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Self hypnosis - how it helps in daily living

Self Hypnosis is a basic technique of accessing our soul self. Hence, it is included in all my books which cover techniques of self healing.

SelF Hypnosis is not a  state of deep trance. It is a mental state of being focused on  a singular mind activity. Healing the mind is very important for healing the body.
If you just focus on healing the body, the problems would not go from the mind. It is our subconscious mind which controls the autonomic functioning of the body. So, until we access our subconscious mind, we cannot heal ourselves completely from any mental stress or physical disorder.

Our subconscious minds controls 90% functioning of our mind. Conscious mind is only about 10 % of our mind. The rational, reasoning , evidence based mind which we so much depend on is like a blackboard or the computer screen for the body. But, the Hard Disc is the subconscious mind.

It is easy to access the subconscious mind if we know the technique. The changes which we want to make in our life are best implemented if we can program our subconscious. Self Hypnosis is the best known tool available to access the subconscious mind.

The following technique can be used for going into self hypnosis:

Using Self Hypnosis to programme alternate responses

Hypnotism is a technique used to calm our argumentative mind so that we are don’t talk negatively to ourselves. By shutting off the internal chatter of the conscious mind, we can access our internal, subconscious mind. Hypnosis is not the same as mesmerism. It is only a meditative state where we are focused on a singular mind analysis. It is essentially a technique of communicating with our life force soul energy by silencing the external reality.
The idea of accessing the subconscious mind through self hypnosis, is to get an internal response which is non-negative, in the same situation which created anger earlier.
The following steps help to develop the hypnotic/ prolonged state of silence in the mind. Practice them as you read them

The Process of getting into self hypnosis

1) Sit in a chair in an upright position, spine straight but relaxed, feet flat on floor.
2) Keep both hands open, fingers spread out. Place hands on thighs.
3) Relax your facial muscles and your shoulders.
4) Feel balanced in your body posture. Be comfortable and in control. Feel safe.
5) Now, keep your chin parallel to the ground.
6) While keeping your chin parallel to the ground, bring your eyes down and begin to watch both your hands, simultaneously.
7) Keep on watching both hands for some time, maintaining focus on both hands at the same time.
8) Also, be aware of your incoming breath and outgoing breath.
9) In case your eyes feel tired, you can close your eyes while maintaining awareness of the two points and your breathing.
In case you lose focus, bring it back as soon as you are aware you have lost focus. Be in this state for a few seconds. Feel your head relaxing and the body very calm. This is a state of feeling relaxed.
10) To move into self hypnosis, go into a state of lesser self negotiations. Counting backwards help to shun the thinking process and open the subconscious mind.
  Start counting backwards from 25-1. At 1, you are in a deep level of your subconscious mind. Take a deep breath, exhale and say Relax to yourself. You will be in a relaxed state of mind now.
11) Be in this state for a few minutes
12) Developing alternate responses subconsciously
YOU can create different mind programmes in this calm stat.
If you need to study with focus, imagine that yourself in the process as you would desire it.
Go to your study area. Open your books. As soon as you open your books , imagine that you can study with concentration. All the outside sounds are silenced as if there is a wall between you and the outside world. 
Then, feel that what you are studying is useful and interesting , as watching a film or doing exercise. Feel your complete focus on your study and imagine that everything you study is going inside you. Feel yourself happy at the new knowledge you are receiving.
Feel that you are taking in information and your brain is being lighted up as it absorbs. Imagine drinking in knowledge as you take in water. 
Imagine yourself studying for some time with complete focus. 
You are completely in the book and cut off from the world. 
The state is as intense as you watch a television serial .
Then, imagin yourself taking a break and closing your eyes for a second. Frink in the energy of knowledge. Actually, feel the eneergy going in your body.
Feel your brain absorbing and lit up.
Keep studying for some time and tae breaks to absorb the information, just as there are advertisements.
After some time, close you book, inhale and tell yourself that you are satisfied with what you have read. Try to write down all the main points. Feel the satisfaction and smile.
Imagine your exam results and see a positive score. Keep imagining yourself in the exam hall performing with satisfaction. Feel happy and relaxed as you write the exams. 
Visualize the report card often and feel happy that you worked hard marks. Imagine other people congratulating you.
Practice this exercise every night for  a few minutes, before sleeping. Your concentration will improve dramatically as much as you can create  in your visualization.
Learning to visualize happy thoughts in self-hypnosis.
At step 11,
Think of a happy event in the part  or something  you would like to happen in the future.
Ask--Is it black and white or colours.
Is it near or far ? Bright or dim ? How big is it ? Are you in the picture or out of the picture ? Is it focused or defocused ? ? Is it moving or still ?
How close do the sounds feel?
What is the feeling in the body , pleasant or unpleasant ?If unpleasant, choose a picture which brings up pleasant feelings.
 Now, imagine there is a remote in your hand. Make the picture brighter, more colorful , focused, life-size, moving . Bring the picture near and get in the picture.
Hear the sounds clearly. Feel it as if it is happening now. BE IN THE EXPERIENCE.
Feel the feelings in your body. Physiology and the emotional state are connected.
Now, freeze this picture like this. Keep feeling the happy feelings for as long as you can.
USING-- anytime you feel stressed during the day.-
Use this process just before sleeping at night . Do not wake yourself up.
Wake yourself up in the morning and you will feeel happier . SMILE without reason , thank GOD , day dream of happiness for a few minutes and then gt up. Your day will go better..

Anger management through self hypnosis:
Anger comes from our subconscious mind. It is an automatic response. Even if we chose not to react externally, we often cannot help feeling furious internally. The internal focus on feeling negative is harmful.
Therefore, we need to choose to feel internally immune to anger. For this, we can use self-hypnosis. Self hypnosis can be achieved by developing a mild state of trance through a series of self reflective steps. Self hypnosis is a state of extended thoughtlessness. It has a calming effect on the body and helps to release positive hormones. The only difference between the two states is that in self hypnosis, we move from one thought to another in the domain we are addressing whereas in the pure thoughtless state, we just stay in a single position of the mind.

To be able to behave in a restrained manner, automatically, in a negative situation which usually causes us anger, it helps to practice reliving the same scenario in our imagination, when we are calm. This rescripting will work as a command to the subconscious mind and we will find ourselves more indifferent, when the negative energy attacks to make us lose our balance.
Practice the imagination of being in that negative situation which causes you anger, and visualize yourself being calm within, while in that situation. Do this mental exercise when you are free and outside that situation. Create the same encounter in your mind and remain immune to its negativity, as if the negativity does not affect you anymore. Do not give that person the credit of listening to, agreeing or rejecting his suggestions. Just ignore the whole scenario as if you think it is too irrelevant to even bother to think about.
Practice being in control a few times and you would find that your subconscious reactions automatically change. In your mind, imagine you are immune, thoughtless and oblivious to the external situation for as long as possible. 
Then, if you do need to react, choose to react, using the least extreme emotion, which will be possible now that you have developed more immunity to the external attack of negativity. Repeat this acting out in your mind, several times. SMILE at the end and release positive hormones in your body by feeling the calmness spreading in. 
As your internal balance changes, you will stop attracting as much negativity from outside.
Being calm in imagination through an externally provoking situation would raise your soul’s power to be above negative dimensions. The artificially created calmness in imagination will help your mind recreate the same calm reaction, when you actually face the situation in reality. The forced choice to be immune will help you gain mind control, and prevent your senses to get overtaken by the anger emotion, without you having any control over them.
Start practicing mind control by being thoughtless, as that would help you break the negative energy circuit. After you gain control in being thoughtless, you will be able to subsequently, switch your mind to focus on the positive, within a few minutes.  
The idea is to shift focus from staying worked up, to staying at peace within by forcing imagination focused on calmness. Use your energies to direct your mind to respond, internally and externally, in a way in which you desire (You respond internally, by the way you feel; and externally, by the way you behave).
In the imaginative film you create, feel detached to the anger. Focus on counting your breath or day dreaming instead of taking in the external situation. Feel that you can be free internally, irrespective of the comments other people pass on you and feel clear in response. Do not let the negativity infect you and worsen your balance.
Without conscious awareness of your focus, you may be reliving that angry situation in your mind, all the time by feeling negative. Now, instead of reliving that negative situation again and again, and feeling stressed because of that, stay thoughtless, detached and at peace in a virtual or imagined reality. Your feelings of peace would create positive hormones in your body and in actual reality; you would be able to exercise being thoughtless at will. 
In this calm state, visualize yourself as powerful as you can. Feel that you are successful and appreciated by people who love you. With this positive feeling, enter a situation which makes you angry, with innate confidence. Accept first impressions coming to your mind. How are you taking in the negative words? Are they affecting you as much if your self worth is already proven? Can you be more immune to the sarcasm? See the person opposite you who is screaming? Do you think he can understand your perspective? Does he have the intelligence which he portrays he has? Has he exhibited intelligence in behaviour or does he only speak caring words without following them up with action? Is the person reliable or do you repeatedly feel more betrayed than supported? What should you do to feel happy in that situation when you are with someone who is thinking very differently from you? Can you turn a deaf ear and walk away or do you need to confront?
If you walk away, SMILE inside as you walk away. Then, take a deep breath. Feel energies of calm in your stomach. Go to step 13 and wake yourself up.
If you choose to confront, try the following method to minimize negativity.
With mental immunity and a feeling of inner power, relive the situation mentally to create a new script subconsciously for the next encounter. While reliving the defiance in your mind, feel yourself choose a milder reaction which causes minimum stress in you and yet, gets you close to the desired results. If you go into the situation by focusing on the person’s energies than on his dominating exterior, you would find that you are internally feeling less attacked. You entered the situation feeling powerful. Hence, the other person’s negativity does not infect you as much, as your own mental health is strong. Use the minimum words to make an impact. If that person can understand your perspective, feel him nodding YES. If that person is arguing back, do not fuel the argument as that person is not displaying understanding. Your effort would go waste even if you scream back. Instead, raise your power as a soul and walk away.
If you feel hurt by his non understanding, you may also need to use the MIRROR IMAGE TECHNIQUE given previously. Imagine there is a mirror in you which reflects back his negativity. That way you would not get infected by his negative energies.
The remarks would hurt in memory as well. Therefore, whenever you recall the situation, always place an imagined mirror between you and the other person. Mentally, grow yourself double his size. Speak your mind out in your imagination as that would be less stressful than hoarding suppressed feelings or confronting directly.
Then, cut ENERGY CORDS with the person before leaving the situation. Mentally, release his soul fragment from you and send his negative energy back to him. Feel immune to his presence and feel yourself as strong and positive as you were before entering the event. 
If you still feel upset, in your mind, that means that in reality also you would feel upset. So, after confronting, mentally, scream AAAH in that instant, a few times to release any anger you still hold at being non-understood. Throw out his negative energy of anger as a ball of fire going back to him. You may see him taking back his energy and see it dissolve into light, in his own aura. You may also place a mirror inside him, so that he attracts back his own energy and learns his lessons.
After you release your frustration mentally, feel blue light coming in its place in your mind and feel a complete breath of silence. Touch yourself in your third eye for a second. Feel calm as you touch your third eye. Tell yourself that each time you touch your third eye, you will feel as calm. That will anchor the calm feeling in your body.
Feel yourself walking away in a detached, unaffected, calm mode.
Go to Step 13 and wake up.
13) Waking up from Self Hypnosis
After a few minutes, take a deep breath. Slowly bring yourself back into conscious awareness.
Tell yourself: When I count up from 1-5, At 5. I will open my eyes. When I open my eyes, I will feel calm, grounded, refreshed and relaxed. Let all this be integrated in my subconscious mind and accepted as a part of my personality. Breathe in the suggestion as an energy intake of white light.
Now, count up from 1-5. At 5, Eyes Open, wide awake.
Once you wake up, smile and take a deep breath. Congratulate yourself that you succeeded in responding positively towards a tormenting situation, in your imagination. The idea will go into your subconscious and your responses will shift, when the situation actually occurs in reality. Initially, you may take time to endorse the feeling of calm in your body but as you keep practising this technique of going into self-hypnosis and seeing yourself calm, your response would automatically become calmer.
You will feel less hurt and more powerful. Also, keep touching your third eye often and feeling the calm state for a few seconds. That would further reinforce the feeling of calm that you achieved under self hypnosis, in your body.
Self hypnosis can be practiced once a week till you start feeling calmer automatically.

For more techniques on anger management other than self hypnosis, please refer to the book REDEFINING HAPPINESS n+Search+of+Happiness+by+swati%2Ci%3Astripbooks&keywords=In+ Search+of+Happiness+by+swati&ie=UTF8&qid=13431727

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Are we mentally jailed under dinosauric insititutions ?

Several times we feel negative because we do not conform to social norms.
However, negative thinking is extremely harmful for the mind and body.
Feeling depressed, sad or hurt  creates diseases in organs due to release of stress hormones.
Negative social conditioning causes mental stress which is unnecessary if we understand the soul's perspective of evolution.

Usually, we are mentally jailed by rules of parents, schools and society. We get used to sacrificing our happiness to meet demands of others from childhood,
Fear and negative competition rules our lives. Competition is the main reason for deciding what we desire in our life because from childhood we are taught that we should succeed because another is getting good grades.
Instead of teaching children how to find what gives them happiness and what does not , we teach children to constantly follow a generalized definition of happiness.
Happiness is unique to each soul. It cannot be the same for everyone. Everyone does not want  a surfeit of consumer items to be happy. 
For a woman , an understanding and loving husband may be far more important than a ruthless, arrogant billionairre. Similarly, for a man , an understanding and passionate wife may give a lot more fulfillment than a decked up beauty queen. For parents, a loving, affectionate child may be more peace giving than someone who excels in his school. For a child, parents who love unconditionally may help more in soul progress than parents who always demand something in return for love.

Happiness is an energy of positive vibration and can only come in when we love. like and accept ourselves as unique beings with different needs. When we are happy and satisfied in our core, all negative cravings vanish and creativity flourishes.

However we lose a lot of peace of mind because of trying to fit into norms as set by others. There are four main institutions of our society which are the pillars of our structure but which create the maximum reasons for negative thinking, stress and diseases.

The idea of soul evolution is to expand consciousness and choices of response. When we break walls of culture to find happiness by our own definitions, we merge our mind with that of the Creator who is ever evolving. We need to teach our kids to be happy with the choices they make in life , than force them to follow rules set by our ancestors. 

God is not rigid in thinking. God is the most evolving, technologically advanced being. we need to understand what God stands for as an ideology than follow the interpretations of religious books which may be wrong.

Learning how to connect to God's thinking and mediating in white light or sunlight in abstract imagination, feeling the energy of transparency, flowing change and formlessness and smiling from within during difficulties by taking them as soul lessons of evolution, is necessary to realize true happiness and soul purpose of incarnation.

The following is an excerpt from the book IN SEARCH OF HAPPINESS , how past lives affect the present, a soul's perspective

 General Awareness- ‘Are we mentally jailed under Dinosauric institutions?’

Dev’s second past life session brought up another common problem which is one of the main causes of existence of negative energy in the world.
The problem is that of our need to follow institutionalization without questioning or allowing change in the set norms. We have structured our life around a wall of institutions like schooling, marriage, armies, and health services, which set the norms of how we should live our lives.

These norms are largely focused on achieving external measures of success, as defined by conventional doctrines,  irrespective of whether these measures satisfy our core soul needs or not.
 So, we want our children to go to school even if the syllabus taught may not help them understand what they need to learn to achieve happiness in life. We want armies to protect our countries even though maintaining armies uses funds which could otherwise be used for intellectual and emotional development of human beings. We follow health services which do not take into account the soul lessons involved behind recurring problems. And, we want to settle down in marriage with partners even though, marriage, as it exists today in several countries, tends to inhibit freedom of thought and expression instead of fostering it.

These institutions block soul evolution because of their resistance to change. They don’t accept new thought necessary for expanding horizons of the human mind towards a happier world.
Because these institutions exist and we feel compelled to follow them we feel like victims of negative circumstances.
As evolving souls, we feel jailed at energy levels due to repeatedly feeling mentally suppressed, even though we are not physically jailed.

These institutions can be called the DINOSAURS of society, because they are big in terms of the influence they exert and slow in terms of their ability to change.
If we were to give a shape to the concept of these institutions, they would appear like huge, rigid, Dinosauric thought forms.

Like Dev, we hold these institutions as our base foundations. Like him, usually, we too go by the label of the institution irrespective of whether the label justifies the ideals of the profession or not. Hence, whether a person chooses to be a soldier, a teacher, a doctor, or a homemaker, s/he rarely finds herself/himself doing what s/he intended to do, by joining the institutional set up of that profession.

For example:
Army – a soldier swears to fight for the people when he joins the army. Yet, very often, he ends up fighting for beliefs which do not help the common man achieve justice. He is not allowed to look into the deeper aspects of the war - like whether the war he fights is justified from the perspective of the weak and oppressed or whether the terrorists he kills have been unjustly exploited earlier.
The soldier chooses to give in to circumstances and not to think because, at an individual level, he finds the whole structure of the army too huge to fight against alone. He bends under the Dinosaur and allows it to continue ruling.
Instead, if funds used for maintaining armies could be used for fostering development of human conscience and intellect, there may be no more need of opting for wars to resolve problematic issues.

Education – Like the army, schooling is a base structure of our society. It lays foundations for adult lives. But, a teacher is usually, unable, to help kids develop coping skills for the emotional demands of adulthood.
We rarely use more than 30% of the theoretical concepts  we study in schools in our professional lives but we use up a good deal of  our precious founding years learning subject details which would not be relevant to us when we grow up and enter jobs or businesses.
How many of us need to know how fractions and trigonometry sums are solved or the distance of the Sun from the Earth in exact units or the type of algae that grow in water? Why is it relevant to teach all this when more important emotional learning skills need to be inculcated?
 Instead of spending hours on lecturing about traditional subjects, concepts like stress management, love for fellow humans, understanding inner talents etc. can be practically taught which would help kids create positivity in their lives?
Most schools almost run like armies. Pupils are expected to obey authority without questioning it. The slow method of teaching a mass class causes frustration in several students who process information quicker than others. The need to develop patience to sit in a class-room often feels unnecessary especially to the brighter students. When forced upon, it may lead to violence among students who are otherwise, traumatized by having to study subjects they hardly find meaningful. Ritual is given priority over reason since the need to study becomes a ritualistic tradition than the need of the hour for the little, evolving minds.
Students and teachers are encouraged to blindly follow the Dinosauric institution of schooling, even if it spreads more negative than positive, growth oriented energy.
Instead, if students could learn from the beginning an open-ended syllabus which would also help them meet their soul needs, along with studying what is required to achieve external success, then their attitude towards learning would automatically become more positive.

Health - Like in other professions, the doctor needs to look beyond the external body for understanding the core need of the job he tries to do. He has to focus on the feelings underlying a disease to be able to heal the person satisfactorily.
Medications and surgical operations are very important because they help to clean existing clusters of negative energy and fill in deficits of positive energy.  But, if physical problems are solved only by using medications people tend to ignore learning their soul lessons. That defeats the soul and makes it want to leave the body.
Medicines heal temporarily but if the emotional issues underlying persist, the problems repeat in the same form or in another form.
Hence, people keep facing similar kinds of body problems on a recurring basis, as they keep facing similar kinds of emotional traumas. For instance, joint pain shifts from one part of the body to another or skin disease and asthma alternate.
Energies of similar thoughts multiply. People do not realize that the problem recurs not because of failure of the medical system but because they do not raise their consciousness in tune with their soul evolution needs.
If repeatedly suppressed by medication, the emotional issue takes the form of a fatal disease because the soul chooses to then leave the body and come back with the same emotional unresolved lessons in a fresh body.
Doctors often suffer from stress and anxiety problems because of their frustration in being unable to help the patients get cured, as much as they would like to. Many of them start following holistic healing techniques over a period of time, but most of them remain bound under the constraints of their dinosauric medical institution.

For healing the soul, and the body together, the worldly phenomenon need to be studied more from the energy perspective than from the physically, tangible perspective. For the soul, which cannot access the physical, tangible world the disease exists only in the form of a low frequency thought or energy. So, for the thought to get healed and transcended into positive, the external form needs to be sidelined so that one can find out the reason behind the consistently, recurring negative thought which manifests the physical disease.

Marriage – the institution of marriage can be an important reason for negative thinking if two people choose to be in a marriage for reasons other than love or mutual compatibility. Staying married for the sake of children, money of convenience is not healthy for the body or the soul. We suffer from physical diseases, depressions and anxieties very often because we choose to stay with a person whose ideology causes much conflict in our minds.
There is a constant focus on negative aspects of life because we get entangled in arguments and blackmails. The feeling of helplessness perpetuates the marriage. We have a core desire to be loved and accepted which does not get satisfied by a marriage of convenience. When love dies out, the frustration of being non-understood keeps nagging us because we choose to stay married.
Yet, we like to believe the marriage is satisfying its purpose by helping us live as a unit, just as Dev chose to believe that being in the army would spread justice.

Any institution which spreads more negative energy in our lives than positive needs to be reviewed,  be it a job, a course of study ,  a marriage or a medical treatment.

Learning to focus on what the soul desires emotionally is necessary before choosing to continue on a dysfunctional way of life.
We cannot attain the satisfaction we desire from our efforts if the soul, the energy within us does not feel satisfied with the outcome of our work. External rewards are meaningless if we do not feel content internally.
Just following labels, and moving in the shadow of dinosaurs, may not help us to achieve our purpose of life from the soul’s perspective. We cannot expect happiness to automatically fall into our laps if we do not make efforts to change our beliefs and structural institutions which make us focus more on unhappiness.

All these institutions have to be revamped and rebuilt in a way that the soul can learn its lessons and grow by following them instead of having to slow down its evolution by feeling constricted. Their present structure needs to become extinct with the coming era just as Dinosaurs became extinct with the Ice ages so that a New Age could set in.

At an individual level, we need to know, like Dev had to, that we have the power to bring about a change in the system. Each of our thoughts, which have a feeling entailed in it, impacts the process of creation in the universe. "
excerpt from Chapter - 5 THE CONFLICT IN HIS MIND- section 4

Merge in the sunlight and feel ur rays spreading wide
consciousness is ever changing, dont build walls inside
as long as you feel positive and peaceful with the choices you make
you will be aligned with your soul's purpose through all life's waves
dont depend on other human beings for approval
when in doubt, connect directly to God's consciousness as being in Oneness

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Spirit attachments

Horror films and serials have completely biased our minds on the true nature of spirits and ghosts. The larger than life depiction of feelings experienced in real life make us view the problem as much larger than it actually is.
Spirit attachments can best be understood as virus in a computer or bacteria of an infectious disease corrupting our body mechanism. It is parasitical in nature as it consumes on the body’s energies for its survival. 

A person taken over by a spirit means that his thinking is dominated by another person's wisdom.The person cannot think from his own belief systems but gets controlled by thinking of the spirit , be it from a  dead or alive person. The spirit attachment means an attachment on our mind. If the body is hampered, it is only because the mind is controlled by a  dominating personality. the personality can control through abusing, emotionally or physically, challenging, threatening, nagging , cribbing etc. Essentially, you start obeying the other person simply to prove yourself good to that person or because you are afraid of that person's energy. You become too afraid of being yourself, of failing, of having your won mind. The spirit attacks by creating self guilt, a sense of low self worth, anger and irritation with the world.
Spirits get attached to our soul. Our soul is the host which is often displaced because of the spirit attack. Our soul is an entity made of life-force energy of the Creator. It is like a filament of a bulb. Its light reaches all part of the body and makes the body come alive with soul radiance.
Each soul incarnates in a physical body to achieve a certain purpose of life. When a spirit from a  different body enters our body, it imposes its life purpose on ours and creates an anarchy in our thinking. We get distracted from our life purpose or what we are meant to create to be happy
In each life on Earth, we, as souls, plan to achieve a specific purpose. The purpose of life involves focusing energies on creating a particular kind of physical reality, which would help us attain happiness in that life. Different souls have different life purposes and they are born with a skill set necessary to attain that purpose. 

For example, one person may have a desire to be a dancer while another may desire to be an engineer. In the process of the pursuit of these desires, the soul moves towards attaining its life purpose.” – In Search Of Happiness , Chapter 1 – Basic concepts of soul evolution.
The spirit enters the body and tries to take it over. It tries to make the body move in a direction which achieves the spirit’s life purpose than its own life purpose. The spirit in the person makes him feel always mentally under conflict, tense, half dead , unable to achieve anything in life like a failure etc. The spirit’s negativity spreads over the person’s body and mind and makes him feel as negative about himself or herself. 

The spirits may force the person into actions which he may not, otherwise, do by making him feel worried about dire consequences if they don’t do the negative acts.
Our body is like a house in which our soul lives. A soul is a bound spirit ,i.e., it has a body and an identity attached with the body. A free spirit is free of the identity of the body. It moves like an energy on its own crossing limitations of time and space , as they should, on earth.

Spirits are essentially made of non-physical matter. They are like air. Hence, they operate by holding the person’s mind captive. They cannot move the person’s body or harm his body in any way, physically. They can only harm through mental co-ercion. Some spirits make the persons they are attached to so negative that they are forced into committing suicides. In fact, most people who commit suicides get attached to other people who are in a similar difficult situation of life and tempt them to give u on life as well. Such attachments can be very easily released in hypnotic regressions.

Spirits of dead people are usually easy to release through following steps of a spirit release regression. The spirit has to be imagined as going into sunlight at the point of its death. After the spirit of the dead person goes away, the person gets back his zeal to fight through life’s obstacles. The spirits also leave when the person goes through a near death experience but then the spirit may not go into the light but get attached to another person. Tantriks beat up a person to release spirits only to scare the spirit away but the spirit can come back if it is not sent into God’s light.
Beating up the person is , therefore, not a rational way to release spirits. Usually, spirits have to be rationally convinced  to go back to where they came from, in the celestial dimensions. They have to be informed that their own body is gone and they cannot achieve any purpose of life through staying on in another person’s body.

 The process of spirit release is given in detail in the books IN SEARCH OF HAPPINESS and REDEFINING HAPPINESS, a soul’s perspective.

The process involved in going back to the celestial realm
 At the point of death, the soul energy gets out of the body and sees a light somewhere around it. The soul feels pulled by the light, as if somebody is calling it back.
It responds to the call, revolves in  a circular motion to raise its frequency, throws off all that negative energy which is dense and enters the gate of Light. When the spirit rejoins the light, it ends its present life journey on Earth.
The call from the celestial dimensions, comes in an energy form, i.e. it is felt not heard. So, the soul energy can respond to it only when it feels free at the moment of death. It cannot respond to the energy call if it is too heavily stuck with its own thoughts.
Hence, this rejoining the Light after death doesn’t always happen. If death is sudden, as in an accident, illness, war or murder, the person may not realize that he is dead and hence may not go into the light. Also, if the person has several emotional attachments on Earth which he does not feel ready to let go, it may not want to leave. For example, if the death is unexpected, the person may have responsibilities of family, business etc which he wants to wind up before leaving. Thus, it may not leave for the Light when called. Then, the soul may get fragmented and parts of its energy may remain on Earth.
When the spirit remains stuck on the Earth plane, it ceases to live or age. It just gets frozen at the point of time when it died, with the same thought which it died with. The thought it died with keeps repeating itself. “, IN SEARCH OF HAPPINESS – Ch 11- Love Heals

It is very important to release attachments of all close relatives, parents and friends who have died in  your past, if you have no hope or desires left from life. It means that you have a dead soul energy inside you which wants to be released as it cannot have an desire to live left, as it is already dead. The spirit may not have left when it died as it may have had unfinished work from life left . But, it has to realize that it cannot achieve that work till it crosses over to the Light. Then , the spirit can assign that work to its own future incarnation who has the same life purpose. The ties of family and work have to be released after death as the spirit embraces the Light again. It is like quitting a game and going back home to rest. The spirit can always come back when it is cleansed and rejuvenated , in a new incarnation or in a parallel body.

As long as the spirit attachment and the body it resides in have the same life purpose, the spirit can become one with the soul of the body. This scenario usually occurs when our past life spirits are attached with us. These spirits make us repeat mistakes and failures of past lives but can be trained to think in a new direction.

The spirit in a body is called a soul. The soul gets its identity from being in a body but the spirit has an identity much greater than the identity of the body.
The eternal spirit incarnates as a soul in a body to learn lessons of soul evolution. The learning, evolving soul has to come on Earth for a direct contact with negativity. Negative energies cannot be experienced in the spiritual dimension.

 The soul attends theoretical classes in celestial dimensions about the kinds of energies it has to master to channelize creation in physical dimensions. Then, it comes to Earth to apply that knowledge.
In the physical dimension, viz. Earth, the soul has to create happiness in a given frame of circumstances. The purpose of incarnating in a physical body is to learn how to create  in the physical realm within limits of time and space.
When the soul is able to attain its life purpose in a way that it can feel positive, it reaches a higher level of soul evolution.

Earth is like a school for the soul where each life is an exam.
The soul has to evolve to a higher positive frequency in order to pass the exam within a specific time viz. a life time. If the soul fails to create happiness within its life-time, it has to repeat the test. The soul lives a number of life-times wherein it tries to create happiness by overcoming gradations of difficulties. “REDEFINING HAPPINESS – techniqu1 18 – spirit release steps
Spirit attachments need not be only from people who are dead because  a spirit is more powerful than its body, by its nature if being .  The soul of a living person can also fragment and get attached to another person as a spirit virus.

The virus spirits are those which come in as thieves. They can be from people who are dead or alive but these spirits are always negative. They try to eat the fruits of another person’s efforts through black magic or using negative magnetism. The spirit which takes over your energies makes your effort pay money to its own body , which may be far from you. So, if you have  spirit attachment, you may be working very hard, but all your success, credit and fame would go to another person whose spirit is attached to you like a parasite.

It is often more difficult to release spirits from people who are alive than people who are dead because people who are alive are attached in your body for an unethical reason. They are not there because they are homeless. They are there because they want your home.

For example, if we imagine that our soul is like a person sitting in  chair in the centre of our house, as the director- owner of its house ; then the spirit comes in without permission , as a bully, throws the soul off the chair and sits in its place in the centre of the house.'

 Then it makes all decisions for this person’s life by controlling his thinking. It is as if this spirit has the remote of the overthrown person’s life.
Usually, such spirit attachments are from overbearing parents like mothers who dominate their daughter’s minds, jealous friends who want to be in your energy, revengeful lovers of your spouse who want to take your place, dominating colleagues who steal your light to feel powerful, a dominating husband or wife who wants your help but does not want to help in return, overbearing children, lovers who have ditched in the past or any demonic entity which wants your body to work so that it lives a luxurious life, but does not want to give you credit or acknowledgement in return. (A demon is defined as an entity which does not do a fair energy exchange and hence blocks life force from flowing. The demonic being is abusive emotionally, narrow in vision, spreads fear of survival and destructive energy as opposed to an angel or God, who is a positive life force and spreads hope in dreams, creative zeal, happiness and justice. The demon seeks to kill desire to live whereas the God force seeks to revive the happiness of being alive.)
If you have  a keen desire to die because of boredom, frustration or hopelessness, you would either have a dead entity in you or a demonic attachment of someone alive and overbearing in your life. These demonic people have their own body alive which feels powerful because its soul fragment  controls your body. However, the demonic people are extremely negative , and are always unhappy with their own lives.
These spirits are very difficult to release as they are very greedy, very negative and have an artificial faith in God. The pray to God but do not believe in God or happiness or a positive world. They are disconnected from God in their own bodies and need your soul energy for their fame , money , power or success. They make you feel inferior by abusing you from within and from outside. The demonic entities work by making you feel like a failure by the power of negative words , thoughts and transferred guilt.
Such spirits can only be controlled through taking your own power back by asking God for help. You have to see through these people in your life who pretend to help you in areas where you do not need help, only to make you feel inferior. They do the work which you can do without and then call you lazy because you did not do it yourself, thus, making you feel guilty. They also keep complaining how much you have abused them in the past and how much they have sacrificed their life to help you.
Meditation helps to take back the control of your life. It helps to imagine breathing in and out of your stomach and imagine your own soul going and sitting in the central chair of your body. You have to ask whoever is sitting there to get up and leave even if it appears impolite. Also, you have to imagine your own light spreading all over your body. Cutting emotional cords with the person mentally and seeing his own energy enter his body and your energy come back to your body, often , may be needed.
However difficult your life may appear, you have to be aware that your unhappiness can only be deleted by restoring back your positivity. 

Smiling and laughing help release positive hormones in the body. Hence, smiling often, without reason while feeling your smile in the centre of your being also helps in freeing yourself from the clutches of negative people’s thoughts. The more you can feel yourself as a soul in your body, the more you will be aware of your body.
As you focus on feeling your soul energy travelling in different parts of your body, by being in your body, the more you would feel empowered as a soul. You would also be healed from problems like excess weight, excess anxieties, headaches and diseases with no known reason. The spirit control does not leave overnight but as you keep practicing taking charge of your own body, with deliberate mind control, your own life comes back in your own control.
For more details, please read the book REDEFINING HAPPINESS, as it has all the processes given in length for self healing. It has to be ordered online as I am looking for a publisher in India.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Is the concept of the country the root cause of all evil ?

Human society is build around the concept of the country.

We have divided our world into countries  for economic or security reasons but the reasons on which the concept of the country was founded is no longer relevant today. The division of the world into countries is no longer needed today . But, we are fighting wars and supporting terrorism on a concept which is not even valid for progress.

In fact, the divisions created by the country walls, prevent technological progress as transfer of man force from one country to another becomes restricted. The flow of goods and services is also blocked by national customs and boundaries. Spread of social welfare gets lopsided as the advanced countries exploit the third world.

The common man does not have a negative intention but partakes in the exploitation. It is only big business or mafia gangs which benefit economically by creating divisions . The defense industry and manufacturing weapons is a huge , profitable business for several.

The following is an excerpt from the book IN SEARCH OF HAPPINESS ( how past lives affect the present , a soul's perspective )

The concept of boundaries started in the primitive civilization, and extended to countries over time. The primitive man needed the boundaries to save his belongings. He had a dearth of resources because he did not have the means to exploit nature’s gifts. That is why it was felt that there was a scarcity of resources, that there was not enough for r all.
Today, with so much scientific development, there is no such dearth of resources but human beings continue to feel as threatened of losing their resources. The fear arises due to our mental conditioning which makes us believe that resources are scarce and we have to compete and hoard them.

As souls, our energy moves in circles and we multiply those feelings which we focus upon automatically. We are mentally conditioned into believing that resources are scarce and we continue reinforcing that energy with our focus on fear of scarcity.
In our lives, we keep practically manifesting the scarcity due to our negative focus even when essential resources are no longer as scarce.

Resources today are unequally divided but scarcity as such does not exist as it did in the primitive times. This physical reality of fearing scarcity continues to get created because we focus so much on competition now that we keep feeling deprived in comparison to others. Thus, resources continue to appear scarce at an individual level because we cannot share them.

Metaphorically, if a poor man becomes rich, he may always remain afraid of not having money. He may hoard money because of his fear of losing it. Similarly, though, we now have access to far more resources than we ever did earlier, we continue to build upon similar fears through illusory walls of division on who can own and exploit them.

Because of these illusory divisions, there is lack of mechanism to spread the benefits of scientific development. Food is thrown away by some countries whereas in others people starve. Rich people feel poor without new cars and diamonds while the poor feel deprived anyways. Further, destruction is caused by wars and fanaticism. Wars are fought for economic reasons but sold to the public as being for the country’s honour and self-respect. Like Dev said - Honour is a created phenomenon.

Instead, if we could focus our mind on the feeling that there is abundance for all, we would multiply the energies of prosperity and abundance of resources. Scarcity would diminish if not focused upon as reality.

We no longer need to spend on armies for protecting the concept of countries. We need to spend on developing bridges which can help spread the benefits of economic development. Also, we need to spend on developing human intellect so that we can rise above the need for using violence because when we kill others, we also devolve ourselves, as souls, and fall in terms of our own peace and happiness.

As Dev said –“It is the oppressor who has to realize”
People who fund terrorism to increase their wealth and power, or to satisfy their fanatic needs, do not realize that they are losing their own peace of mind in the process. They live in fear and insecurity more than others.
A need to be rich, powerful or fanatic for the sake of it, without realizing whether satisfying that need is contributing our to happiness or lack of it, by itself, is a negatively conditioned  pattern of thinking. It indicates a lack of training in understanding cause-effect relationships between actions and resulting emotions.

We need to ask ourselves that if humanity was not divided into countries, would we still need to spend so much of our resources on maintaining armies?
If the World was One, would not enmity created by worrying about impending wars minimize? When we are aware that, energies multiply in areas we focus upon, positive or negative, would we   focus on division by maintaining armies?

Instead of teaching little kids in schools about countries and divisions, emotional training in oneness could be inculcated so that our future generations get conditioned into creating abundance and happiness from childhood, taking the world as ONE whole.

 The Old Man ( Dec's spirit guide from the celestial realms ) raised some questions about the fabric of the structure of human society through the messages given to Dev, when he said that - the concept of countries is the root cause of all evil and destruction. Dev further elaborated on this message by interpreting it as – Human beings have been divided into irrelevant boxes. There are walls where none existed.
We, in the human society, are so conditioned into being divided by the illusory walls of countries that we never question ourselves on whether the concept is relevant in today’s society or not.

Section 7 - General Awareness – Is the concept of the country the root cause of all evil?

- excerpt from chapter 14 - A FANATIC GENERAL - IN SEARCH OF HAPPINESS

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Arrogance - one of the causes of negativity

We may feel sad, angry, helpless, afraid or hurt but in all these experiences we, essentially feel negative. Negative emotions arise in our life because we come as souls, to overpower negative energies.

Arrogance is a negative emotion because it comes from ego. When we feel negative, it is our ego which gets hurt not our soul. Our soul’s sense of self worth does not arise from the ego. The soul always lives in the present whereas the ego is derived from past experience. Arrogance makes us stay in the past by making us feel revengeful , angry or hurt rather than focus on being free from negativity in the present.

Arrogance  makes us feel indestructible , which makes us rigid to receiving new learning. Arrogance prevents learning of a new way of being and upholds old learning at the cost of soul advancement.

 Arrogance also prevents us from receiving love . The ego comes in between and we feel rejected even when the other person does not intend to reject us because we feel our work is supreme and they are inferior. If we become arrogant, we expect that everyone else should hero worship us. If they love us but have other work because of which they cannot be with us all the time, we feel unloved without understanding their problems. Arrogance prevents people from giving importance to other people's work and credit for their being. The people who feel neglected or misjudged cannot give love freely to the arrogant person because of the demands of the bloated ego. Arrogance makes people abusive and thus, they fail to attract love in their lives. They succeed professionally to feel appreciated and loved but they cannot cope up with demands of true love by ensuring a  fair energy exchange. They only receive flattery and not love , inspite of success

The soul is a part of the Creator. It is energy of a very high positive vibration. The soul exists in several dimensions, one of which is Earth. Earth is a physical dimension.

A physical dimension is created by interaction of negative with positive. When air particles become dense, they create solids. The frequency of particles in solids is less than in air. Likewise, the frequency of the physical body is less than that of a spirit body which is made of energy like air. To make its frequency denser in order to enter a physical body, the spirit has to interact with negativity because it is negative energy which binds particles together. The negative energy lowers soul frequency and slows its evolution to happiness.

            As is written in the book CREATION OF HAPPINESS: THE ENERGY WAR, a soul’s perspective

            “T he speed at which the soul energy vibrates is called its vibrational frequency or soul frequency.
             The concept of soul frequency is important because the soul’s power of creation depends on its vibrational frequency. The higher the frequency of vibration, greater is the soul’s power of creation.
                 Spirits, choosing to incarnate in a physical body, from the celestial planes have to lower their frequency to be able to enter the physical dimension.
            Also, once they enter the physical body, different souls vibrate at different speeds depending on their level of evolution. Advanced souls vibrate at a higher speed or frequency than less advanced souls.Positive souls vibrate at a higher speed than negative souls”

            So, physical life for the soul entails interacting with negative energies and transcending them into positive by creating happiness in its life. All negative emotions are negative energies in motion. Emotions are feelings and feelings are created by movement of electric impulses in the body.
            The only way to create happiness is to transcend negativity by overcoming negative emotions, in a way that overcoming sadness becomes the tool of creating happiness.

            Arrogance is a negative emotion because it creates heaviness or negativity in the free soul. The soul is always moving freely at a high speed of vibrational frequency. As the soul vibrates, it connects to the Creator’s life force and rotates life force energy to create life in its physical manifestations. Each thought that the soul focuses on repeatedly with feelings gets converted into form.

            Arrogance makes the person conceited about his mind or body’s achievements and makes him disregard the soul’s role in the creation of success in his life. The person becomes proud of himself as a body, forgetting that he is first a soul, then a body. The person forgets his connection to the Creator by disconnecting with the soul. He loses track of his life purpose and goals of soul evolution.

            He starts living for the sake of maintaining his ego and reputation in society. For the soul to move towards attaining his life purpose, it has to keep discarding its old negative beliefs as it discovers new happier ways of living. The soul is always is a vibration of flying. Arrogance pins the soul down to a status quo of being, which is against its free nature. To maintain the existing system, the person starts sacrificing new ways of being or evolving.

            Also, the arrogant person becomes satisfied with success in one aspect of life. For example, Michael Jackson was arrogant about his music skills but indulged in incest. He thought that his success in one area made up for the negativity he created in another. But, for the soul, it is the average score which matters in all areas of life taken together. The soul evolves to happiness only when positive energy is created in all areas of life. If Michael Jackson was sexually starved or emotionally dissatisfied, his success in music would fail to help him be happy, as a soul. So, from the soul’s perspective, his life would not be a success and he would have to repeat it till he clears negative energy in all connected areas. Because of arrogance, he became negative and made mistakes which he may not have had he not been so successful in one area of life. He was unable to receive love as his ego came in between. Arrogant people start becoming whimsical with people they love , expecting the lovers to sacrifice their total personalities without giving as much time for love, themselves. As a result, their personal relationships often suffer.

            Similarly, Mahatma Gandhi was saint like in conduct but he completely sacrificed his house holder responsibilities. He took the country to freedom but sacrificed happiness in his personal life. With his wife, he was arrogant in conduct and left her on anger. So, as an average, the positive energy he created in his professional role could not lead him to feeling happy as a man. From the soul’s perspective, it is not your action which matters but the average units of positive energy created in your life vs. negative energy. If you fail in your personal life, your professional success would not be able to outdo the negative score. You cannot move to a positive dimension or clear your grades on Earth if your core soul frequency remains unhappy.

            The soul evolves by converting the total emotional negativity it converts into positive energy. Happiness comes through soul evolution. The mind has to learn to question and remove all negative beliefs it has which block it from feeling abundance in all aspects of life. Arrogance makes the soul’s focus one-sided. An arrogant soul is like a student who gets eighty percent in English but fails in Maths. The soul cannot move to the next grade till it clears both subjects to some reasonable degree of passing marks

           "For instance, if a soul has been a killer in one life and a saint in another, it is the overall balance of karma which would affect its stage of evolution at any one point.

In other words, the person’s karmic debt in his present life would equal the amount of negative energy he created in the life of the killer, minus the amount of positive energy he created in the life of the saint.
If the soul has incurred - minus10 points in the killer’s life and + plus 8 points in the saint’s life, his present karmic debt would be – minus 2. Till the karmic debt is not cleared, the negative energy would not transcend into positive. The soul would evolve to the next higher plane of the game or evolution, only when his karmic debt is cleared.

 In other words, obstacles would block the player’s progress in the present level of the game till the player is able to overcome them, and pass on to the next level of the game." _ excerpt  IN SEARCH OF HAPPINESS - from chapter 10 - Karmic Balancing

There are several successful people who become very unhappy as they move up the ladder of wealth. They become haughty, rude and mean, thus attracting hatred in all personal relationships. They resort to drinking or prostitution to make up for the lack of love in their life but these short term measures do not bring peace to the soul. The soul can become happy only when the arrogance is discarded and the soul opens up to accepting its mistakes. The soul stays in the body if it can keep on learning and creating new ways of being happy. If the person becomes wealthy but loses his creativity, his soul would keep his body alive like a computer creating the same repetitive program. His mind would not evolve to the next stage of success where he can also be happy because he refuses to accept failure.
            Such a person may call himself God like because of his wealth but he is far from being happy as God is. A god like energy is always humble and loves freely. It has no shame in accepting mistakes or saying sorry because the God like soul is happy in its core. The soul always remains alive and it knows that whatever it creates in its life is a part of creation of the whole universe and guided by its Higher Self. It knows that as it seeks to create anew, mistakes may happen but the mistakes can be converted into learning better ways of creating happiness. Like a toddler learns better ways of walking after falling or tripping, the soul learns better ways of being happy by making mistakes, accepting them and choosing not to make them again.

            An arrogant soul cannot accept he is wrong and hence cannot learn from his mistakes. Instead of becoming happier, he becomes less creative and more rigid with time. Such a soul also starts feeling helpless and victimized inspite of all the wealth he accumulates because he feels he has to remain the same, in order to maintain his reputation. If we block change, we block evolution.
            Blocking soul evolution by preventing creative exploration of the brain to different ways of being happy to staying in the same set up in order to make money and be safe, creates a shrinking of the soul’s involvement in our life. As the soul shrinks, happiness shrinks. Life largely appears empty and futile from the soul’s perspective of growth. The person becomes diseased overtime as the soul seeks to leave a stagnant mind and body.

            So, an arrogant soul may get praise from the whole world but the praise would not touch the soul. The soul would feel praised only when it acknowledges itself from within. Self confidence comes from choosing to be happy by defeating attacks of hurt, betrayal or sadness.
            Arrogance has to be destroyed for allowing change and moving on. Mediation by connecting to God’s light in the sky and inhaling it in the stomach; smiling often within the self for no reason for releasing positive hormones in the body; and utilizing creative energy of the soul by allowing change and recycling is necessary to be happy.
             Negative people who flatter the body and crush the soul’s dreams have to be avoided to defeat the energy of arrogance. The status quo has to be maintained by promoting change and moving on. The partners in life have to evolve together or discarded as insignificant, if their speed of thinking blocks your evolution. Your happiness as a soul increases by spreading your inner light, your ideology which can contribute to increasing happiness of others and by defeating all those thoughts of others which make you feel compromised or helpless. If you are not arrogant, it is easy to realize dreams because the fear of rejection or hurt do not block your self respect.
            Viewing yourself from an eternal soul’s perspective and knowing that God is watching you, guiding you and loving you as an eternal reality, helps to overcome arrogance and negativity in the mind.

It is more important to be happy than being arrogant . Ego comes in the way of receiving love, happinesss and being creatively fulfilled.

If you are living with a  person who is arrogant, develop immunity. Use self healing techniques like energy cord cutting, silent talking, anger management m using observer perspectives and overcoming criticism. Do not allow your self worth to be diminished because the arrogant person sees you as inferior. Keep strengthening your aura through meditation, smiling and inhaling light in your body. Do not try to prove your self worth to an arrogant person for in that process, you may become negative like him or her.Instead , stay connected to your life purpose and often tell yourself that ' I respect myself' while breathing in the words into your stomach and thanking God.
            For more details, please refer to the book
            REDEFINING HAPPINESS: How to handle negative feelings, a soul’s perspective