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MARRiAGE ---public opinion vs soul needs

Public opinion has a significant impact oh how we base our decisions, especially if we live in a society like India.
India is known for its family tradition, conservatism, joint families, rituals, geeks and illiteracy.We needed to regenerate the self esteem of Indian culture during the freedom movement to evoke people to rebel .
However, everything that is fair during love and war may not remain as fair after the war is over.

Today, our joint families and strict marriage institutions are the most blocking structures to an economic spurt. To be a part of that system, we cannot be free to be ourselves. The need to please others becomes more important to maintain peace than fostering expression of the soul.
Joint families are praised for the support to children. However, though, children are supposed to have the support of grand parents in joint families, women usually find the system suffocating on personal expression, which makes them grumble on other irrelevant issues. The men seem to keep their soul needs aside in order to fulfill their duties to parents and meeting responsibilities not relevant to their professional growth or soul evolution. Hence, both men and women keep feeling sacrificed to meet demands of a structure they get entangled in .The marriage appears rosy in the beginning but soon starts feeling like a rope around the neck due to all the traditional euphoria attached with it ,which you cannot throw off.
It would be so much easier if we could combine old age homes with orphanages, along with professional care-takers so that both kids and old people  feel entertained but where personal ego would not be involved in rearing children.

Several marriages continue literally because of fear of public opinion. Men find it too cumbersome to break an economic set up to find understanding and happiness for themselves. Daughters do not want to go back to their parents house because parents are afraid of society. It is as if marriage is considered a professional job for the girl and if she comes back, she is jobless and homeless.
Women constantly feel like a burden on their parents and husbands .Parents spend huge amount of money on the weddings instead of giving the money to their daughters in hand so that they could live with self respect, instead of depending totally on other people for support.
Partying, decoration, dressing and jewellery are taken as prestige issues . Huge amounts are spent on these superficial things of display on one day of the wedding. The display becomes more important than free breathing space for the girl  for a life time. Even if dowry is given, it is usually the boy's family which has a right over it. The couple by themselves are not given a priority about how they want to spend the money wasted on partying by the parents and inlaws.

 So, you virtually give your daughter away to people who she has never been with on the sole factor of trust which are anyways, rare in today's world. After that the daughter is bade good bye and she is supposed to adjust to the new house, food, clothing, spending crushing all her dreams only because she is a girl. The boy is supposed to look after the girl within his income even if his needs are not in tune with the girls' demands.

The women themselves feel they would defame their parents if they return and look foolish in society. Men also compromise with women who do not care to understand them or love them in order to maintain a social image. A standard of living which gives no happiness to the soul becomes more important than feeling free, loved and respected. Usually, the children also dis-respect the parents as they imitate the dominating members of the family. So, happiness of life which emerges from experiencing  laughter , freedom to be, and appreciation for positive points become sidelined in the constant abuse inflicted by dark,negative people of the house who are in dominating positions. Slavery continues at the emotional levels because of fear of breaking chains of luxury which you do not need.

The same logic of slavery applies to jobs as to marriages. Men get into marriage and professions, to meet demands of success. Once in the job, they may realize that this is not what they wanted to do. But they continue because they get caught in  a trap of money, luxury, social image, fame , adulation etc. They continue with a set up where they feel constantly bored or suffocated only because of fear of what other people will think if they leave.

Now, how does society matter over your personal freedom? Are you a conditioned slave ?

When we get used to a set up - be it having a car, a mobile phone, luxury, good clothes, pizzas and burgers, movies etc. we need to be aware that we use these things to get pleasure. Things are meant to serve us. We are not the servants of things, food, liquor, partying, clothes or houses and cars.
The pleasure we get from indulging in glitter or luxury,  is our escape from drudgery and boredom.
When we break free , we can easily adapt to another way of life , as well. The standard of living we get used to is not enslaving because when our life is less stressful , we do not need the same kinds of pleasure.

For example, if you are in a bad marriage and you feel suffocated living with your spouse, you would often need to eat out, shop around, drink and party to make up for the lack of love in your life. But, If you are with  a partner who sexually satisfies you and makes you feel desired, understood and loved' you would be happy spending your free time with him or her  or thinking of him or her , than using money to vent out your frustration. The core point to note is that even if you use the  money you earn to spend on drinking, eating out and partying but do not have peace in your house or love in your life, your pain does not reduce much with the partying and maintaining a high standard of living.

Your social image, expensive clothes, fancy cars and fake smiles do not compensate for the lack of respect in the eyes of your spouse.In your core, you feel worthless, unloved and hated . The negative thoughts you have behind the glamour you portray are the feelings which reach the soul.

Your sacrifice for keeping other people happy usually makes you create more negativity within yourself and the environment. You make yourself sad by constantly compromising. And, you make your spouse sad by forcing him or her to live with you. You may claim that the other person's survival depends on your support but how can you give happiness when you radiate negativity as a soul. You cannot give any happiness to a person by hating him or her in principle. If there is no understanding or sexual desirability in your marriage, you can only help yourself and the spouse by freeing him or her from your energy. Your happiness is in freedom from mental abuse and sexual rejection not in forcing yourself on like a ritual.

If you do not think alike with your spouse or your boss or your parents, and you continue with that set up because you feel you have no financial alternative, then you have to overtime, focus on moving out and become immune emotionally.  You cannot feel negative by staying on helplessly as that would aggravate the vicious circle of negativity you are caught in. Even if your financial situation dips when you move out, you higher levels of freedom and peace will compensate for the lack of luxury in your life.

Man is not a slave of the machine. The machine is a slave of the man. We cannot let our need for luxury over rule our needs for sexual and creative fulfillment  It is more happy to live in peace and have the space to smile , by being free of the need to answer people who  mentally abuse, than compromise your soul for having a life of luxury. The luxuries will not satisfy your inner cravings. They will only pull you into a mirage of needing more because the satisfaction you seek cannot come from external glitter.

Your social image, partying and friends help to give you company when you are lonely. But, if you feel loved, complete , sexually satisfied and creatively utilized, then you do not need to maintain an exterior image to attract friendship. If you spend more than your budget allows on eating, drinking and making merry; then , you may get people's company but you  cannot feel loved in your core.That is because the people only reduce your boredom, but to be happy, you have to let go of your negative choices in life which create the boredom.

Staying in a job or marriage only to make a good public image is suicidal for the soul. Overtime, the light from your life will go away and you would become more stressed and diseased , compromising with every breath you take. Then, even your coffee shops, discos  and expensive designer wear will have no impact on your constant feeling on inner sadness; but a freedom from that set up will immediately boost your spirits.

Re beginning of life always appears tough. But, if you are in a  jailed set up, you have to break free your own chains and go into the Garden of Eden.You may have got used to compromising in the jail but as long as you are sad, it means that you are losing out in your soul purpose.
At the end of the life, you , as a soul , would look back and review your life. If you die feeling helpless, you would feel like a failure however hard you may work at jobs which bore you from your insides. The soul incarnates to move to a higher positive frequency and if your choices are such that you feel sad with your life, you devolve to a negative soul frequency. It does not matter whether you sacrifice or kill to make dark forces happy. Pampering negative people is devolutionary for the soul seeking to spread light. As long as you are negative, and encourage other negative people to rule over you, you spread unhappiness and devolve.

What matters is that you are truthful within yourself and do not pamper people who are selfish or abusive in conduct only because they are your family or friends or colleagues. Your light spreads by being happy and clear in your own soul light, not by being impure by following traditional beliefs which may have gone redundant in function.

Other people do not come and live your life in your place. So, basing your judgments on what they think can be foolish from the perspective of evolving as a soul, especially if you harm genuinely honest people for the sake of pleasing dark forces. Your inability to judge a pure soul from a negative soul reflects as your karmic weakness.

If you try to meet the requirements of your livelihood over your needs of love or peace, the money you earn from the job will not help you be happy because the extent of negativity you create in your life and the lives of others by your stress will make the money lose its value as a means of security. Your unhappiness will spread the negative virus of feeling bad to all those who you talk to vent out your frustration. Also, by staying in marriages where you disagree with your spouse, you may harm children more than protect them as the negative soul would also lower the children's confidence. The negative feelings you indulge in by feeling helpless or sad and  the inability to protect the pure souls like children from negative fathers or mothers - reflects on your heath, mental anxiety and increasing hospital or liquor bills..

Public opinion matters only if you look at other people for your sense of right or wrong. If you connect to God, meditate regularly and can develop your own sense of right and wrong, from God's perspective of evolution , then you can lead people instead of following them. Mass consciousness evolves and India is considered a backward, ritualistic country because of its so called 'Parampara ', which is blocking on personal space and freedom of expression.
 Social consciousness evolves with time and if we observe, in richer , progressive countries, family ties are not as strong as in India. The state takes over more responsibility as economic ties do not bind people in suffocating set ups of mutual adjustment.

           As is given in the book CREATION OF HAPPINESS : THE ENERGY WAR, a soul's perspective :
            Our beliefs about life are often conditioned such that we get tuned into suppressing our negative feelings for the sake of maintaining a positive exterior front.   However, our positive self talk fails to help us if we feel negative within, irrespective of how it should be as per our beliefs and conventions.
            For example, if we are in a marriage (or in a job) where we have several differences with our partner, we may tell ourselves repeatedly that we are coping up happily but go on feeling sad within. The negative feelings would reach our soul, not what we tell ourselves consciously, since the soul only feels us at an energy level; it cannot hear our self rationalization.
             When we cheat our soul, we feel internally helpless and our bounce of life drops because the soul is like the filament of a bulb. It keeps getting its power from the main source of Life, through invisible energy circuits, which connect the soul to its Higher Self.
            If the focus of the body is on negativity, these energy circuits get clogged and the connection of the bulb to the source of light gets weakened.
            The soul can no longer connect to the Light and hence, it no longer feels positive. Its frequency lowers.
            Like a fused bulb filament, it feels trapped inside the body, unable to connect to or radiate life force. However, unlike the machine filament, the soul doesn’t permanently die. It has a unique consciousness, and the power to revive through exercise of its will.
            When the soul feels blocked it tries to restore back to its original frequency. To raise its frequency, it has to reconnect to the main source of Light.
            To reconnect to the light, it has to clear its energy circuits by removing all thoughts and beliefs which make it focus on the negative. Hence, our soul tries to break that structure around us, which forces us to focus on the negative aspects of life.
            For example, the soul which feels blocked in a marriage or in a job would try to remove this obstacle which it perceives is the cause of lowering its frequency. Thus, irrespective of our positive self-talk, our soul energy would pull us subconsciously to break the marriage or leave the job.
              If we ignore our subconscious pull, we would go on feeling sad. Overtime, due to feeling sad, we would develop mental and physical diseases, as there would be a consistent focus on stress and release of negative hormones in the body. The negative feelings would keep lowering the soul frequency, and our situation would turn from bad to worse as we go on reinforcing our focus on the negative situation.
            The only way to help our soul feel positive would be to make ourselves feel good, not merely tell ourselves that we feel okay. Feeling good internally would be a more honest experience and would necessitate changing a negative pattern of thinking or working or living.
            To feel good, we would need to release illusory fears of survival, which may be the reason for us to want to continue living in the negative experience.  Or we may have to break persistent, harmful habits which create problems in our job or marriage like laziness, impatience, rigidity of thinking, refusal to adopt positive beliefs, lack of self-discipline etc. In either case, feeling good within would require learning of soul lessons, failing which we would continue feeling negative.


AS souls, we live eternally. Our real home is on the celestial plane. We come on Earth to learn some soul lessons like we go to school to learn lessons. Each life is a part of a learning course. When we master a given syllabus, we cross a grade or a  dimension and reach a higher dimension. A higher dimension raises our power and closeness to the Creator. thus, to experience happiness in higher degrees, each soul wants to overcome challenges such as to reach a higher positive frequency of experience.
A record of our scores is kept in a  form of Karmic records. Karma is a measure of energy and the records are kept simply on the basis of negative or positive energy we release during a life. We release energy through feelings when we think or act . The more negative energy we release, the more we fail to pass our tests.
The more we can feel positive during life's challenges, the higher is our score. Success on Earth does not matter for the soul unless it leads to a higher positive frequency. The soul can choose to do any action to be happy or choose not to take any action but only meditate, but as long as the soul manages to be happy,healthy and in peace, its positive frequency rises.
There are several complexities involved in making of a life plan before the soul incarnates on Earth, as are explained in detail in all my books which are written to help the souls develop awareness of their life purposes and raise their happiness from within
The following is an excerpt from the book IN SEARCH OF HAPPINESS ( how past lives affect the present , a soul's perspective);

Section 1 - A brief description of the Life between Life (LBL) plane
a.    Where do we live when we die?

The concept that we continue to live after we die is not easy to comprehend. But, the fact that memories of past lives exist and working on them has a therapeutically healing effect, by itself , implies that there has to be a space where we live after we die on Earth and before we get reborn again. .This space is called the life-between-life plane. It has also been referred to as the celestial plane, heaven, the white Light, the Other Side etc.
The life-between-life space is considered to be our real home, whereas Earth is like a school where we come to learn some lessons and go back.  It is free of all negativities/ problems which arise due to limitations of time and space on the physical dimension.
Only positive frequencies can be experienced in the celestial plane as it is at a higher dimension. We have bodies as on Earth but they are made of a lighter substance/energy. We are connected with God all the tim       e and we feel whole and loved, not alienated as on Earth, due to an illusion of separation.
In the life-between-life space, we have memories of all our incarnations on Earth and on other planes of the universe. In fact, we make the life plan for the next incarnation after reviewing the plan executed in the previous life. We take up those lessons in the next life which have been left unfinished in previous lives.
Life-between-life sessions are needed to find out conceptual details about the life-plan with the aim of understanding the main purpose of life. They also help to find out which emotional lesson is planned to be learnt when a problem is being encountered.

b.    The making of a life-plan

The first step, while making the life-plan, for the soul is to decide the specific lessons it wants to learn during its incarnation on Earth. Then, the soul decides on how it is going to learn those lessons.
The soul plans to learn several of its lessons through family relationships (family includes parents, caregivers, relatives and associations through marriage), as one cannot escape family ties. Family members may be our biggest critics and hence may also be our most valuable teachers.
Family members become teachers because from their behaviour we learn what to do and what not to do. For example, if a person has an impatient father, his/her lesson may be to not lose patience as s/he may have been exposed to its ill effects from childhood.
We, usually, choose those souls as family members with whom we need karmic healing. Hence, there are frictions in families.
Other than choosing our family for learning emotional lessons and for karmic healing, we may also choose a particular family because we feel we need that kind of upbringing financially or socially, to achieve our main purpose of life.
Very often, our biggest challenge to move forward in life is to learn to undo beliefs and values which make us lower our self-esteem. Several of these beliefs and values come from the kind of upbringing we have.

Dev had chosen his family keeping all the above considerations in mind. His family members were his biggest critics, and hence his biggest teachers of what to do and what not to do. He needed karmic healing with them. And, he also needed that kind of upbringing, values, conflicts and financial support to achieve his main purpose of life.
The emotional patterns from the Greek soldier’s life were repeated in Dev’s present life. In his present life, as in the Greek soldier’s life, he was in conflict with the views of his parents. It was a love-hate relationship from both sides.
His parents behaved almost the same way with him as they had in the life of the Greek soldier. In the life of the Greek soldier, the king, his father always expected him to perform and win him accolades. The Greek soldier had started fighting when he was nine years old, and won a war when he was fourteen. This shows that as a child he was under pressure to perform as an adult. When he did not obey the king, and posed a threat to his pride, he was thrown in the lions’ den. The step-sister of the Greek soldier was always dishonest in her dealings with him and favoured the king at the cost of ditching him.
In his present life also, Dev’s father showed love to him only when he performed. He expressed cynical disapproval whenever he lost even if it was at a small school game. Hence, Dev was always under intense pressure to perform and felt that if he did not perform, nobody would love him. Dev’s mother sympathized with him sometimes but spoke negatively about him to his father and other people. When he overheard, he felt ditched.
The emotional lessons had got carried over from that life to this life because he had been unable to learn them in that life. Two obvious lessons involved were forgiveness and self-love for Dev. Maybe, his parents had to learn the concept of unconditional love and acceptance in face of defiance, being non-judgmental etc.

Dev’s case is a visible example of a life plan and how lessons get carried over from past lives. The same happens with all of us. We face most frictions in our relationships with our loved ones as most lessons are attached there.

c.    The concept of Death

Death is also planned in the life plan. We do not die unless we choose to. Subconsciously, we are always asked before death whether we want to leave and we go only if we silently agree to leave.
The Death point is referred to as an exit-point in some books, an apt term because death implies essentially, an exit from the Earth plane for the soul.

In a life plan, there are four-five exit points planned given the level of challenges we opt for. If we want to die early, we may plan to die through an accident, a heart attack, a disease, an ambush as in war etc. But, we may not take these exit points and die after living a complete life as of old age .

The exit point is also a transit point. Along with exit points, difficulties are clubbed which may be so intense that they may make the soul want to leave the Earth plane instead of staying and solving the problem. If the soul stays  on, it would have to change its vibrational frequency to more positive.

Overcoming such difficulties  usually  requires a transformation in the soul’s attitudes to life. For example, a financial crisis may be planned which may lead to a heart attack . Recovering from the heart problem would require that the soul change its thinking habits to being more stress free and positive . If the soul is unable to let go of its anxious mind-set, it may find it easier to die . However, the dying soul may not be aware that its problems would not go with death and it would have to face the same kind of crisis situations in its next incarnations till it learns to be non-anxious and positive in attitude.

 However, if the soul learns its lessons, it can recover from the crisis during its life., in a way that would lead to soul evolution more than success as visualized in human terms.
But, if the soul chooses to die with the problem instead, that is equally acceptable. The soul may choose that it is not yet ready for the lesson and postpone it. It can learn the planned lesson by planning the same problem in the next life-time, like Dev was doing, life after life.
However, though death is a relief for the leaving soul and hence need not be feared, Death cannot be used as an escape from problems. Suicide is usually not an exit point.

When a person refuses to grow emotionally, either by waiting for death, dying early or by committing suicide, it is time wasted for the soul as the soul has to relive the same life , all over again, with the same emotional problems for mastering its soul lessons. The life plan is virtually repeated till the soul is able to achieve its purpose of life. Dev had been repeating the same life plan since two thousand years only because he chose to die early almost each time, and still wanted to.

d.    The Council

When a soul makes a life plan on heaven, it takes help from his/her spirit guides. Once the plan is made, it has to be submitted to a Council in heaven.
The Council is like an Editorial Board. According to reports given by diverse people who have journeyed to the LBL plane under hypnosis, the Council has about twelve evolved souls. They have the appearance of old wise men or women.

Need for a Council - The Council checks on each soul plan and decides whether it is feasible or not. The feasibility needs to be assessed because the soul may make too difficult a plan in order to learn its soul lessons fast. For example, a person may plan separation from a lover and a cancer together in its life on Earth. His situation, therefore, may get so traumatic that the soul may decide to die rather than deal with the sadness.
So, the plan needs to be subdued such that the difficulties encountered are spaced out well and lead to learning of the emotional lessons, rather than giving up on them as happens when the soul ends up with suicide or death.
The Council makes suggestions on how the plan can be mellowed down so that the soul is able to achieve his/her purpose of life.
The final decision, however, lies with the soul. The soul may/may not accept the Council’s suggestions.

  The Hall of Records

The Hall of Records, also called the Hall of Akashic Records is the hall where the records about all our lives are stored in full detail. It is like a Karmic library in heaven. Any life we need to review can be found there.
The lives are stored systematically. Each theme of lives has a separate record book. For example, if our main soul lesson is learning to cultivate patience, then there would be a separate record book which shows the number of lives we have lived to learn patience.
During a hypnotic session, the records can be visualized in the form of doorways to make the process easier.
When a person goes into the Hall of Doorways, he sees the records of his lives in the form of separate doors. There are a number of doors, indicating the number of lives the person has already lived for achieving the purpose of life which the soul wants to achieve in this present life.

Usually, people live four to twelve lives in one theme. Hence, they may see several doors there.

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KARMA passes from one life to another as it is a measure of soul evolution from one grade to another. Several problems occur due to karmic debts from past lives but karma is only a  measure . It is not the cause which creates the problems. Karma is the marks we obtain in a  test. It is not the test itself.

However, if we fail in a test , we have to clear it before moving onto the next stage of life. So, if we have negative karmic debt, problems keep coming in our lives in related areas till we can overcome them , by creating positive or neutral energy in the place of negative energy we created earlier.

The following is an excerpt from the book IN SEARCH OF HAPPINESS ( how past lives affect the present, a soul's perspective )

How is Karmic debt calculated?

Karma accumulates over life-times. A person’s karma in the present life is determined by the average quality of energy he contributes by his thoughts, words or actions, in the universe, over a period of life-times.
 Metaphorically explaining, if we view one life as a video-game, then karma is the number of points we lose or win while playing the game. The points of the player or the karma of the soul add up as the soul moves from one life to the next, and get carried over to each new life.

Just as the player needs to overcome  the obstacles in the video-game and win positive points to reach the end of the game victorious, our soul has to make up for its lost karmic points or negative karma to move up on the scale of evolution.
Till the player gets positive points and neutralizes the negatives, it cannot win the game.
Likewise, we have to repay our karmic debt for achieving our destination/dreams of life, as planned as souls.
The negative points have to be neutralized by obtaining a higher number of positive karmic points .Positive karma helps the soul achieve a positive energy balance, necessary to find happiness.

For instance, if a soul has been a killer in one life and a saint in another, it is the overall balance of karma which would affect its stage of evolution at any one point.
In other words, the person’s karmic debt in his present life would equal the amount of negative energy he created in the life of the killer, minus the amount of positive energy he created in the life of the saint.
If the soul has incurred -10 points in the killer’s life and + 8 points in the saint’s life, his present karmic debt would be -2. Till the karmic debt is not cleared, the negative energy would not transcend into positive. The soul would evolve to the next higher plane of the game or evolution, only when his karmic debt is cleared.

 In other words, obstacles would block the player’s progress in the present level of the game till the player is able to overcome them, and pass on to the next level of the game.

Since, karma is a measure of energy, for negative karma to be cleared, it is necessary to create neutral or positive energy in its place in our own life and in the lives of others. However, it is not necessary to heal the same number of souls as we may have harmed. It is only necessary to create the same quantum of positive energy as the quantum of negative energy we created, so as to neutralize the negative.

Hence, if the person carrying the karmic debt can make even one person very happy, it may balance his/her negative karma against several people.

 However, the reverse is equally true. A person can create huge amounts of negative karma by making one person severely unhappy, even if this person has been creating positive karma for several others.
As a religious verse says “If you heal one soul, you heal the whole mankind; and if you hurt one soul, you hurt the whole mankind “.

Does Social service help in clearing negative karma?

Creation of positive energy by focusing on positive feelings and actions, without harming others, is a sure method of clearing karma, and healing suffering. But, focusing on positive actions while feeling negative within may not lead to repayment of karma because the action, by itself, would not be counted at the soul’s level of existence. Only feelings matter to the soul’s energy cycle.
Being  pre -dominantly positive within while taking actions only can  help to repay karma. Joy, peace and happiness are positive energies and cannot come in our lives when we feel predominantly negative, irrespective of our external acts.

Thus, activities like social service and praying done for repayment of negative karma, would not always lead to creation of happiness in one’s life, if the focus of the person is more on negative thoughts than positive on an average .

Like, if we pray out of fear, then the prayer would multiply fear in our life not joy. Praying would connect us to God only when we do not feel negative. God is energy of high positive frequency and cannot reach our soul frequency if it is negative. Praying works when it helps us attain thoughtless states or positive states of mind.

According to Julie Soskin, author of ‘How psychic are you? ‘-- ‘The karmic laws of cause and effect act on you every second of your life... If possible, what we create in this life, it is better to heal in this life itself rather than carry it forward to another life. The more the dirt, the stickier it gets. ’
-----------------except from chapter 11 KARMIC BALANCING, IN SEARCH OF HAPPINESS ( how past lives affect the present, a soul's perspective )

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HAPPINESS is created through a science of energy movement on Earth. REDEFINING HAPPINESS is about understanding the energy science to create happiness with our efforts in alignment with our soul needs. We will seek to minimise conflicts in our mind and aim at multiplying outcomes which lead to happiness for soul, mind and body.

In this course,
How to break patterns of anger, hurt, sadness etc.?
How to grasp soul’s perspective to dissolve karmic cycles?
POWER POINT PRESENTATION OF TIME LINE, 0, +, - energy states of mind
PHONE _ 9873535139
Date- 27 July, 2013, Saturday
TIMING: 11 am – 4.00 pm
INVESTMENT – Rs.  2300


Dr. Swati Shiv is an Emotional Management and HAPPINESS consultant and facilitator. She has been practicing integrated emotional management therapy through using hypnotherapy, REIKI, NLP, spirit release, life between life therapy, Theta healing and past life therapy for several years. Her work focuses on teaching happiness while helping clients evolve their souls through healing physical diseases, relationship conflicts, confidence problems, removal of phobias, negative spirit attachments etc.
She has written three books: IN SEARCH OF HAPPINESS (how past lives affect the present), a soul’s perspective

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 The following is an excerpt from the book 


Chapter 16
Changing Consciousness of the Planet Earth

“You don’t need to strive for perfection to be perfect. Nobody can be perfect in a single, generally defined way because each one is perfect in his/her own unique way …  You only need to be aware that you are a part of a higher awareness….and the higher awareness knows how perfect you are, for the work you came for".

The time on Earth, now is close to the so-called Second coming of Jesus Christ which has been forecasted.  There is supposed to be a Day of Judgment, accompanying the end of the present age on Earth, on which it would be decided which souls would go to heaven and which to hell.

However, contrary to the simplistic religious interpretation of the Day of Judgment, from the soul’s perspective,  which reads only energies/ feelings behind  phenomenon, there is not supposed to be a single day in which humans will stand in a line and God will decide on who should go to heaven and who to hell

Going to Heaven or Hell is an outcome of a learning process in which advanced souls are expected to help human beings evolve to higher levels of consciousness. But, though an advanced soul, like God, can guide us on how to choose brightness and happiness as ways of life instead of worry and gloom;  the final choice of whether to enter heaven or hell lies with each individual soul, as it always has.

 In successive moments of crisis, if we choose the path towards happiness, from our soul’s perspective, we enter heaven because then, we would die satisfied at the moment of death. The spirit feels positive while leaving our body when we die feeling satisfied. If the spirit feels positive, it would reach the positive dimensions of heaven.

But, if we have regrets at the moment of death, because of the choices we have made in our life, we would die feeling negative. If we feel negative or sad or unhappy at the moment of death, we may not be able to connect to the positive dimensions of the Light. So, as spirits feeling negative, we may enter a dimension which would support our negative frequencies. Negative frequencies are supported in dimensions like hell.

The choice to feel positive or negative while choosing paths in life is ours, but where those choices lead us to reach, as souls, becomes a mechanical process of matching energy frequencies.

The Day of Judgment holds at a feeling level from the soul’s perspective. There would come a moment in each of our lives where we would have to choose between the path which would lead us to feel content from within, as souls and the path which would seem practical from a financial perspective , but may not lead to what we desire to achieve, as souls.

If we choose the path which appears financially realistic at the present moment, but demands that we leave our happiness or our ideals of a positive life, in the process, then we may choose against God.

Only the path which makes us feel peaceful from within and helps our soul evolve to a higher positive frequency, would take us closer to the ideology or frequency of God or heaven. It does not matter what actions we take to feel peaceful, and whether those actions are conventionally rational or irrational ; all that matters in evolution is that we, as energy beings ,  raise our frequency to match the positive energy of the dimensions of heaven.

If our positive frequency is rising, it means that we are successfully passing our soul tests and moving towards achieving our soul’s purpose of incarnation. In the process of graduating as souls, we learn the art of mastering consciousness to create happiness in our lives while on Earth.

Usually, if we choose the path which helps us uphold our positive ideology in the present moment in the hope that it would lead us to happiness in the future, we take a leap of faith. When we take a leap of faith, we surrender to God as we tread on a path which seems blind, trusting that God would help us. When we trust that God would help us, we align with the thinking of God and allow miracles or unexpected manifestations, to happen in our lives, in alignment with our dominant point of focus.

Whether we finally achieve our financial goals of success or not, on this path which leads to our happiness, we would still feel happier from within, than we would by choosing a path, where we compromise out of fear that God would not be able to help us. The moment we compromise on the belief that God cannot help, we lose trust in God and move further away from the way of working of the Creator. That lowers our frequencies as we become negative. The fear in us does not match in energy frequency with the positive faith of being like God. The mis-match of energy between our thinking and God’s thinking, prevents the positive frequencies of God from helping us.

Subsequently, we enter a negative energy cycle. Hence, though we may keep succeeding at the external levels, our belief in God or happiness or goodness keeps falling further. As a result, we cannot achieve happiness inspite of all the financial wealth we amass, because we feel that our life is based on a compromise.

The continuous focus on the negative leads us to die feeling negative. The thought a spirit dies with remains in his energy, and influences his release to the celestial zones. This negative thought has to be transcended into positive to facilitate the transition of the spirit, from the Earth plane to a spiritually positive dimension. When the spirit’s energy is clear and detached, it raises its frequency at the point of leaving the body and can reach the dimensions of positivity, like heaven. (For more details on the concept of Spirit Release, please read the book - In Search Of Happiness - how past lives affect the present, a soul’s perspective)

As spirits, we face a black door or a Sun-like bright energy when we die, as is often seen in past life regressions. Feeling negative causes us to reject God or the bright Light which calls us with love. We do not feel loved when we feel compromised and hence, cannot receive the energy of love or light. By dying feeling sad or defeated, we, subconsciously, accept blackness or hang in between heaven and hell.

 Whether we go to hell or choose to hang in between, our soul devolves. When our soul reincarnates, in another body, we are born feeling negative. At an energy transmission level, we affect our future incarnations, negatively because we keep living at a point energetically frozen with doubt in our minds. Energy does not dissolve automatically, like the body does. It has to be transcended into positive with conscious mind control.

As spirits who die feeling alienated from Light at the point of death, we are not sure about the existence of God and we spread those thoughts as ripples of energy along the same focus point.

Our negative energy affects any soul energy which matches us in frequency. So, by dying negative and not reaching the Light, we affect the souls who are alive and feel negative by making their traumas worse.
However, after 2012, with the changing frequencies of the planet, we would no longer be able to hang in between heaven and hell as spirits.
In the New Age, spirits would have to depart to their original dimensions where they came from or devolve to a lower dimension, like the animal kingdoms, so that they cannot lower Earth’s frequencies by sending out negative transmissions.

The prophesized Day of Judgment would be a moment of time in each soul’s life where s/he would be asked to make a final choice.

Happiness will increase in lives of those who choose to think like God in positive vibes whereas the struggle for survival will increase in the lives of those who choose to disbeleive.

At the point of death, the souls who choose heavenly paths would move on to dimensions of happiness wheres the souls who choose hell would move to lower dimensions like animal planets where evolution restarts from the struggle for survival.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Karma forms the syllabus of a life-time

The following is an excerpt from the book IN SEARCH OF HAPPINESS( how past lives affect the present , a soul's perspective. The book explains how karmic debt gets carried over life times because we fail to heal our negative thought process in the present life.
The book also exemplifies how death does not resolve any problems. It shows how the person lives nine lives with the same set of problems manifesting in different ways.

Section 5 - General Awareness - Karma forms the syllabus of a life-time
              What is Karma? (Some questions regarding Karma )
              Learning karmic lessons for the soul is like learning to walk is for the toddler
o   (Preventing the need to sin)
              Karma forms the syllabus of a life-time 
Washing away karmic debt 

Karma is a measure of the kind of energy which our soul emanates during a lifetime through our focus on some thoughts over others.

Our soul is a non-physical being. It is in an energy form. Hence, our soul cannot take any physical action. As souls, beings  of energy; we cannot touch or see the physical aspect of reality except through the energy underlying it. For example, when we make love or read a book or steal, our soul only receives the energy which emanates during the act, be it positive or negative. 

When we feel positive, we radiate positive karma from the core of our being , as souls. When we feel negative, we radiate negative karma from the core of our being as souls. Negative energy released from the core creates negative energy cycles or negative karmic cycles in our life. Negative karma has to be transcended into positive energy through energy rotation by reversing our direction of thinking such that we can feel positive in the same acts which made us feel negative earlier or we can create more positive energy than the negative energy we created earlier. When we radiate positive energy, our life starts moving in positive energy cycles of happiness.

Karma forms the syllabus of a life-time

Diane Stein, the author of ‘Essential Energy Balancing’, writes - ‘Karma is pain carried over lifetimes. It is woven into our mind-grid when the soul plans birth in a human body. It forms the belief system the person is born with and which needs to be changed or evolved as part of soul evolution. Each incarnation gives the soul a chance to experience, grow and learn in a different physical body. Karmic patterns carry over several life-times, circumstances and situations, till the negative energy is transcended into positive.’

Essentially, karma forms the syllabus of a life-time. It decides the kind of negative emotions we, as souls, want to overcome in one life-time. Just as a course syllabus entails the subjects and the problems the student has to understand to move to a higher grade, our soul’s life plan entails the kind of emotional lessons of maturity it needs to imbibe, to understand happiness.

A pattern of recurring problems is usually, karmic, as they occur due to the soul testing itself. If the soul is unable to learn the lessons in that life, the test passes to the next life.
When the soul is able to use a difficulty as a means of evolving to a higher level of consciousness, it succeeds in transcending its karmic debt into positive energy.

For example, I had a client who was deeply in love with a man and he was in love with her but they could not communicate with each other. We found that the reason was that they had been responsible for each other’s death and misery in previous lives. In two lives, she had betrayed him accidently as he was a soldier and she was from an enemy camp. In other few lives, they had fought and he had left her in anger while going for wars. Then, he had died in the wars while she had lived alone waiting for him to return. The negative energies they had created for each other made them subconsciously afraid of being together again.
In the present life, due to some mis-understandings, the girl felt betrayed emotionally, as severely as he may have felt betrayed at the point of death in the past lives. (The soul does not recognize death of the body. It only understands the emotional aspect associated with death, as the soul does not die, by itself. ) Avenging a physical death with an emotional death was karmic balancing on the soul’s part but made both of them feel rejected by each other in their present lives.
They started pretending indifference to each other in anger.
 Both of them had to break a subconscious cycle wherein they usually parted. This cycle could break only if instead of becoming the victim or abuser, one of the souls chose not to get provoked by the other . They had to learn to let go and focus on feeling positive while in love, instead of feeling judged or betrayed again.
But, feeling happy in imagination while assuming rejection in reality was a tough challenge for both, which required a belief in the process of visualization, above their self imposed exiles.
If they could presume the other loved, without asking for overt physical evidence, the gates of communication could open but each kept waiting for the other.

Another example – Overcoming the karmic cycle of cheating and being cheated

Overcoming any karmic cycle requires an inner drive to lead a happier life than in the present. If one enjoys focusing on the troubles in the present, and doe s not hold back revengeful feelings, soul learning cannot happen.
 Usually, if one gets cheated in a relationship, it is because one has cheated the erring spouse in a past life or someone else in the same life. If you create the energy of betrayal, it would circle back to you karmically even if it’s not from the same person.
The karmic cycle of cheating would continue till one gets over the desire to cheat another soul for whatever reason. Breaking a karmic cycle does not mean that the soul should suffer the trauma of being cheated, feel humiliated or feel guilty that it is paying for its sins from past lives. It only means that the soul has to shift its focus to feeling non-negative/detached.

To break the karmic cycle, the need to take revenge should be defeated as it usually creates negativity.
Instead, the soul can become indifferent to the spouse and move on into another relationship by realizing they have differences without feeling unnecessarily sad or bitter.

The victim’s focus has to be on learning the soul lesson rather than on suffering. That way the suffering may continue but for a shorter time.

 The suffering or the experience of difficult circumstances continues because the negative energy once created takes its own time to get transcended into positive, even after the soul starts focusing on the positive soul lesson. During this period, negative emotions keep resurfacing.

The reality we experience in our present is a manifestation of the feelings we have been focusing upon in our past. The process of creation of reality is similar to the creation of a building. A building, once built, even if undesirable, would take time to get demolished; and there will be an intermediate phase before a new building can be built in its place.

The soul starts the process of learning its karmic lessons when it makes its choices in order to feel happy, and lets go off all beliefs which prevent it to grow to being happy. It has to decide to stop being stuck in redundant phases of growth.

Once the soul lesson is learnt, the soul forgives the other soul by understanding him/her as being less evolved, or caught up in a negative phase of life.

We do not get difficulties which we do not have the ability to overcome. We plan our tests ourselves, as souls. And the difficulty of the tests varies with the level of soul evolution. An advanced soul would not get as simple tests as a young, inexperienced soul would because that would not help evolve its consciousness. So, the more advanced we are, the more difficulties we face, and the greater we can evolve in terms of achieving levels of happiness.

The core realization involved in karmic repayment is that the soul hates that behaviour the most which it has indulged in the past and despised itself for engaging in it; like Dev said he hated being betrayed whereas he himself had betrayed in a past life. This is an observable pattern in past life therapy sessions.

When we forgive the other soul, for abusing, we also forgive ourselves for the same mistake done by us in a past life. Once we forgive ourselves, we stop attracting that kind of negative energy.  We let go of that life, and let ourselves evolve to a higher frequency, where we can achieve our purpose of life through the route the soul wants us to follow.

When we compare life to a video-game, karmic difficulties are like levels in a video-game. They help the driver improve his balance. The driver keeps failing in obstacles till he learns to overcome them.

Once he learns to balance, he wins the game. .Akin to the driver winning the game, once the soul lesson is learnt, our soul achieves its destination in that aspect of life. Now, even if a similar obstacles comes which made it fall/feel negative earlier, the soul passes through it without letting it affect its progress.
-- excerpt from SECTION 5-  chapter 10- KARMIC BALANCING