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Floods are a result of a mass consciousness based on wanting to throw up. When too many people feel negative, there is negative energy radiating on the planet .

The planet experiences an imbalance . Floods throw up clusters of negative energy and help to clear area of debris. It is a cleaning up process of the planet.
The NEW AGE comes up with higher frequencies on Earth .
A high frequency means a high speed of vibration and a higher speed of thinking.

High speed can be achieved only by clearing of debris, dust and clusters of negative energy as negative energy blocks the smooth functioning of Earth's engine .

It is expected that the NEW AGE will start with increase in calamities, earthquakes, floods  , fights, , riots, wars etc. because destruction is necessary for people to re-orient thinking towards being positive. Each time, there is destruction, waves of compassion are generated which radiate positive energy.

Negative thinking people are like sores on the planet . The planet cannot be healthy if most eole remain sick, worried or anxious.

As there is large scale destruction of negative energy, air clears for speed of vibration to increase.
Only human beings who are optimistic and can change their thinking to positive can survive on the planet  .
People who remain negative, strive for financial success without feeling good within, try to be mechanical in attitude, block positive emotions from rising , stay away from meditation and soul evolution - cannot survive .

The inner frequency of the soul has to rise with the rising frequency of the planet. The soul frequency rises only by feeling positive.  A rise in compassion, love, peace , harmony and spiritual awareness are more important for life to exist than an increase in number of houses or cars you own.

Collective manifestation is a an outcome of individual feelings summing up
Floods arise when individuals focus on soaring to clouds in destructive tendencies, constantly
earthquakes happen when we want to release fire from inside us,
epidemics happen when we give up on desiring to live & give up on trying to be immune to negativity
while wars happen when we live in constant conflicts in our minds

Human beings are at a lower dimension of thought evolution as souls . We are above primitive civilization but still very dependent on  the unknown. Like the primitive man thought that rain was created by prayers or God, we think that floods and earthquakes are created by nature's imbalances and we have no control over them.

However, as we rise to a higher dimension of consciousness, we realize how our thoughts carry the vibrations which create floods, earthquakes, epidemics or wars.

As is written in the book in detail :

The Earth’s MIND GRID

Human minds are connected to each other through an electro-magnetic field called the MIND GRID.

 The planet Earth is a living entity and has a consciousness of its own, which includes the sum total of consciousness of all human beings living on Earth. Earth has a MIND GRID which encompasses the human mind grid.

The Earth’s MIND GRID is dominated by human thinking. In other words, the thoughts we human beings focus our energies on, create manifestations on Earth.

The manifestations of Mass Consciousness

The thought patterns of an individual can be referred to as individual consciousness and the sum total of these thought patterns is referred to as mass consciousness.

The planet’s energies are directly influenced by mass consciousness.
There has been an overall increase in negative energy compared to positive energy on our planet over the last few hundred years, since industrialization began.


Examples of manifestations of individual negative consciousness on the level of collective consciousness

Natural calamities caused by a negatively tilted soul consciousness


Floods result from a negative energy cluster in mass consciousness which wants to throw up. The individual thought accompanying the rising waters is, ‘I have had enough, I can’t take it anymore, I want to throw up’ – a common thought in today’s world.

This thought originates due to an excessive focus on fear of survival and negative competition.
Most human beings who are successful are concentrated on a feeling of rising high in material success, but sinking in terms of peace and relaxation. Pangs of emptiness often haunt individual minds, since soul needs are sedated to meet external pressures. Suppressed anger opens its fangs off and on.
The same feeling gets transferred on the physical plane at the mass level and causes the same kind of destruction as is felt in the individual mind. The need to throw up, as a mass thought, results in earthquakes and floods.

The high waves are a physical representation of soaring energies, at the cost of disturbance of normal balance between the material and spiritual need of the body and soul. If we notice, the waves literally look like opening up of a snake’s fangs of anger. The more individuals feel that they are rising high but losing normal balance of life, the more floods like Tsunamis occur.

There are also frequent reports on how the planet is in the danger of coming under water, with the sea level rising, which may come true if we chose to continue feeling that we are drowning in the troubles of life, in our minds.


Epidemics or mass illnesses, result from a negative energy cluster in mass consciousness focused on the feeling that everything is lost. Feelings like ‘we are too tired to fight anymore’, ‘one cannot trust anybody’, ‘there is no hope of joy in life’, ‘and death is the only escape now’ are common particularly amongst the poor masses.

By unconsciously thinking they cannot fight anymore, people pass these suggestions to the subconscious mind, which affect their immune system negatively. Overtime, with continuous focus, it is proven to them that they cannot fight anymore; when external physical circumstances manifest such that they cannot literally fight newly created diseases.

During epidemics, there is a fast spread of infectious diseases leading to death of several people. With a sustained focus on feeling helpless, the people’s immunity fails them on the physical plane and they die in despair. The medical cures fail because the trapped souls believe that nothing can save them from their problems. They want to give up and die than live in misery not knowing that when they die in misery, as souls, they may reach dimensions like hell, where they get even more trapped.

People who choose to give up, subconsciously and die, are not aware that death would not release them from their traumas since the problems exist at an energy/ soul level; and the soul would not die with death. The problems release only when the negative energy circuits in the mind which cause the soul frequency to dip, are broken. The trapped soul energy is transcended into a positive frequency, by disciplined mind control on raising the soul frequency to positive.
Letting sadness rule over our zeal to be alive cannot help our souls find happiness through death. But, overcoming difficulty by creating happiness while alive, can lead to further happiness after death, since a happy soul reaches a positive dimension.

Droughts/ Famines

Droughts/ Famines result when several individuals are focused on feeling barren. Thoughts like ‘there is not enough nourishment in my life /; there is not enough to live on/ I feel empty / the Gods are angry and are cursing us/ I am falling short of resources/ resources are not going to come/ we have to live with the bare minimum/life feels barren etc. create physical manifestations of barren land.

Water is the essence of life. It is when people feel that the essence of life is missing that they create the same reality on the physical plane, by repeatedly focusing on feelings of emptiness, deprivation  thirst or craving.

Rain can be manifested during drought, through a consistent focus on feeling wet and satiated, irrespective of the dryness outside. But, if people focus only on the external reality, and feel more deprived, they reinforce feeling dry and create more of the same feeling. Then, they blame God for their problems, in desperation for water but that worsens their situation.
When negative vibrations leave the soul energy, they get multiplied through praying with a negative mind-set, since the positive energy which God sends back gets sucked into the blackness.

Metaphorically, if a child paints a canvas black and then expects his parent to fill it with colors, it cannot happen. The blackness has to be reduced for any other color to fill the canvas. Similarly God’s positive energy cannot reach us when we feel black or empty from within. It is only when we, as souls, become neutral or attain some degree of positivity, can we receive the positive vibrations from the universe.  

Man-made calamities

Wars and terrorism - result from a mass consciousness where individuals constantly feel cheated, and deprived of their fair rights, where there is a fear that abundance is limited, belief that there can be never enough for all, and for one to survive another must die.
When individual free thought is suppressed and masses believe that bullying others can lead to getting them back their own rights, then, use of non-intellectual methods of persuasion seem justified.

Wars are an extension of animal consciousness in the human mind, where one animal has to kill another for his own survival.

The continuance of the need for wars proves that human consciousness has not yet evolved to its true potential and is still stuck at rudimentary levels of survival. Logic has not developed to the extent of negating the need for violence, because the easy way out can still taken by using bull-strength.

The planet’s attempts to restore balance

Due to changing consciousness of the planet, we can expect an increase in floods, epidemics and wars in the next three decades, as the planet’s frequencies rise. The negative energy clusters would be shaken up and broken so that they can be replaced by positive energy concentrations.

The positive outcome of any catastrophe be it the Tsunami floods, or the bird flu , is that it causes waves of sympathy and compassion to be generated, while simultaneously  forcing people to focus away from the negative aspects of their individual lives.
In face of sudden trauma, human minds shift momentarily away from their personal miseries to focusing on something else. So, existing negative energy circuits break with a break in dominant focus point.
Simultaneously, a need for rescue gets created. The traumatized human mind asks God for help in intense moments of emotion and is willing to believe anything which promises to be positive. We, humans   believe God exists only when our externally oriented scientific development no longer offers us rescue.
The wave of momentary belief created clears the energy cycle of doubt and allows positive energy/light to enter. That helps in raising human frequencies to match that of the fourth dimension.
With a shift away from the routine thought process, existing webs of negative reasoning get broken. By being grateful for life, people look beyond their external, material needs and focus on their soul selves. Also, positive thought/energy waves are generated as people join in a mass effort to respect human life. 

Reconnecting to the Soul Self

Due to the generation of positive thought-waves, which emit during recovering from calamities, we can revive our soul selves lying trapped within us and reconnect to our Higher soul self. Tragic life situations help revive the soul within us as the external world no longer offers comfort.

When we understand ourselves as energy beings, we can focus our energies to create experiences in life which make us feel fulfilled from within. We lose interest in external pleasures which just please our sense organs, and fail to touch our hearts.

The craving in our soul is to feel good with whatever it experiences 

Excerpt from Chapter 18 - CREATION OF HAPPINESS : THE ENERGY WAR , a soul's perspective


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We are souls in human bodies. Everyone feels an intuitive connection to a world beyond Earthly dimensions. Somewhere deep inside , we all know, that there is a life force within us which is not just represented by our body.

There is an I , an essence, an identity which is beyond the body. That ME remains the same whether we are rich or poor, fat or thin, ugly or pretty, tall or short , young or old. THE I remains the same whether we are five years old or fifty. The body changes but our identity , the I , stays. That I is our SOUL.

The soul comes in a human body to achieve a certain life purpose on Earth . Earth is a physical dimension of the Universe. This physical dimension is an amalgamation of solid and spirit. It is the only planet where ZERO exists, As Aryabhatta said. That, in effect means that on EARTH , the positive spirit enters a solid form . The solid form is dense while the spirit is light like air. To stay in a physical body, the spirit has to lower its frequency , so that it can stay contained in that form of body.

Hence, we as spirits, feel constrained in the human body. The constrains appear in various forms  like norms of society, schooling, constraints of a job, constraints of health , constraints of age etc. Whenever we encounter negative, it is a manifestation of the planet's negative energies encountering the spirit's free ions.

The intention of the spirit is to minimize the negative and attain a positive life purpose. A positive life purpose means an expression of feelings a spirit seeks to achieve. Some spirits desire to achieve knowledge, some power, some justice , some karmic balancing , some creative talents etc. Each spirit  has a uniquely different life purpose. The spirit has a certain goal for coming on Earth and a successful soul is that who achieves happiness while achieving its ambition of life .

We can feel happy only when we acheive pur soul purpose along with doing our work on Earth. If we just keep working mechanically, happiness does not come with success or money. Overtime, emptiness increases as our work does not bring us soul satisfaction.
The spirit has to raise its frequency to more positive through learning soul lessons on Earth. The negative constraints it encounters have to be moulded such that they s have to be overcome in a way that the spirit feels happy, not compromised
 For the spirit to achieve its life purpose, the thinking of the person has to be positive. However, positive thinking is  a habit and it can come only if we are conditioned nto thinking positive from childhood.

However, our structural institutions on Earth have developed such that we are conditioned into thinking negative from childhood.

Some structural institutions have to evolve with the NEW AGE so that humanity can evolve to living a genuinely happy existence

The book CREATION OF HAPPINESS: THE ENERGY WAR , a soul's perspective discusses these institutions:


While performing any act, when our base intention is ruled by negative driving forces like fear and competition, the energy cycle it creates starts in a negative mode.

Any structure depends on a base or foundation. The life we build around a base which is hollow is bound to lack depth. Our life is built around a base which lacks depth. It makes us pursue temporary needs at the cost of long-term happiness.

However hard we try to feel positive individually, the base value-system which is negative keeps pulling us down. To change our overall thinking pattern to positive, we have to change the structure which makes us feel like victims of external circumstances. Therefore, structural institutions of human thinking, which form our core belief and value-systems, need to be re-modeled because the way they function now, leads us to focus more on negative feelings.

These slow moving dinosauric institutions particularly include our school systems, our health and medical structure, maintenance of armies for defense, and the institution of marriage.

Our institutions of schooling, health, marriage and the army are built around rigid rules. They follow convention more than reason, and block changes in the system by curbing questioning minds through using force of authority. These institutions have developed in times when humankind was less evolved, and they extensively use negative driving forces like fear and competition to sustain themselves. Thus, they perpetuate the need for negative thought patterns, and slow down the evolution of consciousness.

As would be exemplified below, from an energy perspective, these structures look and act like dinosaurs did. They have huge impact and cause overall movements to be slow because they themselves move slowly. They are bureaucratic by nature, and necessitate existence of rules which may otherwise become unnecessary.

For example, in our school systems, developing individual talents and emotional maturity needs to be given a priority through a more comprehensive education system. Each person comes into Earth with a specific professional plan which helps him/her achieve his soul’s purpose. Practical methods of finding individual soul plans through using techniques of emotional management need to be introduced so that studying leads to a sense of fulfillment and happiness in the student.

Also, teaching children the spiritual Laws of Creation and Repetition which govern our ability to create happiness in our adult lives, helping children develop intuition for understanding and connecting to their innate soul needs, and  rewarding practices like sharing, compassion and expressing creativity instead of rewarding performances in competitive sports or academics; is necessary to help students find learning and working meaningful .
Developing practices which train students in positive thinking skills help them cope up positively with stress in their adult lives. The focus needs to be on happiness, not success so as to train students to create happiness with the efforts they put in for material success.

Health needs to be tackled by focusing more on emotional reasons behind physical problems, than just focusing on external manifestations of diseases. Patients should not be encouraged to escape for not taking responsibility of their own healing. They have to be taught techniques of developing mind control to stay positive, along with taking medications.
Thinking habits of people need to be tackled such as to reduce focus on negative feelings. Negative feelings create diseases in the body through a consistent release of negative hormones. Stress hormones act as slow poison in the body and ruin the organs of the body over-time. If one disease gets cured another develops as long as the habit of thinking negatively continues.
If necessary, to be free of a disease, we have to leave a profession or relationship that may be reinforcing our focus on the negative. The soul’s needs of evolution have to be taken into account for changing our body’s focus to positive.
For feeling better physically and emotionally, we have to feel connected to feeling satisfied with the work we do, while making choices in life so that we receive a clear supply of life-force energy from the Source.
 The essence of life force energy is in being creative as it comes from the Creator. We become unhealthy if we prevent our consciousness from expanding into creative thinking, as our zeal to be alive dies out. Therefore, to feel healthy, it is necessary to be and do things in ways, which enhances our creative potential than suppress it.
To clear the diseased energies, we may have to learn soul lessons like developing detachment, self-esteem, compassion etc, so that we can be flexible/creative in our approach towards people , than be dogmatic or rigid, which makes us feel negative. We need to learn how to discipline our mind to focus on the positive, even if the situation around us is negatively centered. These changes in attitudes need to be implemented along with prescribing drugs or surgical operations, for health issues.

Marriage needs to survive on mutual love and respect rather than because of fear of survival or fear of loneliness or fear of breaking tradition.

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Workshop on REDEFINING HAPPINESS from the inner soul's perspective


Do you feel victimized by circumstances and social restraints ?
Do similar problems get repeated in your life ?
Are your views suppressed by criticism and judgments of parents or spouses ?
Is there a need for finding your purpose of life ?
Do you face  a conflict between being realistic and being who you desire to be ?
Do you suffer from guilt , stress or sadness ?
If yes, then you need to REDEFINE HAPPINESS from your soul’s perspective

What is Rediscovering or Redefining Happiness?
Do you feel depressed?
Do circumstances seem to plot against you?
Do you feel suppressed by criticism and judgements of parents or spouses?
Is there a need for finding your purpose of life?
Do you face a conflict between being realistic and being who you desire to be?
Do you suffer from guilt, stress or sadness?
If yes, then you need to REDEFINE HAPPINESS from your soul’s perspective

Eve ry action we take, every thought we think, everything we eat or drink revolves around being happy. We do things either because we want to be happy or because we do not want to be unhappy.
We grow up from schooling years with the expectation that we will be happy in adult lives as we apply all that we have learnt , get married, have great careers , get respect and love and then comes the setbacks.

Adult lives revolve around coping with unhappiness and disappointments, setback in expectations, disappointments, competitions, conflicts, internal wars, usually incompatible marriages, demanding children, non understanding spouse, judgemental parents, subsequent health problems, betrayals and divorces, hospitals and insurance claims.
Where does happiness come in all this? Do we have time to sit back and smile on the joys of life? Is there passion and romance? What happens to getting respecting and understanding, meaning of life, expanding one’s inner self?
Why does it all go wrong? It doesn’t go wrong for one person. It’s not that only your life is in a mess or that I have had to face problems alone. EVERYONE, the whole mass of human beings, is going through similar battles in different forms. Other then the saints who do meditation and proclaim peace, you would hardly find anyone in everyday life who is HAPPY by his own definition.
Even if the person is well settled, has a good career, a decent marriage and loving children, you would still find him beset with several conflicts and problems. Passion is usually missing in his life and the meaning of life seems to be eroding. There is a constant struggle to kill the soul’s zeal to explore in order to be conventionally right and comfortable.

REDISCOVERING HAPPINESS is a workshop on recreating the joys of life. Happiness comes from the soul. If the soul is positive, we would feel happy in all circumstances. The same circumstances which appear as punishments can be viewed as challenges to be overcome if there is hope alive.

The soul is an energy being and to feel positive, it has to stop feeling negative. To stop feeling negative, it has to remove negative beliefs from its mind which make it feel that life is doomed. The soul feels happy when it has passion, optimism, good health and a connection with its Higher SELF. If the person does not feel alone and alienated from support, the soul feels secure and open to explore itself in unique ways.
Negative thinking comes from mind conditioning. We are trained to think negatively from childhood as competitive society grows by focusing on what is missing rather than by reinforcing the inner light. Everyone wants to be same in a competitive world. Everyone wants to be rich, have cars, have houses, have a married label etc. etc. Happiness is branded as defined by these conventions and people think that being same in expectations would make them happy. But it does not.


Negative Thinking is an addiction. If the mass consciousness is negative, as today. You will get carried towards being negative, even if you are positive. To be able to stay positive in today’s world, you need to swim against the current. Swimming is not only about motivation. It is also about learning good swimming skills. The workshop on REDEFINING HAPPINESS, a course on EMOTIONAL MANAGEMENT intends to teach how to stay positive when everyone around is trying to keep you negative. It gives a new definition to what happiness means for you in alignment with your unique soul plan and desires.

As is written in the book CREATION OF HAPPINESS: THE ENERGY WAR, a soul’s perspective:

For one person the image of happiness may appear as realizing one’s talents while for another happiness may mean having a surfeit of consumer goods.)
In this process of developing awareness of one’s innate self, each one of us will be discovering what s/he truly believes in while closely examining the operative concepts and assumptions drawn from mass culture and conventional wisdom which have been unconsciously followed.
 As ‘each’ soul realizes individual happiness, we can contribute towards the creation of a happier world as a whole.


The Approach used

The concepts used are primarily based on Emotional Management Theory, an integrated approach which draws from such different disciplines, as: hypnotherapy, past life regression therapy, neuro-linguistic programming, reiki, pranik healing, theta healing, behavior analysis, psychology, and religion.
The aim in bringing together different streams of thought is that of more effectively addressing individual needs while also providing a wider scope that can correspond to the varied needs of society.

The book REDEFINING HAPPINESS will be given free in this workshop.

REDEFINING HAPPINESS approaches overcoming negative feelings through soul healing techniques. It goes beyond rationalizing out worries .We learn to stop  wondering about why they happened, to healing problems from a direct approach on reversing our inner energy focus. The techniques help us access our subconscious mind and remove negativity from the core soul energy clustering levels.
We all want to be happy as an outcome of our efforts. The struggle for success that we undertake from childhood is a struggle for happiness. We are conditioned into thinking from our childhood that if we pursue success, we would automatically get happiness.
But, adult lives prove to be different. Even if we get good jobs or good money, we rarely get the happiness we dreamt of since childhood.  We usually feel disillusioned with our success because we do not feel loved as we desire, inspite of good money or fame. We realize the disillusionment acutely in our latter youth, wherein we are already so broken that we prefer to give up hope of happiness. As old age sets in, diseases develop because the mind starts decaying with soul disillusionment. Diseases are a result of unhealthy thinking more than an unhealthy body.

REDEFINING HAPPINESS is a book which seeks to raise people’s beliefs on happiness again by teaching how to handle negative feelings. The science of seeking happiness works on a key understanding of the Laws of the universe. REDEFINING HAPPINESS is a follow up of the 

The book CREATION OF HAPPINESS: THE ENERGY WAR (a soul’s perspective), which explains the LAW OF CREATION in detail. It explains how energies multiply through focus and how we need to cut through negative energies by using deliberate mind control techniques to feel happy, as a conscious choice.

REDEFINING HAPPINESS details several practical techniques of healing negative feelings, from a soul’s perspective. The book shows a completely new way of getting out of traumas, depressions and heart breaks. The emphasis is on healing the emotional focus of the subconscious mind so that the soul evolves to a higher level of positivity while overcoming difficulties. Healing and empowering the soul is the only way to realize happiness from within.

There are twenty four techniques of healing covered including SPIRIT RELEASE, ANGER MANAGEMENT, and HEALING THE TRAUMA OF ABORTION ETC. The book also covers two introductory chapters which explain the concepts of the Law of Creation and Dream Interpretation
The workshop will explain how to use the book.

The book is also available on :

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EMOTIONAL MANAGEMENT – what it is and how it helps?

We have heard of Financial Management and Human Resource Management.
While these two streams cater to business profiting, Emotional management caters to the needs of individuals who work in order to be happy.

Emotional management is about understanding what makes one happy. It focuses on our emotional needs, which affect our work performance, studies and relationships.

Emotions govern our lives. Whatever work we do, we always have some emotional need we seek to satisfy through that work. We go to office to earn money to satisfy our emotional needs of a comfortable happy life and a good relationship. We do creative work to satisfy our emotional needs of self worth and self actualization. We go to a party to satisfy emotional needs of relaxation and enjoyment. We eat and drink to satisfy emotional cravings for comfort. We have sex to satisfy emotional needs for feeling loved and united, we shop to satisfy emotional needs of desiring power through material goods, we wear nice clothes to satisfy emotional needs of feeling good etc.

Emotions are like breathing. Every human activity involves emotions. There is nothing we can do without an emotion attached. Even if we drink water, there is an emotion attached of satiating deprivation or if we pray, there is an emotion attached of desiring God’s help, of we meditate there is an emotion attached of satisfying a spiritual quest.

The problems arise when emotions take over our rational, thinking mind. That happens when feel more negative than positive with every choice we make. We make negative choices out of helplessness, conditioning, tradition, beliefs of how life should be and fear of hurt. The negative choices make us feel compromised and unhappier though we make them in the hope that we would be happy. So, we become more unhappy with the work we do.

Negative emotions are the reasons for all difficulties in our lives. We feel angry with another person if we feel hurt or abused; we feel helpless if we feel humiliated; we feel anxious if we are asked to perform but are afraid we would fail; we feel worried about the future because of fear of not having money to be happy or healthy; we feel abused when we feel bullied or cheated etc.

These negative emotions have to be cleansed on a regular basis. If we do not clean our emotional mind, we become more and more negative with time. The negative emotions create mental and physical problems in our body. We become diseased when we store negative emotions in our body which keep releasing negative hormones in the blood stream.

As is explained in detail in the book CREATION OF HAPPINESS: THE ENERGY WAR, A SOUL’S PERSPECTIVE:

For example, diabetes occurs when a person feels wronged by his/her environment. Feelings of guilt, self reproach and disappointment continue over a prolonged period of time before physical symptoms develop. The person typically feels frustrated as after a rigorous, unrewarding routine and has a deep desire to rest which she ignores. A feeling of exhaustion comes due to a constant emotional conflict between balancing different aspects of life. Body symptoms are created such that the life-force energy stops flowing adequately to all organs of the body since the person feels she is not doing justice to all aspects of his/her life  .
 During regression therapy, diabetics are always found to have some secret guilt which keeps nagging their minds. They are unable to release their self blame tendency even though they remain tense because of it. Because of the resistance to let go, the physical organ responsible for release viz. the kidney gets affected. The release of insulin reduces since the person is always holding back stress, in some form. 
The person eats in an undisciplined manner out of a need for comfort but feels worse because the digestive system cannot take the strain due to deficiency of insulin.

In cure of diabetes, disciplined eating helps because it makes the person feel in some manner emotionally strong and reduces the tendency of self blame, while releasing the burden on the digestive system. Taking regular rests also helps in reducing the stress of negative thinking. But, if the person takes no care to discipline himself and keeps brooding while doing his regular chores, the body feels neglected, as does the soul self .Negative thinking keep blocking the flow of positive hormones and reinforcing the physical symptoms of deficiency in the body.

Similarly, other diseases are also a physical manifestation of a specific negative thought process. Illustrated briefly - asthma is a result of constantly feeling emotionally suffocated and mentally exhausted with life; cancer is caused due to suppressed bitterness which causes uncontrollable fits of rage wherein the lack of control leads to uncontrollable growth of negative cancer cells, arthritis involves rigidity of thinking and a feeling that one is unable to move ahead in life as desired; throat problems reflect an inability to  communicate etc.

The exact causes of the disease in each person have to be specifically found. Regression therapy helps in deciphering the emotional suppressions, which could have led to the specific pattern of negative thoughts, resonating with the energy of a disease.

We let ourselves indulge in negative thinking, but do not realize how much the negative feelings harm our body by releasing negative hormones in the bloodstream.

However, our subconscious mind can be directed to stop manifesting physical problems by a shift in thinking patterns. The healing happens through a process which involves transcending the negative energy created in our mind into neutral or positive. The essential requirement is developing motivation to make a conscious choice to release negativity from the mind, body and soul.” – Chapter 2 - Reality or Illusions

EMOTIONAL MANAGEMENT is about learning how to stop thinking negatively. Thinking positively is critical to achieve any ambition in life.
To be happy in life, it is important to focus on energies of happiness. You cannot be happy if you keep having negative thoughts in the mind. The only way to find happiness in the future is to be happy in the NOW.

UNDER THE COURSE OF EMOTIONAL MANAGEMENT, several self healing techniques are covered. It is necessary to apply these techniques on self to stop thinking negatively.
You cannot just decide to think positive without understanding these techniques of self healing. Energies move in a current. Negative feelings come in mind with a force and they have to be removed with a scientific, logic based process. Just as swimming is an art, thinking positively is an art. You move forward when you push backwards the negative.

Just as electricity was needed but resisted when it was invented. EMOTIONAL MANAGEMENT is resisted now. But, as electricity brightened life, EMOTIONAL MANAGEMENT is needed to brighten our lives by teaching us how to create happiness as a formula. Happiness is not a trial or error phenomenon or determined by luck. It is a scientific process of channelizing energies of the subconscious mind to increase happiness.

Emotional Management needs to be taught in schools as it is more important to be happy than learn the distance from the moon or how fish live in water. We, as human beings, need to focus on how to live our lives in an emotionally balanced way than waste critical studying years on learning lives of reptiles or geography of the mountains. Until we study how energies move and teach our children how to stay relaxed and happy, we cannot overcome depression or disease.

Energies multiply with focus in human life. The more we get conditioned into focusing on the negative from childhood, the more negative we become as adults. If we keep telling our children they are failures and have to succeed in life, we would lower their self worth and increase sadness in their lives. They may succeed financially or academically, but they would not find the happiness we desire for them, until we teach them to be relaxed and happy, as a priority. Success is needed for happiness. If success increases tension, anxiety and disease then, the soul is harmed by success.

Emotional Management is about making choices in life such as to be happy, however difficult one’s circumstances may be. It is about changing the body’s vibrational point from sickness to health from the subconscious. To attract happiness, learning to release negative energy from the aura levels and from all corners of the body, is a must. Emotional Management uses several techniques which erase negativity from the roots like:

Regression Therapy to remove negative childhood conditioning
Deleting memories of pain in the past which create sadness in the present
Spirit Release Therapy to remove soul fragments of negative people around us and develop detachment from negativity
Anger management to control impulsive anger which makes us feel bad about ourselves
Conflict management to help us make choices which make us happier without fear
Quick Stress Release to remove negative energies from our body on a routine basis to stay healthy
Simple Meditation techniques to understand our soul purpose, necessary to feel satisfied in life
Understanding God, the art of praying to connect to our Higher Self and channelize our subconscious mind in alignment with the soul mind
Controlling all that appears unknown, impulsive and makes us feel helpless.
Healing the pain of death or betrayal

There are several aspects of emotional management.

The book REDEFINING HAPPINESS – how to handle negative feelings covers several techniques which remove negativity from the present life.

The book CREATION OF HAPPINESS: THE ENERGY WAR, a soul’s perspective - explains the science of how negative emotions are created, and keep manifesting problems in our lives.

The book IN SEARCH OF HAPPINESS: how past lives affect the present, a soul’s perspective - explain how emotions get carried over from past lives and how lifetimes are spent trying to overcome the same set of negative emotions.

These are practical techniques. They cannot be learned in theory. The techniques given have to be practiced long with reading them or workshops have to be attended, as emotional management is not yet a part of regular educational curriculum. But, as we start becoming emotionally positive, we would generate the energy to spread happiness in the world, as well.