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Past lives influence how we perceive other people
they form the data base from which we operate 
past lives take over our body in extreme situations
when we react impulsively , in anger or love, past lives rule over us automatically
the automatic element can be controlled with awareness of who we were and why 

Past lives affect a person’s present life through affecting the emotional mind of the person, in a number of ways, some of which are elaborated, with examples, below -

1) Past lives influence the person’s impulsive reactions.

An impulsive reaction is caused by and causes electric activity in the brain. It appears that when a person is reminded of an emotion in his present life, which he experienced traumatically in a past life, there is a matching of emotional circuits. A whole chain of emotional reactions get triggered off, even when the present life situation causing it may be of little value by itself. It is like a computer programme getting triggered off from the time of its inception-with all the files opening up, instead of only the current file. Such a chain of reactions takes nanno seconds to form, and the person reacts from the subconscious level, without even being aware of the first link in the chain, consciously.

For example, in the book IN SEARCH OF HAPPINESS ( how past lives affect the present , a soul’s perspective ) each time, the lead character,  Dev was rebuked by his parents, a chain reaction was getting triggered awake in his subconscious mind viz. a feeling of having failed expectations of others—a recall of the memory of feeling defeated at an energy level –a recall of the feeling of being betrayed – internal anger reaction –a recall of the need for revenge --indulging in aggressive external behavior or violence.  

           Any sensation whether it is a visual image, an auditory sound, a texture , a smell or a taste which creates a feeling, which reminds the subconscious mind of a similar emotion experienced in the past , triggers awake a chain of  feelings encountered in the past, in their full intensity.  This process of the past life opening up by a sensation triggering a familiar electric activity, i.e. a familiar emotion, in the brain, is similar to typing a key word in the search engine of the computer and all the connected files opening up.

Thus, if there is no other rational reason, then, usually, past lives are the reason why one person reacts very strongly in a specific situation, while another person can take it relatively lightly.

Metaphorically, a small hurt, which can otherwise be taken lightly, can be very painful if it is on an already bruised arm. For the present hurt to be fixed, the bruised arm needs to be wholly healed first. If we just address the present hurt, it does not help much in healing the pain as till the arm is completely healed from the past bruises, it keeps paining. Subsequently, if one keeps getting hurt in the same place, repeatedly, the pain increases more with each new hurt.

The same logic which holds for physical hurts holds for emotional hurts as well. A negative situation by itself may not hurt as much if it has never been experienced before, but, if similar types of negative situations have been experienced in past lives, the most extreme negative emotions which have been felt are triggered awake, when a similar external situation is experienced again in the present life, at the emotional level.

 2) The feeling a person dies with is, usually, the pre-dominant negative emotion, which forms the point of dominant emotional focus of the present life of the person. 

For example, in the book IN SEARCH OF HAPPINESS ,  we see that the Dev faced betrayal repeatedly . The feeling of betrayal was his point of dominant emotional focus in his present life, which he was carrying over from his death in his past life. where he died due to being bertrayed.

More specifically - Most often, as we read in chapter 2 – the Past life Connection - Dev used to feel betrayed by his mother who was the same soul, as his sister in the past life.

In his past life, he had been severely betrayed by his sister whom he had trusted deeply. He had lost his life because of that betrayal. However, in his present life, he had never been as severely betrayed by his mother. Yet, he perceived both situations to be the same at an energy level, and often, reacted, very strongly to his mother, indicating that in his subconscious mind, he still believed that she could betray and get him killed anytime. Dev had almost tried to kill his mother once since he felt so severely betrayed bu her accusing him wrongly.

Thus, with Dev, the source of feeling betrayed whenever anyone he trusted did not understand his feelings lay in a past life and not in his present life.

For the present life to be free of past life traumas, this point of emotional focus needs to shift to positive. Hence, the negative emotion the person dies with is the most prominent mind-set which needs to be healed in the next life.

3) Past Lives and experiences form the base of values, beliefs and attitudes which we are born with. Our present perception of what life is all about depends on how it has been in our past lives.

Subconsciously, we, usually, expect the present reality to manifest the same way as our past experience has been. For example, as a child, if a particular teacher was rude to a person once, s/he would be scared to approach her again fearing that she would again be rude. S/he would, usually, not stop to think that probably she was rude that day because of something which happened in her life, which upset her on that day. The student’s  behavior reflects a common human thinking pattern.

We rarely associate a person’s behavior with a specific context. Instead, we make general judgments about that person or situation and expect a previous experience to get repeated irrespective of the present context.

Just as feelings get carried over from negative experiences in the present life-time, and form our future expectations, feelings get carried over from past life-times and form our expectations from the present life. Negative feelings experienced by the soul, in one life-time remain eternally through all subsequent life times, till processed, healed, transformed and released.

 To release negative emotions, just healing a past life does not help. We, simultaneously, need to change our core negative thinking patterns, in the present life, so that new negative energy is not constantly re-created by constantly focusing on negative aspects of life, or indulging in behaviors which causes problems.

For example, in Dev’s case, his mental peace was destroyed, due to accumulated negative energies, because his negative thinking pattern had not changed from that life to his present life. His dominant emotional focus remained that he had to take revenge, since the past 2500 years,  and therefore, negative energy of similar type kept getting recreated.

4) Negative emotions accumulated through lifetimes cause physical and/or mental diseases in the present life.

For example, Dev, due to a constant subconscious focus on negative emotions experienced in his past life, had developed depression, and was medically diagnosed with neurosis and suspected borderline schizophrenia.

Usually, the thinking patterns of the person remain the same through life-times and hence, the negative focus does not change. Hence, dominant negative emotions once experienced, keep recurring. Due to an inability to change his perspective, the person keeps repeating the same behavior which caused him problems in the previous life. Overtime, the negative energy released by focusing on negative feelings, starts poisoning the body organs due to a constant discharge of negative hormones in the blood-stream.
Metaphorically, if we take the example of the bruised arm again, if the hurt arm is not healed, over-time, the poison spreads throughout the body and harms other parts of the body as well.

As Diane Stein, author of Essential Reiki Healing, says-“Human life is filled with emotional pain and traumas, large and small. Most people are taught that expressing their feelings is inappropriate. Instead of allowing oneself to feel the pain and then release it, the emotion gets stuck inside. Where pain remains within and has no other release, it results in physical illness. Anger, frustration, fear, grief or loneliness are more often the source of human disease than any bacteria, virus or organic malfunction”

5) Our ambitions are usually a carry over from past lives

Usually, the deepest desires we carry are unfulfilled ambitions from past lives.

For example, Dev wanted to fight for justice in his present life, because he had been unable to accomplish justice in his past lives

Our ambitions are connected to the purpose of life which the soul plans to achieve in its life-plan. When the soul is unable to achieve its purpose of life, the ambition to do so gets carried over to the next life.

From the perspective of the soul, the ambition needs to be achieved from the level of feelings, and not .literally, at the external, physical level. For the soul, the act, by itself is immaterial. It is the emotion/intention behind the act which matters. Dev kept fighting and winning in all his lives, after the life of the Greek soldier, but, the soul was never satisfied, since his winning, in those lives, did not lead to accomplishment of justice.

Hence, before pursuing any ambition it is important to be aware which specific feeling one is seeking to satisfy from it. Also, it is necessary to judge whether the acts being pursued, to satisfy the ambition externally, satisfy the internal feeling or not. If not, the purpose or ambition would remain unaccomplished irrespective of the effort being put in. Most ambitions, in fact, remain unfulfilled because the person gets too focused on achieving the external outcome, and forgets about pursuing the feeling behind the ambition.

If difficult circumstances block an ambition or desire from coming true, it is usually because the soul knows that method being pursued would not lead to the satisfactions of feelings at soul level, even if the ambition is externally fulfilled. By blocking the ambition, the soul tries to channelize the mind towards finding other methods of fulfilling the feeling desired.  For example, in Dev’s case, he wanted to be a soldier to fulfill his unfulfilled ambition from previous lives. But, his soul did not allow that to happen because by being a soldier in his previous lives he had killed innocent souls. His life purpose was to gain power to spread justice. Gaining power but spreading injustice, could not help the soul get satisfied in achieving its life purpose.

6) Past lives influence our performance and success in the present life, because they form the basis of our core expectations from ourselves.

For example, Devs mind was adversely affected by the negative emotions of failure, betrayal and anger, since his death as the Greek soldier. These negative emotions were affecting his performance in each area of his life.

In his present life, he was performing below his own expectations or capability in exams since he had turned seventeen. The Geek soldier had been seventeen when he died of failure. Fighting the lions was a test task for the Greek soldier, which he failed in, due to the subconscious memory of which Dev had developed a performance anxiety since he was seventeen.

Thus, his fear of failure, carried over from the Greek soldier’s life, negatively influenced his ability to succeed in his present life.

Also, Dev wanted to be a soldier from his subconscious level, as being a soldier was his only memory of success, and he wanted to emulate that subconsciously rather than try something new, in which he was afraid of failure.

Thus, in the present life, we are confident about those tasks in which we have succeeded in past lives, and afraid of those tasks in which we have failed in past lives. However, the test of the soul is to overcome its fear and succeed in learning that lesson in which it failed earlier. Therefore, we keep encountering situations which irk us, so that we get enough opportunity to succeed this time around.

7) Past lives influence our relationships

Our closest encounters with people have elements of karmic balancing involved We get exploited and abused by those people on whom we have a karmic debt; and we get rewarded by those people who own a karmic debt to us.

The way we feel around different people is also determined by the kind of relationship we have had with those soul energies in the past life. If we feel repulsive towards a person, it is possible that we have been raped or cheated by that person in a past life... If we feel nice towards a person, it is possible that that person was a friend or lover in a past life. When we feel déjà vu, towards some places and people, it is usually because we have known them in previous lives.

Often, souls who have killed each other get incarnated in the same family or get married to each other, so as to balance karma. Hence, if we feel non-understood by family members, it is because we may have been abused by them in previous lives. For example, Dev always felt non-understood by his parents, just as he had felt non-understood by those souls, as the Greek soldier.

However, as long as we keep feeling unjustly treated, we would keep feeling betrayed and emotionally killed in each small encounter with family or spouse.

To heal this pattern of conflict, we have to change our point of focus towards these people from negative to neutral. Instead of automatically expecting the negative from them, we have to allow ourselves to deliberately expect the positive. A deep-rooted energy circuit would not change overnight, but, if further fuelled negatively, it will never change. As our soul evolves, we have to focus on our feelings with the awareness that our present focus would determine our future reality.

8) Past lives may be behind addictive behaviors

There is usually a deep unsatiated emotional craving is people who become addicts. The root causes of this emotional craving lie in a person’s childhood and past lives.

 For example, Dev’s craving for alcohol could be traced back to a past life, where he sees himself as a small child who is hungry and angry..

9) Past lives affect our ability to make free choices in life

When we take decisions which are emotionally intense, then they get impacted on the subconscious mind, and get carried over life-times. For example, after a period of starvation, a woman may take an oath – ‘I will never be deprived of food again ‘.Such a woman is likely to become fat in future life-times because she is afraid of getting staved again. Similarly, when a person in love makes an oath to his lover like—‘I will only marry you and no other’; then, he may get bound to this soul for life-times. If the soul does not get reborn with him in the next life-time, s/he may remain unmarried.

There are various kinds of oaths like – The Healer’s oath, where the healer swears that he will not make money from his profession, the soldier’s oath- where the person swears not to question a person in authority etc.

These decisions, vows and oaths need to be removed from the auric level, repeatedly, so that the energy circuit in the mind, which forces the person to abide by these rules loosens and breaks. Overtime, this helps the person get back his ability to make free choices in his present life.

To conclude, past lives have a major impact on how we feel and respond in different   life situations.

For healing the influence of past lives, other than past life therapy, we also need to be aware of each internal feeling we focus upon. That would help to decode a negative pattern in our internal reactions, which we can subsequently analyze and check. Just by being conscious, we can change our feelings from negative to neutral because usually the present life situations do not call for the extreme impulsive reactions we indulge in due to the subconscious movement of energies within.

However, without conscious mind control, the way we internally feel in different situations is usually automatic, as contrasted to being deliberately channelized, and affects our external behavior, without our awareness. The same pattern would continue at an emotional level till we deliberately attempt the art of mastering our consciousness.

For more details, please refer to the book:
IN SEARCH OF HAPPINESS ( how past lives affect the present, a soul's perspective )

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Creating professional success and contentment for the soul

Compromise or  feeling defeated never helps the soul evolve. To evolve, it is important to feel powerful, content and aligned with our inner voice. We have to keep changing our choice sin life to evolve to success from the soul level. The soul is not static. As consciousness expands. choices change . Our beleif in God increases as we follow our changing choices while remaining true and responsible , as God would in our place.

Staying in debt, but incurring meaningless expenditures, staying married to people who are negative and cursing your fate, doing jobs which pay but make your soul feel crushed -- all are ways which incur negative karma. Suffering arises when we create negative energy and negative karma because we are weak as souls . When we take choices as the Creator would for the good, then our soul helps us evolve.

The following is an excerpt from the book REDEFINING HAPPINESS

It is important to feel good to be happy. We feel good when we have dreams of happiness for that keeps alive our zeal to live. Dreams keep our soul alive because the soul is a part of the Creator. It has to create. The soul creates through thinking in a certain direction. Energy is released by feelings contained in our thoughts. Thoughts which have positive feelings entailed release positive energies necessary for creation of happiness. Dreams, ambitions and desires tell us what to create so as to feel enriched and evolve, as souls. Our soul cannot stay happy in the body, if we get used to monotony or boredom as a way of life , as those release negative feelings of emptiness in the soul. The soul devolves if we focus on emptiness as a way of life.

The devolved soul is like a positive light trapped in a dark body . If the soul’s light cannot radiate out through the body
, we feel depressed, diseased, demonic or sick of being alive; and keep waiting for death as   a rescue from the body. But, the death doesn’t help because the soul is caught in a negative energy circuit on Earth and has to free itself at an energy or thought level, to rise upto a positive dimension of freedom, creativity, love or happiness.

The technique of dreaming to keep the soul happy & radiant

Keep doing these steps mentally as you read them. Just reading will not help. The steps have to be practically applied in your imagination with feeling involved.


•       Sit with feet flat on the floor, spine upright or lie down.
Keep the backbone straight.
•       Focus on the top of your head and remove an imagined lid, as in a kettle. Imagine boiling water pouring out taking out your stress.
•       Feel black smoke coming out of the top of your head.
•       Now, feel a strong beam of light falling on your head from above filling your brain with light. Think that the light is spreading to all parts of your brain.
•       Feel the light travelling down to different parts of your face, to your cheeks, eyes, ears, chin, neck, chest, stomach, hands, finger, and legs.
•       Feel black smoke leaving your feet and feel lighted up in your whole body, as if a white cloud is filling your whole body with light
•       Now, silence your mind and take a deep breath.
•       Close your eyes if you feel like it but it is not necessary.
•       Now, imagine you are in a place where you are successful.
You  can  see  yourself  watching  the  film  of  you  in  the
central role on a TV.
•       If you do not have a concrete image of what happiness
means for you, just make an abstract film in your mind.
•       Feel yourself moving in the picture.
•       Make the picture colorful and as vivid as possible. Focus on being surrounded by energies of success and happiness. Keep imbibing the energies of success with feeling happy.
•       Feel the experience as real as could be in your mind.
Feel your clothes, your skin, your eyes, your smile, your gestures, and your movement.

•       Get  into the feel inside your body. Feel the energy of happiness in your being.
•       Now, feel yourself receiving the respect you desire, the appreciation and love you crave for. Imagine feelings of self worth swelling in you. Feel peace in your body as you imagine you are achieving your goals smoothly. Feel good that It’s Happening and! You are in it now!
•       Hear the sounds, focus on other people involved, hear the negotiations, hear the arguments, hear the questioning, hear the approvals, the laughter and hear your own mental talk.
•       Keep talking positively to yourself that your work will be done as you desire with success. Feel happiness rising in you as you feel successful.
•       Thank God that you feel happy and successful. Smile to yourself as you keep imagining. Focus on happiness in a way that you actually feel joyous in your body. That would ensure you release positive hormones in the body.
•       Feel powerful, successful or content as you come out of the scenario. Focus on the feelings you desire more than on the details of the picture.
•       We  are  manipulating  creation  of  energies  which  will manifest into form. The feelings of happiness are more important than focusing on the form through which you attain happiness.
•       Be  as  specific  as  possible  in  feeling  the  outcome  you desire. Feel it intensely. Keep yourself grounded on your feet in that picture. Do not think of your visualization as fantasy. Be in that body as in real.
•       Finally, connect to a halo of light above your head and take white energy in your stomach and chest. Breathe out any heaviness as you take in energy from the sky.
•       Radiate  out  light  from  the  centre  of  your  heart  and stomach, as if you are beaming like a Sun.
•       Tell yourself that ‘I thank God that I will be guided to the right profession where I would achieve these feelings of

purpose of incarnation. I allow myself to be guided by my
Higher Self in making the right choice at the right time.
•       Breathe in and  take in golden energy into your body.
Inhale the energy of the words into you, making it a part of your subconscious repertoire. Accept the guidance mentally even if you do not have clear choice yet on what to do or are confused that your choice may not get you these feelings which you desire. Choose to be flexible so that you can follow your subconscious guidance.
•       SMILE,    thank    GOD thank    yourself   for    accepting the guidance and feeling good and come out of the visualization.

Keep repeating the exercise mentally. Even if you do not have time to follow all the steps exactly each time. You can release positive hormones in your body by just allowing yourself to float into a smiling imagination whenever you can spare a few seconds.
The more you visualize, the happier you would feel and the energies of happiness would get activated in your life.
Overtime, your circumstances would change to manifest the feelings you focus upon.
The same technique is used for any visualization, be it creating feeling loved or healthy. The focus has to be on feeling the picture of the dream we desire, before taking action on how to achieve our dream.

If we programme our subconscious mind to focus on feelings of happiness, before making the choice on how to achieve happiness; our intuition will guide us in directions which would ensure our happiness.
Otherwise, we are likely to make choices out of fear or by following doctrines of a generalized definition of success or happiness; which would backfire in the long run.

Being successful to keep our family happy or prove our self worth in terms of other people’s definitions of success may not help us to feel happy from within.


this book can also be bought from the author