions which create suffering in us, working for tyrants etc.
Choosing acts which make us feel low or create emptiness in our lives or in others’ lives, causes us to move away from the positive frequency of the Creator, thus, making our soul to devolve rather than evolve.
When any of us does work which causes more anxiety and unhappiness in our lives than peace and happiness, in proportion, then our intention is to destroy than create.
For our effort to bear fruit at the soul level, whenever we choose to do something, our intention has to be to create more positive energy rather than destroy it.  

--‘You can choose your own path or follow the path of Maximus…the pull (from the dark forces) will be more in the path of Maximus

This also applies to each one of us. The path of Maximus represents the path of a past life personality. Maximus was successful in his path on Earth, but failed to achieve the purpose of his life as a soul.
Similarly, we are all pulled on paths in which we have been successful in previous lives in Earthly terms. But, we may have failed to achieve our purpose of life as souls in that path. Maybe, we got caught in negative thinking and got carried away by the pull of dark forces, away from the path of soul evolution.
Hence, the soul creates circumstances in the life plan which prevents us from pursuing that path.
If the soul does not want the person to follow a path, the person may have all the abilities to pursue a certain profession but his circumstances will prevent him in strange manners. E.g. Dev was physically fit to be a soldier. He was well-built. People who met him told him he walked and talked like a soldier. He liked guns and fighting and he wanted to serve his country. Everything seemed to be perfect on the exterior but yet he is prevented because of his circumstances.
When we face difficult circumstances, we can try to find different paths for achieving our ambition by focusing on satisfying the emotional need which the ambition entails, rather than just focusing on the material profession. The following example would clarify this concept further:

Example of ambition

Desire to be AN ACTRESS

A girl may have a deep desire to be an actress, but her circumstances may not allow it to happen. If the soul prevents this path, it is possible that, in a past life, she was a successful actress but instead of being appreciated for her contribution to evolution through acting, she had been acknowledged for her beauty or sexuality. She may have been unable to contribute to acting in roles she would have liked to, because she got pulled by material considerations and chose popular roles instead… Instead of helping society break rigid, negative patterns of thinking, she may have contributed to reinforcing them…If she chooses the path which she pursued in her past life, there are greater chances that she will again be pulled by negative thinking and again make choices for material success than for satisfying soul needs.

In other words, in this life she may still be as beautiful and with perseverance may even overcome her difficult circumstances and become an actress again; but then, she may again be acknowledged for her beauty and not her work.
However, if she can find other skills she has, which can give her the same amount of emotional success and material success, then there are greater chances that her mind would not repeat the same old negative thinking patterns.

But, breaking mind patterns requires time, energy and effort in a direction we need training in , to be aware of. Since our educational systems leave emotional training to chance, we do not get training to be able to shift our thought patterns whenever desired.
Because we are untrained in mind control techniques, we prefer going around in circles of negative thinking than making the required effort. Like obese people keep eating, while becoming fatter and sadder, negative thinkers keep worrying, becoming more sick and depressed overtime. Our energy gets locked in self destructive, energy circles instead of being free to create happy, emotionally satisfying, productive realities.
 Yet, the pull from the dark forces is lesser and level of satisfaction more whenever we are able to break free and find the right path.

Thus, the words that poured out of Dev’s subconscious mind made profound sense for the whole human race. Either it was because he was a much evolved soul who had got diverted from its path, or it was his spirit guide warning him in clear terms so that there was not much chance of him causing destruction again.



We live and die again and again,
with the same patterns which carry over,
life after life we face similar problems
because we cannot stop ourselves from indulging in doubts
Breaking free from your own negative mind,
is the biggest war we can ever win as souls alive

We all have spirit guides and angels helping us. A spirit guide is a soul  who enters into contract with a spirit before it incarnates in a  body. The spirit guides exist in the celestial dimensions and may alos incarnate with us on Earth. They help us pass through the tests of life .

The following is a conversation between a  spirit guide and a person during a past life session of a life between life regression. The guidance given to the lead character, Dev, applies to several of us on the human plane.

This is from the book IN SEARCH OF HAPINESS, how past lives affect the present, a soul’s perspective:

Dev has a problem of a racing heart beat. There is no medical explanation to it. In a previous session, we find it comes whenever he feels he has failed in some way. It is found that Dev died trying to save a girl from his own father, who was a tyrant . The spirit dies feeling betrayed and wants to take revenge from his enemies. It refuses to go to heaven as it feels its life purpose is not over . Usually, as a therapist, my work is to convince the spirit to go to heaven so that it can start a fresh life to achaive the same purpose. If a dead spirit refuses to leave, it keeps feeling negative again and again , as it did at the moment of death.

N this way, it keeps affecting its future incarnations. Dev felt revengeful  at the moment of death. He had died about two-three thoudand years back. But , his soul was frozen at that point .As we find, he lives several lives successively, feeling revengeful . He killed sevetal innocent people in his desire to kill enemies. He accumulates huge karmic debts and hence,  cannot find peace and happiness. The spirit of the Greek soldier has to be healed and made positive which is possible only when he helps several thousands of people he kills in his revengeful lives, find their purpose of life again .


Section 2 - Dev’s first Life between Life session

We are continuing with the previous session.
 Since it was clear that Dev’s bleeding heart would not completely heal till he helped the Greek soldier achieve his purpose of life, I next took Dev to the pre-life planning stage of his current life to help him find out about his life purpose more specifically.
As I decided that I had to take him on the spur of the moment in the middle of this session I had no time to educate him about what to expect there.
He knew the concept of a life-plan but he had no idea about the Council or the work it does. I had not ever before mentioned it as I did not think it was needed. I did not expect that he would meet the Council members.
I first planned to ask him to go to the Hall of Doorways and then I planned to guide him to enter the Life-between-Life space from a door which opened there from the Hall of Doorways.

Thus, I said to Dev, in continuation of the session -
“Ok, then, we will go to the Life-between-Life space to find out how your purpose of life can be achieved. Go to the Hall of Doorways. You will see yourself in a hall with a number of doors. When you see yourself there, say “yes”.
“Yes”, he replied.
“Ok, how many doors do you see there? Give me the first impression you get.”
 “Twelve”, he replied.
“Ok, now go to a door which opens to the pre-life planning stage of your current life. When you see yourself outside a particular door, say yes.”
“Yes”, he replied.
“How does the door look like?” I asked him details so that he would get more intensely involved in the experience.
“Regular”, he shrugged.
“What is it made of?”
“Wood”, he said.
“Ok, now as I count 5 to 1, open the door and be in the pre-life planning stage of your current life - 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. NOW! Be there”.
“Yes”, he replied.
“Close the door behind you. What do you see?”

In the pre-life planning stage, at this point, people usually say they see themselves in clouds, in a beautiful garden or in nothingness. They feel light and relaxed.
The expression on their face soothes down as they imbibe the beauty of the place. It usually feels fresh and nice.
 They sometimes also find their spirit friends around them who are guiding them in their present life.
These spirit friends are there when this person is making his/her life-plan as a soul. They have complete details of the life-plan. Usually, the spirits answer all the questions asked. If they are not seen, they can be called to ask for guidance.

 Nobody, I knew had seen themselves in front of the Council. The Council is a high authority body. One has to ask specifically to be taken there, if needed. Since I had no plans to take Dev to the Council, as usual, I expected Dev’s guides to answer our questions.
“I see some people sitting around a table”, Dev replied.
I was surprised. Dev seemed to have reached the Council straight.
However, I wasn’t sure this was the Council yet. Dev had no idea that something like the Council existed. How could he reach there when I had not even instructed him to?
“How many are there? How do they look?”
“…Twelve”, he paused for lesser than a second and replied. He could not have known there are twelve members in the Council because I had never told him so. Nor was he the kind who read books on Spirituality.
 “They look old”, he continued. That confirmed that this was the Council.
 .“One old man is talking to me”, Dev continued further.
 I was again surprised... I had not yet directed him to ask questions. It seemed they were waiting for him in the Council.
“What is he saying?”
“Ma-gsi-mus”, Dev replied “I can’t follow clearly. He is Greek. He is speaking with a strong accent”.
“What is that?”
“It is a name…He is calling me that.” he replied.
“Why is he calling you that?”
“It seems to be my name”; he paused and said “Maybe that was the name of the Greek soldier”.
“Okay. Is it Maximus?”
“Something like that…” he concentrated and replied.
“Focus”, I touched him on the third eye so that he could get his name clearly.
“The g and s are together. It is not separate…I can’t pronounce it…It’s in their language…it is spoken differently....” Dev shrugged his shoulders.
“Ok, shall we let it be Maximus?”
“Yes...” he nodded.
“What does the Old Man look like? Focus!”
“He’s like them….” Dev replied.
“Like whom?”
“The Greek soldier. He is talking his language. He is very fair, almost white. Old, tall, skinny….. He is bald with long hair at the back. …He is wearing a long white robe, talks with an accent”, Dev replied in pauses.
“Okay. What is he saying? Focus!”
The purpose of this life is victory”, Dev replied in a heavier voice as if someone else was speaking through him “Maximus, you have to heal several people with whom you did injustice because your heart was full of revenge”, Dev was addressing himself as YOU meaning the Old Man was speaking through him.”Your suffering of the life of the Greek soldier continues because of the injustice you did in earlier lives”, he continued.
“What does he mean by injustice? Ask?”
If a person dies a planned death, it is not injustice but if it is forced before exit time, then it is injustice” Dev replied on behalf of the Old Man.

(Dev himself had no idea that death, accidents and illnesses are planned, Or that there is a time for death. I had not discussed the concept of the life-plan with him in detail yet. Moreover, when I did discuss it with him later, when he was in a fully conscious state, he was not completely convinced by the concept.)
“Does that mean that you forced people to die before their planned time?”
Yes. After the life of Maximus, you lived several lives where you killed other souls .You were given several chances to heal those souls but each time, you ruined your chances. Earlier you killed because your heart was full of revenge. Later you killed for pleasure.”, Dev continued. His voice was heavier than usual and had a slower pitch.
“Ok, ask, how can you heal the souls you have already killed in earlier lives now?”
You have to give back the purpose of life to those souls whom you took it away from”, Dev continued to speak in a heavy voice.
“How can you do that?”
Doing what you are good at. You have to heal or destroy other people who are doing substance to harm their own souls.” Dev answered.
“What does that mean?”
There are people using violence like you did in earlier lives. They are doing injustice to other souls while their own souls are suffering. You have to get victory over those souls. You have to fight for the truth. When you heal those souls, your own soul would be healed”, he continued.
“How can you fight for the truth? Ask? By what means?”
You have been given the means. You have to do what you are good at”, he replied on behalf of the Old man.
“What are you good at? Ask?”
“Fighting”, Dev replied.
“Fighting how, by what means. Ask?”
By means where the intention is to fight for the truth and not destruction. You have got this chance after several lives to make up for all the lives where you were full of revenge and did injustice”, continued the Old man through Dev. “After this chance, you won’t get another chance for several life-times. Whatever you do in this life will come back to you in this life itself”, Dev spoke.
“Does that mean that if you use violence for destruction it will come back to you in this life itself?”
Yes, it does”, Dev said heavily. Since his conscious mind was obsessed with using violence for destruction, it was a shock for him to hear the opposite from his subconscious. His conscious mind took a much longer time to accept these words of wisdom or incorporate them as a way of life.
“So, ask him what can you do to be on the right track?”
“You will be given continuous guidance”, Dev replied for the Old Man “You will be given messages. You were given guidance in earlier lives also but you did not heed those messages”, he continued.
“So, what can you do now to ensure you would heed those messages? Ask?”
Listen. The message is given to you before the anger comes… You have to listen to the voice in your head before the feeling of rage consumes you”, said the Old Man.
“What can you do to train your mind to listen? Ask?”
You need to be calm first thing in the morning.” said the Old Man
“How can you do that? Ask. Can they be more specific like will doing meditation help?”
Exercise and meditation. When you are calm, you will hear what your heart speaks”, Dev said.

(Dev used to do yoga exercise in the mornings which included a bit of meditation also. Yoga used to effectively calm him down but he wasn’t a regular. Often, he used to skip to body building exercises like dumbbells, which somehow fuelled his needs for indulging in violence. The Old Man was suggesting Yoga exercise since he mentioned meditation with exercise, but he could not be more specific. The exact choice of the path was Dev’s own. The Old Man was only giving information from the feeling perspective, i.e. from the perspective of the feeling which each action created, as coded in his life plan.)

“What else can you do? Ask?”
“You have to forgive some people, Maximus”, said the Old Man.
“Can he be more specific, please? Ask?”
You have to forgive your father and your sister. You have to forgive all the people you did injustice to and who killed you in successive lives”, said the Old man.

(The Old Man was probably referring to the life where Dev as the tribal Roman soldier had killed his own king for money. In his next life as the Greek soldier, Maximus, the same king was his father who had got him killed.)

“Okay and what about the woman you loved in that life. Is she there in your present life also? Ask.”
 “She is there. She has been there all along.” replied the Old Man.
“How will you recognize her? Ask if he can give a clue?”
You will recognize her when you see her. But she is not the purpose of this life. She is waiting for you to heal. The love was pure. Because of that love, you have been given another chance”, said the Old Man.
Dev looked relieved to hear that. For him, that was something to look forward to. Otherwise, he was being asked to leave the path of violence and destruction when these were the only things he found thrilling in his life.
“What is your purpose of this life? Ask?”
The purpose is to heal your heart by healing the people whose purpose of life you took away in earlier lives”, said the Old Man.
“Which path do you have to follow to achieve this purpose?  Ask?”
You are a soldier. You have to be a soldier. You can follow your own path or you can follow the path of Maximus”, replied the Old Man.
“What does that mean? Can he be more specific? Ask?”
You are our soldier of justice. The path is not important. How it is followed is important. You have got carried away in earlier life-times. You were a soldier in the army. You were sent to prevent them but you joined with them.” said Dev on behalf of the Old Man.
“Yes…So, which path can you follow? Is the police better or the army or is there any other path?”
It is your choice. You can follow the path of Maximus or follow the path where killing is the last resort.” the Old Man repeated “You started killing to obey orders and later you killed anyone who came in front of you. You took several innocent lives. You have to heal those souls. That is your purpose. What you do to achieve that purpose does not matter. The intention behind it matters.”

That was as specific as they could get. At the level of feelings, the army or the police did not matter .The important message was that Dev was being asked to change his whole pattern of thinking. He had to forgive his parents and not get carried away into a life of crime, which he often mused upon.

“Is there anyone on Earth who can guide you? Ask?”
The girl… She knows the path. She is the only one who knows.” said the Old Man.
“When will you find her? Ask”
You will find her when the time comes. You will get one chance to be with her. If you don’t take it, she will go again”, said the Old Man. After that, there was a long pause in which Dev was quiet.
“Okay. Is there anything else he is saying?”
“No”, Dev replied, now, in his own voice.
“Is there anything the other council members are saying?”
“No”, Dev paused and denied. Only one Old Man from the Council had spoken to him. Maybe he was his guide in charge.
“Anything else you need to ask about your purpose of life?”
“No”, he said affirmatively, indicating he had got enough information.
“Okay, then thank the Council members and the Old Man and come back to the Hall of Doorways.”
“Yes, I am there”, he replied when he was out.
“Now, Go out of the Hall of doorways”.

“Yes... The Greek soldier is there.” he said suddenly.
“What is he saying?”
You have to finish my purpose of life. When you do that, only then my heart will be healed.” Dev spoke on behalf of Maximus, the Greek soldier.
“How does his heart look now?”
“It is half healed now.  .. He is saying something more”.
The path you follow has to be righteous”, Dev continued in the Greek soldier’s authoritative voice.
“Is he giving any guidance on which path to follow? Ask?”
The path will be shown to you when the time is right. You have to follow your heart. Do what feels right in your heart”, Dev continued.
“When will the right time come? Ask?”
Two years from now. You will take two years to find the right path.”, replied the Greek soldier.
“Okay... Is there anything else he wants to say?”
“No”, replied Dev in his own voice.
“Okay, then ask him to go back to heaven. See him going in the light.”
“Yes... He is gone now.”
“Okay, then I’ll count you up …1, 2… 20. Let all this be integrated in your mind when you sleep tonight. Feel light, refreshed and relaxed as you get up… 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 – Eyes Open, wide awake.”

Dev took some time to get up since he had been a deep trance state.
We discussed the messages he had got when he got up.

Section 3 - Conclusion of the session

Dev was virtually suggested a whole shift in his thinking patterns, which also included forgiving people he held deep grudges against. He wasn’t convinced by that argument as he still felt deeply betrayed by them. But it was a new perspective opening up to him.
He agreed that forgiveness and discretion about which cause is just and which is unjust were two main lessons he had to learn in this life to get the peace he desired.

............................excerpt from Chapter 12 - LIFE BETWEEN LIFE
 IN SEARCH OF HAPPINESS ( how past lives affect the present, a soul's perspective )

Tuesday, 29 October 2013


 “Happiness cannot be limited to a person or a thing. Happiness is an internal feeling; and what you need from an external situation - through a person you love, a thing you desire, or a position you seek - is a means of satisfying that deep emotional longing which connects you to your purpose of life and to your soul’s positive state of being.”

 Loving ourselves is an art we are not taught in schools,
It means thinking for ourselves beyond what society demands,
God wants us to love ourselves above all else,
as our inner frequency brightens when consciousness evolves

All spiritual teachings say that we start attracting happiness in our life when we love ourselves.

However, most people equate loving themselves with buying food, liquor or clothes for themselves. That is where they harm themselves more than love themselves.

Loving yourself means that we live for ourselves more than for impressing others.
All our material needs are conditioned but our family’s thinking, peer pressure or professional needs.

Usually, people resort to drinking alcohol or taking drugs to reduce work pressure. These addictions act as relaxatives but relaxation is needed because we work to meet other people’s demands on our soul.

If we work for our own soul, we do not need addictions to escape. The work by itself is rewarding. If we feel drained and need to replenish our soul, meditation works as most relaxing therapy.

However, we feel we waste time on meditation because that is time spent on our inner self. Whereas if we drink liquor with friends in a club, it is time spent with others, on others.

We are so conditioned by society that we have to specialize and interact with our peers since childhood that we think that spending time with ourselves is abnormal. That is why we consider meditation abnormal and going to discotheques normal.

Yet, if we spend two hours being with ourselves alone , through focusing on inner breathing , meditating with chakra chanting music , painting, singing or dancing visualizing trips to heaven in imagination or just being in a  quiet mental place without any demands by others; we feel far more relaxed than with any external activity we do with others.

Watching television is also an external activity as we are focusing on people other than our own self. So, we feel drained after we watch Television also than rejuvenated.

Some people like to go shopping to relax and love themselves, However, when they buy dresses or jewellery, they need to buy for fulfilling energy needs of the soul than impress others. Clothes or crystals can be bought to suit needs of colour therapy than please your maternal aunt.

Compliments from others do not make us feel as happy as when we feel we look good and feel good in our own definition of what is right or wrong.

Buying clothes or jewellery, cars or mobiles becomes important for most people to impress other people than for their own needs. People take on anxiety, stress and develop diseases because they feel frustrated that they dont have money. Yet, most of their money needs are for requirements to show off to others.

People feel loved when others praise them and they feel unloved when other people criticize. This dependence on praise and criticism is also based on conditioning as we are taught from childhood that we have to win approval of others.

When we love ourselves, we are less dependent on other people’s opinions and can live, dress, work and breathe for our own soul needs.

Happiness is achieved not by spending to please others but by spending time with our inner self. Our soul needs meditation and energy cleansing on a daily basis to stay healthy and happy just as we need to take bath to cleanse our body.

We feel truly rejuvenated, alive and happy when we live for ourselves, when we buy only things we need for our own health requirements or soul satisfaction. when addictions do not tempt is because we feel so much in bliss without needing liquor or drugs. As long as our focus is external, we feel deprived but when we start focusing on our inner self and make choices with our own judgment of correct and incorrect, we feel powerful and happy.

As is written in the book CREATION OF HAPPINESS: THE ENERGY WAR, a soul’s perspective:

 In today’s world, most of us pursue success in order to gain happiness, yet, feel unutilized in terms of soul potential. We enter professions in order to make money rather than gain positive energy from the work we do. We assume that earning money would automatically bring in positive energy, which does not happen.

We do get the money but the money often, does not increase our levels of happiness. We accumulate external objects of comfort but do not feel comforted from within; the work we do appears meaningless to us.

 A job which makes us feel more bored than fulfilled, subconsciously,  appears meaningless when it does not help in achieving our soul’s needs of evolution.
Due to the law of repetition, the energies we focus on, multiply in our lives. If the work we do largely feels meaningless or empty or boring to us, except for the money it brings in, then we circulate the energy of meaninglessness in other areas of our life as well ,since energy spreads and cannot be restricted to one area of life.

The most prominent emotion which we focus on influences our whole being, as a soul and slowly our whole life starts feeling as futile or empty as the work we do.
The craving for fulfillment keeps nagging us but when we do not know how to fill it, we give into negativity. Feelings like anger, bitterness, frustration, being sucked into a vacuum, emotional starvation etc. dominate our mental state.

The only way out of this trap of endless craving, is to realize that money and soul satisfaction are co-related. Money would bring in happiness only when, it helps the soul feel it is contributing meaningfully, to its creative potential and to the world it co-exists in.
Feeling good within and earning appreciation from outside, would help raise the soul’s frequency to more positive.

Monday, 28 October 2013


the soul lives eternally
nobody dies with physical death

only circumstances of the soul change
as the soul enters a new body soon after getting released to heaven

however , all souls do not get released as they should
several souls remain attached to attachments and unfinished business
their work can no longer be achieved by remaining on Earth
they have to be contacted as spirits and told they are dead
then they need to be released and sent to the light
from there, they can cleanse energies and return in parallel or new bodies

People die but the spirit does not die.

Spirits of dead people influence our energies more than we can imagine. usually these spirits are like virus. They get attached to our body and feed on our life force because they do not have their own energy. They can also be of people who hold revengeful feelings over us or who want to control us. 

These spirit attachments need to be released. 

Following is an excerpt from the book REDEFINING HAPPINESS _ TECHNIQUE 18

After the person dies, we need to let go of our attachments which may pull him back. The person can communicate and help us from heaven at an energy level. He can appear in our dreams or give us insights. But, holding on to dead form’s soul energy is unhealthy as the soul of the person cannot get the freedom it desired by leaving Earth if you hold on to its memory intensely. The spirit remains stuck in the halo of negative energy it dies in as it does not move on to a different positive frequency, till it gets released.

it is over. A spirit which you keep calling back, may enter you and make you feel negative, since it is an energy which does not have a body.
Usually, spirits are glad to leave if you can convince them you would be fine without them. Even if you cannot be fine without them, convince yourself to raise your emotional strengths and allow them to leave.
As far as possible, whenever a person dies, do a quick spirit release.

Steps of a quick spirit release

•       Sit in a semi trance state where your mind is calm.
•       Now,  visualize  the  person  at  the  moment  of  his  or her death.
•       See a spirit coming out of his body. Let your imagination
be free and accept first impressions coming to your mind
•       If the spirit is going up, you will see it revolving and becoming light in frequency as it goes up.
•       If  the  spirit  looks  lost  or  is  moving  towards  another person, call the dead person by name.
•       Keep a glass wall between you and the spirit.
•       Imagine golden light coming up on top of the spirit’s head.
•       At the same time, show the spirit a halo of light above its head. Ask the spirit to look into the light. As the spirit looks up to the light, it will enter the light.
•       If the spirit is restless, he may have concerns which he is unable to let go. Convince the spirit to look up at the light and go.
•       However, if you feel that the spirit looks nervous/restless, hear whatever it wants to say. You may use the steps involved in the process given previously of talking silently.
•       Feel   words   coming   int your   mind   as   from   your own subconscious or from nowhere. Accept the first impressions coming to your mind.
•       If you get the feeling that the spirit has any resentment

him his dead body and again point to the light.
•       If the spirit dies in an accident or suddenly, it may be too shocked and too full of responsibility to leave. However, it cannot fill its responsibilities if its body is gone. So, it has to let go. Convince the spirit to go in the Light once by imagining it is there. Once it goes, it will understand the life plan and why it died. While convincing the soul to go up, you may say that it can heal and come back if it does not like it in that dimension.
•       If the spirit is unable to let go and still appears concerned, ask it to visualize that his responsibility is being met by another person on Earth.
•       Explain that it has to leave as it will not be able to achieve any purpose by staying on without a body.
•       Tell the spirit repeatedly that its body is gone. Say that its purpose of life is over because the body is gone and it cannot achieve its purpose unless it goes to heaven, heals and returns. Ask it to let go of all sadness and look up at the light.
•       Once the spirit can visualize the light, ask him to imagine
it is in the Light. Then, you will see it flying up to the Light.
•       Cut your ENERGY CORD with that person and just see him disappearing into Light and let go.
•       As it goes into the light, you may see it passing through an energy shower of light and all black energy falling off it like grey smoke falling off. The spirit may start glowing and appear younger.
•       Next, you may see it entering a golden gate and going to heaven.
•       The spirit will be cleansed in heaven and informed of its remaining soul plan. You may even see it coming back and entering a baby’s body or a parallel body.
•       Before ending the process, do an energy exchange.
•       Imagine sending all of the spirit’s energy to him out of your body.

•       Then, feel that your energy has come back to you as the spirit goes into light.
•       If the spirit says again and again that it cannot see light, ask the spirit to look around and imagine light somewhere above its head. You can also imagine light around its head as if a door towards a dimension of light is opening. You can imagine gates of heaven opening for the spirit. Then, see an angel or a loved one coming to take the spirit into the Light. See the spirit holding his hand and going into the Light.
•       If the person cannot enter the light, ask him to stand under an energy shower and release balls of smoke. Imagine negativity falling off him as rocks falling off. See animals or objects or weapons being released and being sucked in a black hole. Now, the spirit will appear freer and brighter.
•       Now, feel a golden energy entering him.
•       Then, see him going into the light.
•       Cut your energy chord, do an energy exchange and see it
flying away.

Some spirits do come back after getting healed in the celestial dimensions. They return to finish their unfulfilled responsibilities and join parallel bodies.
A parallel body is another incarnation of the same soul in a different body.
( Our soul comes from a huge quantum of life force energy. The Higher Self is a part of the Creator. It is like the SUN and each SUN can have several rays. A spirit in a body is like a ray of the SUN. If we were to compare the body with a bottle, the spirit in the body is like  water in a bottle. Several bottles can be filled from the same stream of water which is its Higher Self. The concept of parallel lives is explained in detail in the book In Search of Happiness.)

Taking an Energy Shower after spirit release

Using the Energy Shower technique is useful to cleanse ourselves after a person has died. It helps if we feel overtly uneasy or depressed. The idea is to release spirit attachments which may be making us feel negative.

•       Be in a semi trance state.
•       Fly into the clouds as if you are a bird in your imagination.
•       Enter a door. See yourself in a beautiful garden with a shower or fountain of energy.
•       Stand under the shower of energy
•       Feel energy pouring on you like water falling
•       Feel  all  parts  of  you  getting  bathed,  internally  and externally
•       Feel light filing inside you.
•       Now, see the person you have just released.
•       Collect your sadness in a bowl and give it to him and her.
Take your energy back from that person. Cut ENERGY CORD. Feel light pouring on yourself and appear brighter.
•       Keep standing in the light. Imagine golden light in your stomach and open a door in your stomach. Command all spirit attachments inside you to come out. Put torch light in your stomach. You may see faces of people or animals. Flash light on their third eye.
•       Ask the spirit to go where it belongs. You may see it enter into a golden door and disappearing into the light. Or you may find that it dissolves in a black hole or the sea.
•       The idea is to visualize the spirit attachments going far from you.
•       Pour light on that part from where the spirit has left. Let
your own soul energy or sunlight fill in there.
•       Keep pouring light on yourself. Check if there are other people inside you.
•       You may imagine your body as a house. See three floors in the house, representing your body in three parts. Check if there are other people in the house, who do not look like

you. Accept first impressions coming to your mind.
•       If there are soul fragments inside you , they will come out.
See the spirits leaving your house and going out.
•        Feel that people inside you, who are not you are coming out. You may recognize them or you may not. It does not matter if they are dead or alive.   They may be soul fragments of people you know as alive, or soul fragments from your past lives. Whoever is not you is an attachment and has to leave. Command the spirits to leave. Say it is your body and they have no right to stay there, Put a flame in their third eye and see them burning with the energy of fire. That will make them leave.
•       Feel doors opening on all sides of you and see the spirits going out from the doors.
•       Tell the spirits to go where they belong. Feel them flying
away into light or falling into a black hole.
•       Feel the area cleansed up and appearing bright in your won body.
•       Now,  feel  yourself  entering  your  own  body  and  feel yourself becoming the whole body.
•       Feel yourself in the centre, in your stomach and pass light through your navel. Feel your stomach glowing with light.
•       Now,  come  out  of  the  shower  and  fly  back  into  your
own body.
•       Take  a deep breath of silence and feel the light in your stomach.
•       Feel strong and tell yourself that you choose to be in your own body. Imagine a chair in your stomach and sit in it strongly. Hold a holy weapon or book in your hand and align your centre with God’s light above your head. Thank God for your strength.
•       Smile  and  as  you  smile, imagine  lightness or  positive hormones spread all over you.

Then, come out of trance.